Christmas Nail Designs –

Christmas is talk of the season. This is one occasion that is expected with much enthusiasm by people across the world. Christmas trees, ornaments, Christmas cakes and desserts, Christmas Greetings – all are in vogue during this holiday season. You can now display the spirits of this festival by adorning your nails too. Nail paints are versatile beautifying elements. Available in countless shades and glitters, you can twist and tweak them to incorporate some adorable Christmas nail designs…

Worried about which Christmas nail art designs to choose? Do not worry. Here are a basket full of nail art patterns that you can pick from….

10 Easy Christmas Nail Designs

The Candy Cane On Nails Christmas Nail Art

Candy Cane Christmas nail Art – acrylicnaildesigns

No one can resist trying this out! Quite easy to put, it makes use of just two hues – bright, dazzling red and simple white. Opt for the non-glittery ones and allow the red one to dry completely before applying your white.

The Sparkling Red Nail Design For Christmas

The Sparkling Red Nail Designs For Christmas –

Red is the color of Christmas. Santa wears a red dress and we have the candy cane with red and white stripes. This one is a red nail paint with glitters. Paint the middle finger with a white and then use a heart shaped nail art sticker to show off your love for Christmas nails design.

Christmas is Green


The Red and Green Sparklers

The Red and Green Sparklers –

Simple, yet charming, this one is perfect even for those who want to try something new with the nail paint, but wish to restrict the experiment to subtle ones. An off-white or nail color hue pain can be used as the base. Use the nail art glitters or the glittering nail paints available for the red and green. Finish with a nude coat for a longer lasting effect.

Creative Christmas Nail Designs



Santa Comes Home Thru My Nails Too

Santa Comes Home Thru My Nails
Santa Comes Home Thru My Nails –

That’s what this nail design tells you! You do need some patience to do this, but in fact it is a simple Christmas nail design that can embellish the nails of adults and kids alike. What are your thoughts?



The Santa Stick

The Santa Stick Nail Design –

This is quite simple and similar to the Candy Cane Christmas nail art design that I mentioned above. The difference – the base is a nude or white nail paint while red has been used to outline the stripes. Use a deeper shade of red that comes with glitters.

Reindeer Amidst The Adorable Snow Spots

Reindeer Amidst The Adorable Snow Spots –

I do mean it. While four of your fingers have the white polka dots adorning the shining red paints, the reindeer in the centre becomes the focus of attraction. This Christmas nail design is sure to become a hot favorite, especially among the kids.

Christmas Gifts For Everyone Comes On Nails

Christmas Gifts For Everyone Comes On Nails –

Beautifully done, this nail art is the example of how you can give a simple design a dramatic look. While the designer has chosen a black and grey combo, my vote would be a green and red that will perfectly be in sync with the moment.

Red and White Christmas Presents

Red and White Christmas Presents –

Adorned in beautiful white and red combo, these perfectly manicured nails with the simple Christmas nail design makes your party perfect.

Christmas Trees On Nails

Christmas Trees On Nails –

What if you don’t have the convenience of putting together your favorite Christmas tree in your home? Try adorning your nails with these Christmas tree nail arts. The designer has preferred  to keep the background to a subtle shade of grayish green. Instead, opt for a nude shade or even better, a mix of green and white to enrich the occasion.

Christmas With Glittering Nail Designs

Christmas With Glittering Nail Designs –

This one is very simple. You get those beads that add beauty to your mails these days quite easily. If you don’t get one, opt for simple shimmers available in the market and stick them on your painted nails with a skin-friendly glue. The design is just a suggestion. For Christmas nail art, you can pick a white base and use green, gold, and red shimmers as embellishments.

5 Must Try Nail Designs For Christmas

The Golden Snowflakes

Golden Snowflakes – Christmas Nail Designs –

Wow! This is the first impression this fabulous nail art for Christmas says. Paint the nails with nude shade and top it with a golden shimmer. Then use an off-white or cream hued nail color to draw the streaks. Look simple, right, but be careful because the slightest mistake could spoil your efforts!

Snowflakes On A Blue Background

Snowflakes Christmas Nail Art –

The blue hue that adorns the finger of this designer looks mesmerizing. It is dazzling; plus, it reveals the feelings of the artist has for Christmas. Why don’t you also try it because it is charming, simple, and is sure to fetch you plentiful of appreciation? So, ready to get started?

I have wrapped my gifts for everyone on my nails! Take a look!

Christmas Presents Nail Design –


These Christmas nails design seem to shout like this to everyone! Quite a simple design for Christmas party, this pattern needs 3 colors – a nude, shimmering sliver, and a green of your choice. Make sure you paint your nails with the nude shade before covering them in the glitters. Cover the art with the nude paint again so that your gifts remain intact for a longer time.

Christmas Ornaments Are Glittering Everywhere

Christmas Ornaments Nail Design –

Light up your nails with these beautiful Christmas lights painted in deep red and gold. The deep red that has been painted as the base gives the nail an elegant look, fit for the parties. The gold adds glamour to the nail art. Use a good shimmering nail paint to ensure that the regal look attracts more and more compliments.

Christmas Trees, Penguin, And Snowflakes

Christmas Trees And Penguin Nail Art –

Awesome! Beautiful and gorgeous Christmas tree with penguin and snowflakes adorning perfectly manicured nails… This one is a simple and easy to design too. If you are a newbie to the world of nail arts, then this should be the right place for you to kick off… And why not when you have a complete tutorial in front of you!

5 Christmas Toe Nail Designs

The Candy Cane On Toes

Candy Cane On Toes – Christmas Nails Design –

The red and white stripes adorning the toes look beautiful. Pair the toe designs with a similar pattern on your hands for a complete Christmas nail art. And this is one is so simple that you don’t have to spend oodles of time on this. Just allow the base color to dry completely before playing with the second shade.

Toes Painted In Gold

Christmas Nail Art For Toes – Golden Toes –

Gold is a hue that you can add to adorn and embellish anything and everything… It just enriches the stuff and renders a regal touch to the whole affair. This nail design for Christmas has done the same thing. Just look at those toes… marvelous! The design is so simple, but definitely an eye catchy one.

I Am A Flower Girl

Flower Christmas Nail Designs –

Bring out that feminine side of you this Christmas with this gorgeous nail design to adorn your toes. A Christmas nail art pattern perfect for the toes as well as fingers, it makes use of shades of violet. You can give it a Christmas appeal by using shades of red or pink.

Christmas Toe Nail Art

Christmas Nails Designs –

Want to keep your nail art simple, yet ensure that it is an eye-catching one? Then this design could be your pick. Candy cane and snowflakes adorn the toe nails of this pedicured feet. You can even use a shimmering red and brighter green in the place of plain shades to give the design a more magnificent look.

I Love Pink – Tutti Fruity Christmas Nail Arts

Tutti Fruity Christmas Nail Designs –

Women and pink – they sound synonymous. Why not give yourself a girly touch this Christmas party with these subtle pink nail design? Three different colors – all in shades of pink have been used here. Make sure you shield your design with a coating of nude paint so that you can carry it along with you for a longer time.

Christmas nail designs vary according your needs, style, and taste. So, choose the one you wish to adorn your nails and show off this party! And why not, it is time to celebrate!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

Oh what fun is to sing and paint the nails today!

Happy Christmas nail designs painting! Merry Christmas!

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