New Year Resolutions – Year 2014

Resolutions are made to be broken, say the weak willed. Whatever it may be, it is imperative that we make resolutions every year, just for the heck of it. Here is a list of the most common needs on everyone’s list. How many are kept…well my guess is as good as yours!

  1. I resolve to not spend half my salary shopping online.
  2. I resolve to save a part of my salary every month, as mom has been asking me to do every year for the past seven years.
  3. I resolve to shift my spring cleaning date to the first day of this New Year or they might mark my house a hazardous zone and seal it down.
  4. I promise to not be glued on to Facebook and try and make some real life friends.
  5. I resolve to gulp down my fear of heights and do a bungee jump this year.
  6. I will definitely learn to drive this year or my car might just get bored, spout some wings and fly away.
  7. I will start dieting the first thing this New Year. Till then let me cut another sliver of that gorgeous gooey chocolate cake. This year will not last long.
  8. I promise I will lose these extra 5kgs of flab and definitely run the marathon this coming year.
  9. I resolve to give up cigarettes or life will surely give up on me.
  10. It is never too late to learn. I promise to learn one new language this year.
  11. I promise to stop guzzling down alcohol as if I might not live to see tomorrow. It might just come true.
  12. I resolve to quit this insult of a job, get out of the cramped up cubical, start my own business and break free finally.
  13. I promise to make time for myself away from my housework, kids and the husband. I will take that much needed vacation and go travelling on my own.
  14. I resolve to not book myself on yet another group tour from a travel company and instead hitchhike through Europe.
  15. I will try to watch less TV and be such a couch potato or I fear I might start growing roots.
  16. I will sell off all the unwanted stuff that I have been hoarding for years in a yard sale, or the flea market or on eBay. But I promise I will get rid of all that junk.
  17. I promise to make an effort to like mathematics more and not run away the minute I come across a number.
  18. I will muster enough courage to go across to her and tell her how much I love her and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her.
  19. I will make an effort to not be so wound up all the time, step back and take a minute to smell the flowers.
  20. I will stop making lofty statements in the air and cribbing. Instead, I will do something constructive to make the earth a better place to live in.
  21. I will try and not be a doormat and say YES to everything and everyone. I will learn to start saying NO.
  22.  I will try and stop snooping around my ex boyfriend’s Facebook account to try and keep abreast of each and everything happening in his life. I will give a new person a chance.
  23. I promise to read more books. I will make time for reading 2 pages everyday, no matter how tired or sleepy I am.
  24. I resolve to spend much more quality time with my children before they grow up and have no more time for me.
  25. I resolve to confront my boss and ask him to stop treating me like a complete nobody. I will finally stand up for what I am worth.
  26. I promise to call up my parents regularly and ask them how they are doing instead of the other way around.
  27. I promise to give people a chance and be more open to forming newer friendships.
  28. I promise to be more tolerant and not give up on my partner or the relationship so easily.
  29. I promise to stop texting and look up once in a while from my phone or I might forget how the world looks.
  30. I will revamp my wardrobe and give myself that much needed makeover.
  31. I promise to start writing that book and also the speech that I will make when I win the booker prize.
  32. I will start working out in the gym and get that six pack by the end the first quarter
  33. I will make an attempt to wake up in time to greet the sun a very good morning and then promptly go on my morning walk.
  34. I promise to support charity and donate my money for a good cause instead of throwing it away buying booze and packets of cigarettes.
  35. I promise to not touch a drop of carbonated drinks in this New Year. Let me pour myself just one glass of cola while I write the resolution down.
  36. I promise to become punctual in life and not run 2 hours behind forever.
  37. I will make an attempt to learn better photography, go out and click many more pictures than I do.
  38. I will adopt a pet, give it a home and care for it.
  39. I will stop being addicted to chocolates and try eating normal food like a normal person.
  40. I promise to take up a constructive hobby and stop listing watching TV as one.
  41. I promise I will manage my finances better and pay regular taxes, not waiting for the 11th hour to dawn upon me.
  42. I resolve to not buy or acquire anything on EMIs. I will also pay off all my debts and start afresh.
  43. I will study more and regularly and attempt to get an ‘A’ in all subjects.
  44. I resolve to take up some adventure sport. Life is too short to sit around, waiting for something to happen.
  45. I will try to keep the resolution and follow it this time and not break it like every other year.
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