schnauzerIf you are considering buying a pet dog, then a miniature schnauzer may just be the right option for you! They have a playful nature and the most affectionate nature you will ever come across, in a dog. Plus, they are really quick learners and good looking as well!

This Schnauzer is a German breed and the word ‘Schnauzer’ has been derived from the German word ‘Schnauze’ which means ‘muzzle’. The Miniature Schnauzer is a small dog with a strong head and a square body. While the body is square, the head of the Miniature Schnauzer is rectangular in shape. It has a set of small, deep set eyes which are dark brown in color. One key characteristic of the Miniature Schnauzer is that it has a double coat, out of which, the outer coat is wiry, whereas the undercoat is soft. The colors of the coat can either be black, white, or black and silver and in some cases may even be of salt and pepper color. This tiny dog has quite bushy eyebrows and a bushy beard, too!

The Miniature Schnauzer is quick and tough and is considered as one of the most famous terrier pets. It’s playful and inquisitive nature, alertness and the great companionship that it offers, makes it an ideal pet. This Schnauzer can either be your well mannered house dog, but it can also be the centre of attention by participating in various activities. As compared to the large Schnauzers, these miniature ones are less domineering. As compared to most terriers, the miniature schnauzers are also less aggressive and is more adaptive if other pet animals are around it. Though a clever dog, it can be a little stubborn at times and may bark a lot. Generally, it likes to be around people, especially children.

Miniature Schnauzer’s Temperament:

Overall, it is intelligent and loving. It is full of energy and is very playful. It is a very people friendly dog. If provided the right leadership, this Miniature Schnauzer can also be made to get along with other dogs. They serve to be good companions as well as great pets. They make good watch dogs and are good at hunting vermin as well.

Schnauzers are good around people, however, a few of them may come across as the reserved types, when they are around strangers and that is mainly because their owners do not provide stability in their lives. If you are thinking of buying yourself a Miniature Schnauzer, make sure that this dog does not end up developing Small Dog Syndrome. A Small Dog Syndrome is when your dog starts to act very aggressive and snappy. It is most likely to occur in dogs whose owners treat them as if they are humans and not dogs just because of their miniature stature. Most people feel that the bigger the dog is in size, the more capable he will be to take care of himself and consequently the smaller it is, the more dependent he will be on the humans around him. However, this is not how dogs work. No matter what size your dog may be, it is always a good idea to train him like an ordinary sized dog.

A Miniature Schnauzer that gets plenty of physical as well as mental exercise will not develop the Small Dog Syndrome. The Smal; Dog Syndrome is not only limited to Miniature Schnauzers; this condition may develop in any dog depending on the way its owner may treat it.

Miniature Schnauzer and Training:

If you are able to train this little dog well, they will be such great company to be around with! Thankfully, the Miniature Schnauzers are quick, enthusiastic learners. Training a dog will not only help your dog to become more calm, getting rid of that all that extra energy, but it will also help you and your dog to get to know each other, better.

The best way to train a Miniature Schnauzer is to adopt a non violent award based approach, in which your main tools would be repetition, positive reinforcement and of course, consistency. It is better to train your dog, right from the start, in this way you will be able to nip a lot of bad habits in the bud and prevent many of the problems from every arising in the future.

Try to keep the training sessions short and fun, instead of long and monotonous. Bringing a dog into your house means to train him accordingly as well, so that he may not cause damage to your house. Miniature Schnauzers are very intelligent and you can show them what you want from them and with a little consistency from your side, you will see good results from your miniature schnauzer puppy. Walking a dog is good, healthy exercise, but you need to make your puppy learn how to be able to walk on a loose leash without pulling too much. Miniature Schnauzers are strong little creatures and if you do not teach them the proper way of walking on a loose leash, they may develop a bad leash pulling problem!

Basic commands like sit, heel, come etc are easily followed by the Schnauzer. With proper training and reward system, you can even get them to learn many behavior tricks. Excessive barking may come up as an issue, but that too can be taken care of by using the right behavior shaping approach.


Grooming of a Miniature Schnauzer:

It is important that you spend some time on grooming your miniature schnauzer puppy. The coat of this dog is wiry and can be easily groomed. Make sure that you brush and comb the coat daily, with a short wire brush, in order to prevent matting. If you see any mats, cut them off. When the dog has had its meal, remember to clean the whiskers. Most Miniature Schnauzer owners keep their coat clipped short on the upper body, whereas it is a little longer on the legs and head. One great thing about miniature schnauzers is this that they hardly seem to shed, making them ideal pets for people who have allergies.

The Health Issues of a Miniature Schnauzer:

Overall, the Miniature Schnauzer is a pretty healthy dog breed. However, when it comes to these tiny dogs, obesity may be an issue. If you are not too careful about their exercise regime and their diet, they might end up gaining weight pretty quickly. An overweight miniature schnauzer may then be faced with a lot of health problems, so it is better that you pay attention to your dogs diet and exercise, from the beginning. The diet should be of good quality, plus the dog should be given physical exercise, too.

Miniature Schnauzer Breeders and Rescue Centers:

No matter what breed of dog you want to have as a pet, it is extremely important that you buy them from a reputable miniature schnauzer breeder. Not only the breeder will help you to find the right kind of dog, according to your choice, but he will also prove to be very helpful in giving you the right kind of information, plus guidance, if your dog faces any problems. A responsible breeder is concerned of the future of the breed which will be going forward and he does everything that he can, do breed a good, sound stock. Miniature Schnauzer Rescue centers are a good place to source an older dog.

Popular Schnauzer Breeders

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If your miniature schnauzer faces any health related problem, even then the breeder would be helpful in providing you with the right kind of advice on how to deal with that problem.

Miniature Schnauzers, if are properly raised and trained, can be great companions. Buying a Miniature Schnauzer means that you have gained a best friend who is going to stay for quite some time with you, as their life span is about 15 years. They crave human companionship and dislike when they are left alone. However, Miniature Schnauzers can get a little aggressive if not trained properly and due to this they might not get well with other dogs. They are good around children and are usually on their best behavior, but no matter what breed of dog you have, or may want to buy, it is always advised not to leave small children alone, with a dog, unsupervised.

Dogs are known for their loyalty .They keep you busy and provide you with great company and are always there for you, whenever you need a walking companion or somebody to play Frisbee with.Whenever, most people talk about getting a pet, they usually do consider dogs as their option. Miniature Schnauzers can be a great pet option for people with apartments, since these dogs do not need a lot of exercise or space. These dogs not only look adorable, but will also protect you because of the watch-dog like tendencies they have. A best friend and a protector, these dogs are a must have for any animal lover.

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