Mother’s Day is the day we get to thank our mothers for everything they have done for us. It is the Day when we can make them feel so special and loved. Love can be fleeting, long-lasting, deep or true, but there is nothing that can overshadow a mother’s love for her children. It is incomparable to anything in this world. Nothing can beat a mother’s love.

Your mother sacrificed a lot of things to bring you into this world. Your mother carried you in her body for nine months. In that span of time she suffered from unimaginable changes in her body. From the time that you were conceived to the time that you were born and until today, your mother sacrificed so many things for you.

Happy Mothers Day Poems


You Were There

When I am sad and feeling blue
When I lose hope and nothing to do
When I stumble and fall
When I couldn’t carry it all,
You were there.

When I needed a hand
When I couldn’t stand
When everything is wrong
When I couldn’t sing a song,
You were there.

Thank you for everything
for unconditionally loving
you made me realize I can do anything
Happy Mother’s Day
from your little darling.


Mom’s Day

Of the 365 days this year
I look forward to this wonderful day
Sending out bouquet of flowers with a note,
“With all my love,
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”

But this I promise you,
For all the things we’ve been through.
365 days of this year is not enough
Everyday, I will tirelessly show my love for you.

Mothers Day Poems from Daughters


Mother’s Day

You have given me life
and showed me the light.
Taught the strength to fight,
and difference of wrong from right.

When there are problems, you always stay
and pick me up along the way.
Show your support come what may,
do everything to make it fade away.

May you have a happy mother’s day!
I’ll always be proud to say,
you are the best of the most,
and the top of the rest.


Like Mom

My childhood dream is to be like you.
A beauty that Dad got hooked,
A loving mom and a good cook
who makes special rice and stew

I love it when we dress alike
I am your “Mini me”
I love you, dear Mommy
On this Mother’s day and beyond.

Short Mothers Day Poems


In my heart

As the beautiful flowers bloom,
So does the beauty in anything you do.
You water out my life with love
And watched me become as sturdy as a tree.

The sun shines brighter.
The air is a bit sweeter.
This May will be your day, mom
You will always be planted deep in my heart.


My Precious Mom

The most precious treasure in my life
The light in my darkest night
For me, you’re always willing to fight
No one can ever beat your might

I can’t imagine a life without you
It seems like a journey so blue
You’re there to ease my sadness
In your arms, I want to forever rest


Miss You Mom

This day makes me feel so sad and blue
It’s been a while since we lost you
I wish I could see you, wish I could feel you
Coz this mother’s Day, Mom, I miss you!

Mothers Day Poems for Kids


M + Other

Other may be a simple word
Add M and it will be extra special.
Mother who taught me to add
And all the buttons in my iPad.

She helps me in Hay Day,
Teaches tricks to achieve the goals.
On this Mother’s day, I concede.
Today is definitely a no-gadgets day.


Learning Basics

My mother is my first teacher
She taught me everything I know
She says that alphabets start with A-B-C
And numbers with 1-2-3.

She said that Earth revolves in the sun.
But my whole world revolves on her.
With everything she have done
From birth til now, My life begins on her.

On your day, my love continues.
My love for your will never lose.

Mothers Day Poems from Son


Super Mom

When dad left this world,
My world was torn apart.
But there you are,
Standing still for our family.

You are my heroine,
Saved us from the despise of life
You are selfless.
Beyond human.

I will be standing by your side
And forever be my kryptonite.
“Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom”


Goal for Mom

Dad taught me soccer
But you are the one who said I can be better.
You are my number one fan,
Cheering me throughout my run.

My coach said I won’t reach pro
But you said who cares though.
I’ve been practicing a lot for my next game
On Mother’s day, my goal is for you.

Mothers Day Poems for Cards


Happy Mothers Day

Through the years, I paid no attention
Never cared of your affection
Protecting me was your only intention
To become responsible about my decisions.

You showed me the right way
My safety is what you always pray
You give all you can share
Your patience has no pair.

Happy Mother’s day to the one
that gave me life and see the sun
Showered me love from time to time
Thank you for everything you have done.


My First Love

You were my first touch,
first kiss and first hug.
Your eyes were my first light
and you are my first love.

You were my first playmate
and my first best friend
You were also my first date
and tends my first wound and make it mend.

Thank you for being my first teacher
Teaching my name’s first letter
Making my life even better
Happy Mother’s Day to you, Mother.

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