Nail art has become quite popular and today wearing just a shade of nail paint has become very old school. Today’s women need more than just plain painted nails and here’s where nail art comes in. From simple designs to complex designs using nail paint, acrylic colors. stickers, nail art tape, water decals and more; nail art is the new trendsetter. Another thing that is really popular among women is the craze for pink nail paint. Pink remains as one of the most feminine colors and is used by most women across the globe for their accessories, dresses, makeup shades as well as nail paint.

Today we bring some popular pink nail art designs for you to try:

Pink Nail Art Designs

pink-nail-art-designsZebra Prints are quite popular among nail art lovers and are quite easy to achieve too. This nail art shows a bright pink base and black nail paint used to do the zebra stripes over the base. The zebra effect can easily be achieved using a thin nail art brush .


Image: Jewellcode
Image: Jewellcode

This nail art is very girly and is very easy to achieve too. A peachy pink nail paint has been used to paint the nails. Black nail paint has been used to do the designs. The musical notes are done using black nail paint on the middle finger and the thumb. The ring finger has been specially decorated with glitters.

Hot Pink Nail Designs

Image: polishedandpowerful
Image: polishedandpowerful

Hot pink nail art looks superb and are popular among women. Hot pink nails give the wearer a Sexy feel and hence is quite popular on the runway and among general women too. This nail art here looks easy and can be done using simple tools and nail art accessories. A bright pink nail paint from Zoya has been used as the primary color on which golden round glitter has been used . The glitter has been fixed to the nail using nail ar glue. A glossy top coat has been used also to secure the nail art and the glitters.

hot-pink-nail-designs-01Hello Kitty is adored by most women and Hello Kitty nails look prettier. Hello kitty designs are a bit complex to do using nail art brush for beginners but there are many stamping nail art kits available to achieve this look. Even for the design on the other nails a stamping pad has been used to create the design.Use a stamping nail plate to do the designs.

Pink and White Nail Designs

pink-and-white-nail-designsThis simple design requires very basic nail art tools and can be done using household items like matchstick and pens too. The base here is a bright nail paint and the tips of the nails are coated with white nail paint. Then nail art dotting tools have ben used to make the dots in contrasting colors. Two sizes of dots are used to make it more attractive. This design is easy to do yet looks girly and pretty.

easy-nail-designs-pinkThis nail art has all the things a girl wants – Pink, Glitter and Chevron prints. Chevron prints are very much in vogue and here the chevron style has been used on the small finger and partly on the index finger. All the fingers except the small finger uses glitter . The ring finger and the thumb has been done using pink and white and a small patch of glitter has been used. For this type of nail art scotch tape is the best too. The nail art requires patience and lots of scotch tape.

Easy Pink Nail Designs

Image: confidentialness
Image: confidentialness

This simple nail art will be easy for everyone as it’s very easy to recreate. The light pink shade has been used to cover the nails totally and a small band of dark pink polish has been used at the middle of the nail from one side to the other. The same technique is used on all the nails.

easy-pink-nail-art-designsThis nail art design combines two of the most popular nail art techniques – gradient nail art and zebra prints. Two colors have been used to create the gradient and black paint has been used to create the zebra stripes. A glossy top coat has been used for the finishing touch.

Simple Pink Nail Designs

simple-pink-nail-designsNail art should not be only for those with loads of practice, tools and products. Nail art can be done by anyone and even the most unexperienced lady can do a great nail art easily. This nail art is cute and is perfect for a romantic date or on Valentine’s day maybe. A bright pink nail paint is used as the base shade for the nail art and black paint has been used to create small heart shapes to add a little bit of love and cuteness.

Black and Pink Nail Designs

black-and-pink-nail-designsCrackle nail polish has become quite popular now-a-days and many brands have stated to roll out their version of it. To put it in simple ways crackle nail paint kits have a base nail paint shade which here is a bright pink and on top of it the crackle paint in black has been used to give this awesome look to the nails.

Cute Pink Nail Designs

cute-pink-nail-designsHearts and pinks go hand in hand and when it comes to nail art this design will steal every women’s attention. A very pretty shade of pink has been used as the base and small black heart-shaped designs have been done on it randomly . The nail art is perfect for a romantic date or Valentine’s Day . We’re sure this will be perfect for teenagers too.

Pink Acrylic Nail Designs

pink-acrylic-nail-designsAnimal print nails look beautiful and when they are matched with pink they become awesome. This design presents the best of both worlds of nail art. The nail has been painted with a pink nail paint but the tips have been done using white and black nail paint. Black random stripes and dots make the animal print. This design is perfect for the daring woman who is ready to face the world.

Pink Nail Designs for Short Nails

pink-nail-designs-for-short-nailsLeopard prints look very pretty but this one will be adored by women. A pale pink nail paint is used for the base on which a hot pink nail color has been used to create the leopard print. The leopard print does not look as clear as when it’s done using black paint but nonetheless it looks very girly and pretty. This is a great way to sport the leopard nail art trend without attracting too much attention.

Pink and Silver Nail Designs

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This hot pink nail art looks very easy and is quite simple in terms of design. The nails are painted with a transparent base coat and the tips are filled in with hot pink nail paint. The ring finger has been totally painted with the hot pink shade and silver glitter has been used to make the heart shaped design on it.

Pink Zebra Nail Designs

Image: Yelp
Image: Yelp

This design is also a mix of Animal print and glittery pink nail paint. The tips of the nails are done with glittery pink nail paint and the rest of the nails are decorated with animal prints.

Pink Toe Nail Designs

pink-toe-nail-designsMarble nail effect looks cool and takes a bit of practice to achieve. This nail art design shows a half solid half marble effect nails on the Big toe. The dividing part of the two design is decorated with golden glitter particles.

Pink and Green Nail Designs

Image: Jewellcode
Image: Jewellcode

This strawberry inspired nail art is simple and looks very cute. This design is perfect for teens and beginners. The tips are only filled with pink nail paint. The white dots are used in random manner . Green nail paint is then used to make the leaves.

Pink and Yellow Nail Designs

Image: Socialbliss
Image: Socialbliss

Contrast nail art stripe designs are very easy to create. Scotch tape is the best tool to create these perfect stripes which are impossible to make by the brush. Thin pieces of Scotch tape has been used here. The base has been painted and after it has dried the scotch tape has been applied and a contrasting nail paint has been used on top of it . After the nail paint has dried the scotch tape has been removed. Sound very easy , right?

Pink Tip Nail Designs

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

This pink tip nail art is easy and fun to do. the tips have been painted with a bright red-pink shade. Black nail paint has been used with a very thin brush to create the small designs. A silver glitter particle has been used in the middle of each design.

Purple and Pink Nail Designs

Image: Nail8
Image: Nail8

Pink and purple make for a great combination and here both of the shades are used to give the look of a gradient nail art. The glittery nail paint makes it look appropriate for special occasion like a special date, a party. Another way of doing this may be creating a gradient nail art as it’s done normally and use an extra coat of glitter on top.

Pink Polka Dot Nail Designs

Image: Homyfashion
Image: Homyfashion

Polka dot nail art designs are one of the most simple and easy to do nail art techniques . here a pretty coral pink has been used as the base. Black nail paint has ben used with a dotting tool to create same sized dots in random patterns.

These are few of the most popular pink nail art designs. Nail art is easy to do and can be done using many readily available tools at our home even without much practice. Just pick up your favorite shade of pink and let your imaginations guide you. You will find that doing nail art is not as tough as it looks. Try some of these designs at home. Do let us know in the comment section if you try any of these designs.

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