silver-jewelrySilver jewelry has been liked as affordable ornamentals. It has been liked due to the color that is very much descent and match with many types of clothing. The natural lust of the silver has a pure attraction and in many cases it outclasses gold jewelry. Most of the people like the silver jewelry for the price while for some it is natural liking. There are two types of jewelry. One is called as the natural one while other has some mixing and it is called as the alloy jewelry. The present post will discuss some of the aspects related to the jewelry, its care and its management. There are many cases in which you buy a costly set and fail to manage it. Present article will act as a guideline in silver jewelry care.

Types of Silver Jewelry

Many types of silver jewelry are present in the market. Due to the excessive increase in the gold prices most of the people now prefer to go for the silver jewelry. Some of the most popular types are discussed as under.

Handmade silver jewelry

This is the most popular type and it is made from hands. The skilled labor crafts every design with full concentration and people like it due to the designs and luxury. Most of the people are unaware of the market and spend a lot of amount in searching for the original jewelry which is manually made. It looks beautiful and makes you feel different.

Mexican silver jewelry

This type originated from Mexico and has a very unique style. The jewelry has very simple designs and there is a very light scheme followed. Different types of shades are given during the polishing process and it gives a very pure shine to your ornaments. It is recommended to use the jewelry with full precautionary measures.

Unique silver jewelry

If you want to look different from every aspect then this type of jewelry can help you presenting confident looks. The best thing about this type is that it has versatile designs and the nature tends to change with fashion. There are many designs that are available online and you can search for a variety of designs. You can also order different designs according to your choice. There are many jewelers that are interested in designing unique sets and you can contact to get the smart designs. If you are interested to redesign your grandmother’s jewelry design then it is also considered as a type of unique item.

Indian silver jewelry

This type has many differences as compared to rest of designs. The main reason is the cultural difference because in the Indian region people love to wear heavier jewelry. They don’t prefer to wear for the artificial wear rather they prefer pure jewelry. Designs and crafting style is also very different and you can wear this type of jewelry in formal functions.

Inspired silver jewelry

When you like some type of designs and want to fuse your own thoughts with a prevailing trend then it may be become the inspired type. Most of the youngsters are interested in wearing this type of jewelry. You can also go for the fusion of one or more shades. The shade of metal may vary according to the purity and the origin. Polishing shades are also different and you can go for the matte and shiny finishes. The main focus of every designer is to satisfy the customers. It should be remembered that the prices of inspired jewelry is quite different as compared to the normal one.

How to store the silver jewelry?

Lots of ways are there to store the silver jewelry but it is better to go for a feasible type. Best thing about the storage is that it gives a complete protection to your ornaments due to less exposure with oxygen. If you are storing your jewelry in a better way than the chances of corrosion decreases. There are many types of boxes that are used for the storage of gold or silver jewelry. Some of the types are mentioned as under.

Pottery barn antique silver jewelry box

This box is made up of different types of materials. Main focus of the design is to give an old or antique looks to your jewelry box. In some cases it looks like a ‘treasure hunt’ sort of box. This box is tightly made and it doesn’t allow the oxygen or other gases to enter. Hence the chances of corrosion are decreased (in case of metal mixing).

Godinger silver jewelry box:

If you want to fuse the beauty and affordability at the same time then this is the best option for the silver jewelry. There are many designs that are available under this category. You can also buy different sizes according to your needs and demand. It is better to keep the original and artificial jewelry in different boxes so as to avoid the mixing.

Sterling silver box:

It is made up of pure silver and it is more suitable for keeping the silver jewelry. Besides the silver, you can also keep the gold and platinum wears in it. It is usually available in small sizes so as to keep the rings and other types of jewelry in it. Usually the teen agers are more interested in keeping their jewelry in original sterling boxes made up of silver.

Antique silver jewelry box:

This looks like an odd thing but it is mainly liked for the looks. Sometime a black metal is used while in some cases it is made up of wooden material. The best thing about this box is that it has many compartments and you can place the jewelry according to the usage. Usually single, double and triple storied boxes are available in the market.

How to clean silver jewelry?    

It is the toughest thing to go to a jeweler and order the polish. This is much costly as compared to the home cleaning solution. So the home management is better as compared to the market solutions. Following are some of the home made remedies by which you can improve the luster and shine of your original or artificial jewelry.

Homemade silver jewelry cleaner

This is quite simple recipe and you can also make it at your home. This is quite simple recipe and it only needs some of the ingredients. Best thing about this recipe is that it is very cheap and it has no side effects. It should be mentioned that you should not use a metallic pot to make a cleaner rather it is better to cover the pot with aluminum foil. It is also recommended to use the pure ingredients that will be mentioned in the next lines.

Homemade silver jewelry cleaner recipe

You have to take four ingredients and then mix them thoroughly in a step wise manner. First one is vinegar (1/2 cup), salt (1 tbsp.), baking soda (1 tbsp.) and boiling water (1 cup). The mixing method is very much different and experts have different way of mixing these ingredients. The best thing is to mix them according to the experts’ opinion. The following lines will discuss the best method according to the experts’ advice.

Connoisseurs silver jewelry cleaner

Just mix the boiling water, baking powder and salt in the given ratio as that of mentioned above and then allow it to mix for 1 minute. Then place your silver jewelry and allow it to stay for a second or two. After that slowly add vinegar and watch the magic. The bubbles will come out because the carbon dioxide gas is released after the reaction of salt, baking soda and vinegar.

Silver jewelry cleaner recipe

This recipe is quite helpful because it has no side effects. Allow the jewelry to stay in the reaction mixture and after sometime, you will get to know that your jewelry is shining like anything. It is better to use the mixture after a definite period of time. You can also add some other ingredients but this is optimum mixture for cleaning of silver jewelry. There are many other recipes that are available online but this recipe has better results as compared to other ones.

Silver jewelry cleaner home remedy

So, now you will be wondering about what are advantages that are related to going for the home based solution. The first advantage is that it is quite affordable as compared to the normal jewelry cleaners available in the market. Second advantage is that it has no side effects and you can use it again and again. The third advantage is that it has a natural shining effect that isn’t present in synthetic cleaners.

Hence it can be concluded that the silver jewelry is quite suitable for routine use. You can buy variable types of jewelry according to your liking and taste. It is better to store these valuable ornaments in box so as to avoid the fading. You can also use different homemade cleaners to remove blackening on the silver surface.

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