princess-birthday-invitation-wordingHere are some princess birthday invitation wording ideas for you. Every girl is a princess. Her poise and grace radiates from her heart. She is kind to creatures big and small. Her smiles are the sweetest of them all. Her laughter is like the songs of birds—so sweet and oh so beautiful. She dances and skips and twirls around. She is the most beautiful girl in town!

Rainbows, unicorns and all things pink are the things little princesses love best. They love to sing and dance and play around. They want to explore the world around them and make friends with little princes and princesses of neighboring kingdoms. Their eyes sparkle as they laugh and play with one another. Make your birthday invitations to have a feel of royalty with these free princess birthday invitation wording ideas.

Princess-themed Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Truly, the birthday of a princess is a wonderful day to remember and celebrate! It’s a day of fun and games people will never forget! Sparkles, candies, ice cream, cupcakes and balloons will surely put a wonderful smile in every little princess’s face! Here are some samples for birthday invitations with princess theme.

1. Wishes do come true! We’re having a birthday ball and we invite you!

2. Sparkles and candies and all things pink! Truly a birthday party for fit for princesses!

3. Be a part of Her Royal Highness’s Birthday Celebration!

4. Get your fairy wings and princess gowns and join us for a Royal Celebration!

5. Her Royal Highness requests your presence at her Royal Birthday Celebration!

6. Princes and Princesses across the land are invited for a magical Royal Birthday Celebration!

7. Her Royal Highness requests your attendance for an enchanting day of celebration!

8. Come on! Come all to our little Princess’s Birthday Ball!

9. It’s time for a day of joy an celebration! Princess is turning ___!

10. Let us celebrate our Royal Princess Casey’s birthday!

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #1

Her Highness
Princess Fiona
invites you to a
grand princess ball
to celebrate the her
3rd reign
in our hearts.
Join us
On July 28th
At 3:00 PM
2354 Neverland Ville

Casey and Andrew Shivers

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #2

Prepare your pumpkin carriages
and ride to a day of celebration!
Celebrate the birthday of

Princess Danita Marie

on May 23rd at 2:00 PM
in the royal castle
768 Clarksville Subdivision
Kansas City, 60024

RSVP: +123-045-684576

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #3

Join us for a day of cakes and ice cream
to celebrate the birthday of our beloved

Princess Madelyn

On June 24th
at 2:00 PM
312 Villa Del Prado

Haley and Bruce Willis

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #4

You are cordially invited to
Her Royal Highness

Princess Madeline
Royal Ball

to celebrate her 5th reign
in the hearts of family and friends.
On October 5th at 3:00 PM
2705 Castle View Park

Miley and Andrew Brooks

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #5

Once upon a time,
A young lovely princess was born
on the lovely day of July 6th
It has been 3 years since
and we would be very happy to have
you celebrate with us!
Please come for

Princess Catherine
Royal Ball

At 5:00 PM
309 Grande Royal Avenue

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #6

The Royal Family requests your presence at the
3760 Grand View Castle
San Francisco, California
On 7th of February at 4:00 PM
to celebrate Her Royal Highness

Princess Katrina’s Birthday

Please come and join us.

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #7

Ride your magic carpet to a day of
fun and excitement to celebrate

Princess Cassandra’s 4th Birthday

On Saturday,
September 6th
at 4:00 PM
3698 Madisson Ville

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #8

Hear ye!
Hear ye!

Her Royal Highness
Princess Honey Lee

is turning 5
Her Royal Majesty invites you to celebrate!
Please join us for the princess’s

Royal Ball

on December 3rd, Saturday
at 6:00 PM
6560 Clarkson Valley

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #9

All the King’s horses
and all the King’s men
invites you to a

Royal Celebration

in honor of the birthday of

Princess Carmela

On August 8th, Sunday
at 5:00 PM
107 Haven Valley Park
San Jose, California

Princess Birthday Invitation Wording Sample #10

Once upon a time,
there lived a beautiful princess named


The King and Queen gave her a birthday party
to celebrate her 4th birthday and
you’re invited!

The Royal Ball

Will be on
September 2nd, Sunday
At 4:00 PM
397 Sweet Heaven Park
Kansas City, Kasas

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