Spoodle – Irresistibly Cute!

spoodle-puppiesOwning a pet can be a lot of fun, if you have never had a pet dog before, you should consider having one immediately because having a dog as your pet has a number of benefits! For starters, dogs provide you with unconditional love! After a busy day, when you come home, a dog will be the first one to give you a happy, warm welcome. Plus, if you are living all alone, having a dog can help get rid of loneliness as you have a furry companion, wagging its tail at you. It will be ready to play or walk at a moment’s notice. Getting yourself a dog also has a number of health benefits! Studies reveal that people who own dogs have lower levels of cholesterol. Their blood pressure is also more under control. Buying a dog would also mean more walking or running, consequently, you might even lose those extra pounds that you have been carrying for so long!

Owning a pet, whether it is a goldfish or a dog, always involves some responsibility from the owner’s part. The key is to remember select the dog which would match your personality. Some dogs are not that active, while others are. Some dogs can be aggressive, while others are gentle and friendly. Like the Spoodles! Spoodles are a hybrid breed (a cross between an English Cocker Spaniel and Toy Poodle) and make adorable pets. They have a curly coat, a short body, a rounded head and a long muzzle. The reason why Spoodles have recently become so popular is because for starters they are very cute and the second reason is that they have an ideal temperament! They are very active and intelligent, too. They are very energetic and love going on walks or for a run in the park.

The Stereotype Against Cross Breeds:

Spoodles are a cross breed; cross breeds, by most people, are not considered as a ‘breed’, most dog snobs feel that for a dog to be considered a ‘breed’ you must be able to track his lineage and if you are unable to do so, then having such a dog is not worth having at all. This is just a stereotype since, Spoodles, even though are not a pure breed, make great pets. On the contrary to the stereotype mentioned above, people who do not mind owning a mixed breed believe that by mixing two breeds, you can get more positive characteristics, of both the breeds in the end result that is produced. While most pure breed dogs are meant for competitions and stuff and are known for having or developing temperament problems, the case is opposite when we talk about cross breeds. A cross breed like, the Spoodle, represent such characteristics which make them for suitable to be considered as pets. Not only are they cheaper, but are also more fun!

Spoodle Puppies Make Ideal Pets:

Spoodle Puppies are not only extremely cute, but are very gentle. They are not at all aggressive and are very affectionate. They love going out and are considered as furry social butterflies. Spoodles are easy to manage because of their size and nature. They can also prove to be a great walking/running companion! With a little effort, they can be trained accordingly, as well. They are healthy and hardly seem to have any health problems. They have a curly soft coat. While some spoodle puppies may shed, most of them do not.


The Nature of the Spoodle:

Spoodles are an intelligent, active, adorable bundle of fun! Some people also believe that they get their intelligence from the poodle and their outgoing nature comes from the cocker. People who own Spoodles say that their dogs make ideals pets because they are energetic, friendly and are totally harmless! If you have children at home who would love an active, playful addition to the family, then you may consider buying a spoodle. They are generally easy going and because of their extra friendly nature, they usually win the hearts of everyone they come in contact with.

Health Issues Concerning Spoodles:

Usually, there are no such health issues or problems related to Spoodles. However, since they are a cross between Poodles and Spaniels, who are known to have a few eye related problems, so it may be, that a spoodle may also develop eye related problems. If you have a spoodle or considering buying one, then you must pay a little more attention to their eyes and make sure that if they develop any infection of sorts, they get the right treatment. Do not let their weepy eyes go unnoticed!

The Breeding Process and Breeding Problems:

Mate a purebred poodle with a purebred cocker spaniel and you have got yourself a spoodle. There have been hardly any breeding problems ever reported regarding this breed.

Quick Facts About the Spoodle Dog:

  • Spoodles (they may even be called Cockapoos) are found easily in Australia. They usually have a chocolate, golden or black color.
  • They are also called Cockapoos.
  • Easily found in Australia.
  • They have a curly, wavy coat.
  • They are available in chocolate, golden and black colors.
  • They are a mixed breed (Cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel)
  • Spoodles can be a great pet option for people who have little children.
  • Mini Spoodles can grow to about 35 centimeters whereas  the Medium Spoodles can grow to about 45 centimeters.
  • Spoodles are shedding dogs.
  • Their life size is generally 11-13 years.

Training Your Spoodle:

Since Spoodles are very active and energetic and have a hard time sitting at one place, it can be a little challenging to train them. However, if the training is continued, these adorable dogs can be trained pretty successfully. One good idea could be to keep the training sessions short and fun. Another helpful idea could be that you while teaching a trick, you may first stick to only one trick. If you start teaching way too many tricks to your poodle, together, the end result would be confusion and nothing would be gained from that. Since Spoodles are intelligent, if they are trained properly, they can be great learners. The trainer of the Spoodle must remain consistent and patient with these dogs.

The Size of a Spoodle:

Spoodles are not very large, they are medium-sized. Since, they are not too big, they are easier to accommodate as well. All you need is a backyard, but since they are very active, you should take them out for regular walks to help them curb that extra energy.

Grooming Your Spoodle:

The coat of the spoodle is curly, wavy and thick that is why it might take from 10-15 minutes, on a daily basis, to groom them. Since, their coat is thick and curly they, people who own Spoodles use a rectangular brush which has pin type tines (may also be called as a slicker). These pin-type tines help in taking out loose hair. Brush and comb your spoodle regularly. However, some Spoodles may also need clipping. Special attention should be given to their eyes as well because Spoodles are prone to eye infections.


Spoodles for Sale and Spoodle Breeders:

Spoodles are in great demand (because they have all the qualities which make them a great pet!) but they can be a little hard to find a Spoodle breeder. For this purpose, you may want to contact and consult a breeder’s agent. A breeder’s agent have is usually in contact with several other breeders, you may tell him the specifications that you want in your Spoodle and then can contact you when they find a suitable match.

Not only this, but a breeder’s agent may also be able to tell you tips and ideas so that you may be able to take care of your Spoodle, better. Various online sites also deal in selling Spoodles. They have pictures of the kind of Spoodles they have, they have even mentioned other things like their size, their date of birth, their color etc. You can browse through their catalogs and select any which you like. Some online sites even have information to what areas they deliver these pets. You can always contact them by writing to them or calling them and asking any further questions or queries that you may have regarding Spoodles.

Some Popular spoodle Breeders

  1. Spoodle Puppies for Sales at hallmarkkennels.co.nz
  2. Spoodle Puppies for Sales at United Kingdom
  3. Spoodle Puppies for Sale at Melbourne
  4. Spoodle Puppies for Sale at Sydney
  5. Spoodle Puppies for Sale at USA

Owning a spoodle can be a big responsibility and they are not recommended for such pet owners who just buy a pet and feel that their only duty is to just feed it. Spoodles demand attention, love and care. In fact, most pets require it. Spoodles need not only be fed properly, but also need to be taken out for daily walks and need to be groomed as well. Spoodles also have a tendency to over eat, so you may want to pay extra attention to what you are feeding them and in what amount. With proper care and love, Spoodles can be one of your greatest friends.

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