As it is December and people are in Christmas mood. Even our great police uncles are also in a great Christmas spirit. I can see every where they have put up booze buzz. Lot of cars pulled around to the side and drivers standing near to the car as if the sky has fallen on them.

Crown-casino-1Yes in Australia, if you got caught up in booze buzz, then it is the real sky falling on you. First up all you you can not drive. and the public transport is awesome good and awesome bad. Some time you can see the bus is running with one passenger or no one in it. They should try the possibility of mini bus. But here they go for two buses connected together and running it with one passenger. And if any old woman or man is there the driver will come out of the bus and help her to make her/his travel aid to proper position and will take them to walkway. That is good of it.

But bad one is that the driver never bothers about the other passengers time. I remember that on my early days of Melbourne one of my friend came back after one hour on saturday. He had 6 hours overtime, But what he said to me in ones station driver parked the bus and he told him he will come back soon, and even after 15 to 20 minutes the driver did not come back.  So my friend has taken a return bus and came home rather than going late. That is the bad part of it.

Anyway this weekend we are planning to visit crown Casino and most probably everybody come out of the Casino with resolution that we will never visit again the casino. Only up to the next visit that resolution will last. One time we three person gone to the casino and after some time I had a call from one of my friend and he told me that security is ejected him out since he was too drunk. (my friend is goat when he is not drunk and he is a king when he drunk). Any way we went out changed our T shirts and gone back inside again.