There is nothing better than a well dressed man with manners. For your date on the Valentine’s Day make sure you are immaculately dressed by choosing the right attire and she would fall for you all over again. Scroll down for the collection we have out together for you.

Well tailored Suit


“A Well Tailored Suit is to Women What Lingerie is to Men”—the saying couldn’t be truer. If you’re taking your date to a fancy restraint or even a first date on this Valentine’s Day, nothing would impress her than the perfectly tailored, immaculate suit worn by the man.

T-shirt + jeans


Nothing is casual for a man in a t-shirt and jeans look. Be it a restaurant date, a movie or even a nice lunch date, this is a very cool and contemporary look for a man on Valentine’s Day and you can never go wrong with this one.



Jacket is uber cool and sporty and gives a very stylish flair to your overall look. If you are having trouble in deciding what to wear, this is a great option as it gives a well balanced touch to your sense of style and makes you stand out.



Nothing looks sexier on a man than a semi-formal look. Pair a t-shirt with a blazer to add that exquisite panache. The balance of casual t-shirt and formal blazer is surely going to impress your date and it is perfect for both day and night.

Blue Look


There is an attractive thing about ‘A Blue Look’ on a man who is dressed in blue from head to toe and that too, in right possible shades. It gives a very summery feel as well as a gentleman touch to the overall look effortlessly.

White Swag Look


White doesn’t mean simple or boring. It can look bold and arresting with the right combination. It can be worn for either date night or movie date for this V-Day. you can choose from striped shirt or catchy sneaker to add a touch to variety to the monochrome look.

Man in Black


Black is the trademark sexy colour and you cannot go wrong with this. Even a simple black shirt or t-shirt and black with black belt and shoes would make you look perfect, masculine and date-ready in minutes. It adds class and sophistication instantly.

Turtle Neck


Turtlenecks are extremely easy to pull off and a retro trend that is completely back in fashion. It will definitely make you look fashionable for your date night or casual lunch date. The turtlenecks are versatile and can be worn with chinos, slacks or even jeans.

Long Coat


A long-coat look is perfect for cold places and gives you a masculine, dapper look instantly. It has a very well balanced of formal and casual touch and can be layered with a long muffler and boots easily.

Casual Shirt Look


If you are planning to take your girl out for a movie date or lunch date on Valentine’s Day, a casual open shirt with t-shirt underneath and jeans and shoes are the perfect ensemble that will make you look perfect and trendy—all at the same time.

Mandarin Collar


Sometimes a collared shirt makes the look too formal for Valentine’s Day date or movie outing. But if you are more comfortable in shirt, you don’t need to come out of the comfort zone. Try mandarin collar shirt which look less formal and gives a laid-back vibe to the look.

Sweatshirt Look


If you are an easy-going sweatshirt kind of a guy, pull out your favourite outfit and wear it on your date. It has a casual, smart, street style kind of look which is playful and great for the autumn or winter collection.

Denim and Aviator Look


Denim and Aviator are two classics which would make a man not only cool and casual but manly and dapper. You can pair the look with sport shoes, sneaker or even loafers, if you prefer. This is perfect for outing on the day of love with your significant other.

Leather Jacket Look


A timeless item like Leather Jacket is never out of fashion and can be worn in several ways to make you look manly and stylish. Don a leather jacket look with either jeans or chinos or even knit hats for the informal street style look. It is a versatile item and a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.

Chinos look


When jeans or slacks are too casual or too formal for you, bring out your colourful chinos to pair with a contrasting colour to give a fashionable flamboyance to your overall look. They are very comfortable to wear and available in cotton and cotton-blend styles.

Casual White Shirt Look


A Casual white shirt and jeans look is the classic combo with which you cannot go wrong at all. The kind of finesse this look has is no match to others. You can do the look with a pair of classy shades, brown shoes and well styled hair for your Valentine’s Day date.

Sweater Look


If you thought sweaters are for old people and teachers, think again. It is a perfectly trendy outfit that can be easily worn for your date night of the weather demands to be. Pair it with a catchy coloured shirt and trendy shoes for an aesthetic look.

Full Sleeve T-Shirt Look


A Full Sleeve T-Shirt gives a sporty and casual day time look for V-Day. They look readily smart and you don’t have to do too much to make a statement. It can be worn with ripped jeans or chinos.

Checked Shirt Look


A checked shirt has a cool, casual yet stylish look that would look good on a man of any age. The patterned detail of the check adds a classy, wonderful look to the whole ensemble.

The Italian Look


There’s a saying called “The Italian man wears the clothes, the clothes don’t wear the Italian.” They have a very classy way of dressing up and contemporary style of mixing formals and casuals. Wear the formal suit with loafers for your date to give the classic Italian flair to your sense of style.

So, on this magical day of love, what would be your choice of clothing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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