Tummy or belly fat looks cute on no person.  It mostly leads to so many situations of awkwardness and self-consciousness. When you have that extra piece of cake everyday think about all those extra calories you are putting on your body which will also collect on your Tummy. Most often than not Tummy fat leads to fatal health conditions like Heart blockage and other diseases, Strokes, Blood Pressure , Diabetes  and Problems with Metabolism. Doctors and health consultants always associate Tummy fat with many severe illnesses and conditions and it’s best to get rid of it as early as possible.  The best way to reduce tummy fat is to exercise regularly and have an active lifestyle. Exercising helps you to burn off the fat and help to reduce your Tummy. Crunches and Cardio exercises burn off those extra pounds and give you that lean slim look.

But many of you will hesitate doing exercise maybe because of laziness or lack of time.  We know you always look out for ways to reduce those pounds and that also in the shortest of time. It’s not impossible to reduce tummy without exercise.


How To Reduce Tummy Fat Without Exercising:

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We have some simple ways if you want a more simple way to lose those extra pounds off your tummy. Here are some ways to Reduce Tummy Without Exercise:

Check Your Food Intake To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise:

Our Tummy stores extra fat in the belly. The belly fat is the most stubborn fat to lose even with exercise. So when you eat that plate of junk food think twice. Junk and fatty foods are the main reason of belly fat and obesity. So to lose weight off your belly you will need to burn off more fat and consume fewer calories. Keep a tab on your eating and keep a tab on your Fat and carbohydrate intakes and lean towards a Protein based diet with minimum fat and carbohydrates. Fiber is also a great option as it takes considerably long time to digest . It keeps your stomach feeling full for more hours.

Keep an Active Lifestyle To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise :

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If sweating out at the gym is not your thing then you can always get introduced to more simple ways to lose weight like Yoga and Jogging. Walking or Jogging everyday helps keep you active and burn calories . Walking or Jogging also keeps our mind and body fresh and healthy .

Sedentary Jobs Make More Belly Fat :

If you’re a working person then you need to question about your Work-Lifestyle creating this belly fat . A sedentary workplace and especially a job which requires hours in front of a Computer do affect your Tummy. If you can go for a quick walk in-between shifts or when you can do use it . Also keep it a point to never miss out on your walking and light yoga to keep your whole body healthy. Take the stairs up the way to office and keep your Snacks least during your stay at office.

Never Skip Meals To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise :

Skipping meals is so common in modern lifestyle and workload and bad time management is one of the main reasons for it. You may say that eating less will help in losing weight but this time gap between your meals can create tummy fat. If you starve yourself or skip meals your body will conserve fat and make losing the tummy even tougher. Try to start the day with a nutritious breakfast and then have small meals once every two to three hours to keep your metabolism working properly. Pack your food for work and divide it in equal portions to have during work. If you are really busy during work hours then have healthy snacks like whole grain bars ready to munch on once in a while .

Check Your Portions To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise :

Don’t overeat . While we are suggesting eating small meals every two/three hours it is of no help to consume more than needed. Our body can work properly with a minimum of 1200(women) and 1500 calories (men) per day and if you are getting this amount of calories each day then you are doing fine. If you’re checking out your calorie intake everyday and it is about 2000 calories then it is also good. To reduce tummy without exercising stay away from overeating. Take smaller portions and chew your food properly. This helps it to digest properly. Also to help you eat less you can have soups or a full glass of water in the beginning which will help to keep you from overeating.

Drink Water To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise :

Keep yourself hydrated all day. Though it’s proved that a man may survive without water for 8 days it’s not good to skip drinking water. Drinking water helps to keep your body fit and it helps to lose fat. Drinking water before every meal or in between food also helps to keep your food consumption low as you feel full. Our body needs water for survival and consuming 8 glasses of water everyday is essential. water also keeps your muscles working properly without sprains etc.

Improve Sleep Pattern To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise :

If you are sleeping less than it will be a major cause of stubborn tummy fat. It is essential to get at least 6 hours of sleep everyday to help your body rest . To keep the metabolism going smoothly. If you sleep less you will feel sleep deprived and lazy. Feeling lazy will make you consume more food than necessary and gain more inches . It is easy for sleep deprived people to stay hungry all the time and thus eat more than needed.

Drink Warm water and Lime Juice To Reduce Tummy Without Exercise :

This is a tried and tested formula to success. Have a glass of warm water with one or two teaspoons of lemon juice everyday on an empty stomach . You will see how with following all the above mentioned steps along with this one you can get rid of fat easily and fast. You can add half a teaspoon of honey to add a sweet taste to the mixture. While this works for most it may cause acidic reactions for some so please consult your doctor.

We hope following these tips will help you lose those extra pounds off your tummy and Reduce tummy fat without exercising.