Happy Valnetines Day


I do agree that you do not need a special day to shower your loved one with gifts, but in some way Valentine’s Day is unique and special. Every lover in this world awaits for this eagerly so that he or she can surprise the doting one with something special. There are countless ways you can make the Valentines day gift a memorable one… From a cute little keychain with your initials inscribed on it to a romantic dinner for two at home, from a surprising massage voucher to a fabulous steamy hot night, the gift can vary according to your wildness and creativity quotients… Here are my 30 picks when it comes to Valentines Day Gifts for boyfriend…

10 Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Him

1. Candle Lit Dinner

Candle Lit Dinner
Romantic Candle Light Dinner



You need not make any special dishes to wow your boyfriend. A couple of his favorite dishes with a few aphrodisiacs included will zest up the mood. Set up the table in romantic way and show that you are on this special day…

2. A Private Album

Sexy Photo Album
Sexy Photo Shoot



Any guy would die to see his girl hot… And, what more than a private album would be romantic gift… Ask one of your girl friends to do a sexy photo shoot of yours… Why don’t you take an inspiration from Taylor Swift in the above image?

3. Hide A Naughty Card In His Cabin

Sexy Valentines Day Card
Naughty Valentines Day Card



A simple handmade card with some romantically naughty words is enough to pep up his mood this Cupid’s day… The above one is a damn good deal…

4. The Perfumes

Perfumes for men



Perfumes are romantic… You can either choose to gift him with his favorite brand… or invoke his senses by spraying a little of your fragrance on his favorite tee… either way, he will love it!

5. Play Truth or Dare

Truth or dare


An awfully interesting game, make sure that it spikes up the romance, instead of creating trouble in the paradise… Anything will work, including wearing a sexy outfit to turning a stripper…

6. A Basket Full of Chocolates



Men, in general, are not chocolate fans, but they would definitely love to try them if you present them in a romantic way….

7. Cuddle With Him

Cuddling In bed



Kick off the day by cuddling beside him… Don’t let him for work… But be sure to do something special so that he remains at home…

8. Give Him A Good Massage



A good massage boost the blood circulation… Use chocolate for massaging to unwind the stress, boost the circulation, and set the mood for the perfect Valentine’s Day…

9. Get Drunk With Him

Get drunk with him


It is fine to lose your senses one day… It will do more good… Get romantic and play it along with your boyfriend…. You are sure to impress him…

10. Do A Striptease



This, I bet, would be the sexiest gift you can even give your boyfriend…

10 Personalized Valentine Gifts For Boyfriend

11. Beer Glasses

Beer glasses


If he is a beer lover, then this one would be the best way to impress him. You can even personalize the gift by engraving a personal message on it… It helps in two ways – impresses him and makes him think twice when he wants to overdo…

12. Wines



Wines, I suppose, are one of the most sought after Valentine’s Day gift ideas. They are romantic; they are edible; they are luxurious… They are aphrodisiacs…

13. Wallet

Mens Wallet


Wallets will always remain in their pockets… And every time he sees it, you will be in his thoughts, pepping up his spirits and moods..

14. Pens

Pen Gift Sets


I just love these pens…. I even gifted my husband one last Valentine’s Day… I know times have changed and pens are used rarely these days, but they can keep it with them… It does come handy…

15. Watches

Men Watches


From simple ones to lush and luxurious ones, from classic designs to funny and unique ones, there are countless time machines you can pick from today.

16. Music Players

Music Players


Men do have a soft corner within them… they also love music.. You can choose from a wide range of music players according to your budget…

17. Headphones



A portable, funky headphone is a fashionable gear for the one you adore… Choose the one that goes well with tablets, music players, and mobile phones…

18. Belts



He can feel your presence as he wears the belt daily to his workplace… A very useful one, you can add a personalized touch by inscribing “I Love You” on it…

19. Cufflinks



Cufflinks are thoughtful gifts you can choose to present to your boyfriend this Valentines’ Day… Look at this one… It is made of diamonds… a true embodiment of love…

20. Initials Inscribed Key Chains

I love you keychains


You can get your initials inscribed on a keychain and gift him that… Ask him to use it with his car’s keys…  You can even engrave I love you on the same for a romantic appeal…

Here are a handful of images of some really cute and interesting Valentines gift ideas for your boyfriend…

21. I Love You Cookies

I love you cookies


22. Heart Shaped Cakes

I love you cake


23. Heart Shaped Fruit Kabobs

Heart Shaped Fruit Kabobs


24. Handmade I Love You Cards

I love you cards


25. Romantic Cocktail

Romantic Cocktail


What is your choice when it comes to valentine’s Day gift ideas for boyfriend? Share your views with us…

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