mothers-day-ideas-for-kidsMother’s day is once again just around the corner. It’s the time of year where we celebrate the beacon of light in our lives. And who else is the better person to let her know how great of a mother she is than her own child? But as a kid, we know money is a big issue, since kids aren’t really earning money yet. So how do you show mom your gratitude as a kid and celebrate this wonderful day? Here are a few DIY gift ideas for kids that can make mom feel extra special. Plus, mom will definitely appreciate the effort placed in the gift than something store bought!

Surprise Breakfast in Bed

Moms do not really need more material things in her life. Most mothers are satisfied with knowing their own children are growing up well. Show your appreciation for mom’s effort of raising you well by surprising her with a breakfast in bed! Mom has been serving you all her life—it’s time to serve her instead.  You do not need to make it a fancy breakfast. Even if it’s just a simple meal, she will definitely appreciate your effort.

Sample Breakfast Tray

  • 2 Pieces of Toasted Bread with Butter
  • Freshly Squeezed Juice
  • Her favorite fruit
  • A decorative flower
  • A sweet note for her to read while eating 

Mom & Me Tees

This is a creative gift for mom on her special day. You can get old plain shirts and design them with matching styles as a kind of mother-child partner shirt that the two of you can wear! You can choose to paint it with a caricature of your mom and yourself or paint cute patterns on it, as long as your shirts match each other. She will love the fact that you’re not embarrassed to wear the same shirt as her and that you used your creativity to make her a unique gift. Plus, it’s a great way to make use of old clothes!

A Pot of Handicraft Flowers

The usual gift for mother’s day is a bouquet of lovely flowers. Take it up a notch and give her a set of everlasting flowers by making your own! You can use colored papers and other handicraft materials to make them. Here is a sample handmade flowers you can try:

Finger-painted Flowers


  • Construction/Colored Paper
  • Finger Paint (Poster, Acrylic etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Green Pipe Cleaners (You can also use green popsicle sticks or drinking straws)
  • PVA Glue
  • Small Cup (As your pot)
  • Modeling Clay


  1. Draw your flower patterns on the colored paper of your choice. Afterwards, cut them out.
  2. Dip your finger in the paint. Make sure the color is not the same as the paper. Also do not forget to dab off the excess paint. Afterwards, press your painted finger on each petal of your pattern. Do the same for the middle of the flower except use a different color from the petals.
  3. Glue a pipe cleaner/stick/straw on the back of your pattern.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3, depending on how many flowers you want.
  5. Fill the bottom of your cup with clay and spread it evenly inside. Afterwards, stick your flowers on to it as if it was the soil. And there you have it! Your DIY flowerpot. You can choose to decorate your pot by painting it or sticking colorful buttons or ribbons on it. Get creative with this project. You can also write a message on a piece of paper, glue to a pipe cleaner/stick/straw, and stick it along with your flowers to make it more personalized.

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Personalized Coupons

Another way to celebrate Mother’s day is to give her personalized coupons you made. All you need is a pack of colored papers and some pens. Cut out the papers into coupon size and design it to look like a real coupon. You can write whatever you want to offer your mom. For example, you can make an “Unlimited Massage Coupon” that she can claim on Mother’s Day from you. Not only will she be relaxed by your massage, she will also find your gift creative and sweet. Think of different things your mom might like. You can also make a “Unlimited Chores Request” for her to ease off of her the house duties on her special day. Think outside the box and let your mom know how much you care for her.