From the age of Cinema and Television the common people have been following Celebrities and their styles blindly. Today celebrities have become a major source for fashion, makeup and hairstyle inspirations. Today’s celebrities are always in new and daring looks and sport the latest trends on the ramp. celebrity hairstyles have become quite popular for they are in vogue and are really helpful if you want to keep your hair up-to-date with the current favorite hairstyles.

Celebrity Short Hairstyles:

Short hairstyles are always in vogue and have been ruling the Red carpet for a good amount of time. If you are planning to get a short hairstyle take some inspiration from these celebrities:

celebrity hairstyle short

Lisa butcher looks stunning in this short hairstyle. She has straightened her hair and parted it from a side. Then the hair has been kept free till the chin length.


celebrity 8


Paola Barale looks stunning in this shoulder length straight hairstyle. The hair is straightened and parted on the side.

Celebrity Bob Hairstyles:

Bob hairstyles have been a favorite among many Celebrities and it’s the hottest trend right now so once you’ve made your mind to get one, check these hairstyles for inspiration:



Emma Watson looks stunning in this long bob hairstyle. Messy bob hairstyles have been in trend for quite a while and looks great on a number of face shapes . This messy bob hairstyle is further given lots of different texture with highlighting.


Short messy Bob hairstyles look chic and are so easy to maintain. This blonde hair short messy bun has lots of different textures and has been given a messy look with the untamed hairs in the front.


aceleb 2

Josie Bissett looks beautiful in this short bob hairstyle. The hair is smooth and parted on the side. The hairstyle is sleek and will suit most face shapes. It can be easily carried off by women of any ages.

Black Celebrity Hairstyles :

a16Rihanna looks simply marvellous in her medium long curly hairstyle. Curly hairstyles are one of the most prominent trends on the red carpet. Rihanna here is seen sporting a side parted curly hairstyle with small loose curls .

Celebrity Medium Hairstyles:

If you are planning a trip to the hair dresser but are totally clueless as to what type of hairstyle you want for your Medium length hair then take a look at the ones we have presented here:


This medium length hairstyle is very easy to maintain and style too. For this hairstyle straighten your top part of hair so that there are no waves or curls. The part below the chin are curled in large sections. The curls are big and bouncy.


Amy Adams is seen here sporting a very romantic curly medium hairstyle which cn be perfect for the First date or a Romantic outing with that special man. This hairstyle is very easy to recreate. Just part your hair at the sides and bring a good amount of it to the side and curl it in sections from forehead level till the end.



The beautiful Heidi Blair or Heidi Montag sports a very everyday simple medium length hairstyle. The hair here is parted in the middle and then the effect given is soft beach waves. The air has been parted in sections and the wavy look has been provided.


Blonde Celebrity Hairstyles:


This sleek straight hairstyle looks beautiful on the gorgeous Leslie Mann. The sleek straight locks further accentuate her facial features and slim down the face. The hairstyle will suite most face shapes.


Blake Lively looks picture perfect with this hairstyle. The simple hairstyle shows the blond hair of Blake lively side parted and curled in loose messy voluminous curls.


This cute side bun looks beautiful on Margot Robbie, the Wolf of Wall Street actress. Her blode hair has been side parted and made into a beautiful side bun . The hair has been perfectly smoothed and made into a small bun at the lower side of her head.

Celebrity Hairstyles Medium Length:

Again we present some medium length hairstyles for you to take inspiration from:


Rachel Bilson is sporting one of the most popular trends of the year -ombre hair. Ombre died hair has been in vogue since last year and this hairstyle shows a fun way to sport the trend without looking too made up. The hair has been highlighted with a lighter shade at the ends and then curled in small sections. The curls are kept loose and messy.


Julie Benz’s Long Layered wav hairstyle with medium length looks best suited for those romantic days and Special days. The hair looks sophisticated yet is quite easy to get. The hair is middle parted and then straightened out till the ear lever. From there the hair is curled in large curls .


This wavy middle length hairstyle is very simple and looks great on anyone. It’s best for everyday wear or even wearable to office. Simply part your hair towards the side and create a wavy look to the hair.

Latest Celebrity Hairstyles:


Emma stone sports a very soft, romantic and playful hairstyle here keeping everything simple. For this hairstyle the hair is parted on one side and then loose inward curls are done on the lower part of the hair.


Julianne Hough here sports her short curly hairstyle which has again proved that short hair does not necessarily mean end of one’s hair styling . The hair here is parted on the side with the hair slightly curled outwards. The front bang has been kept hanging over the forehead.


Kate Middleton here looks very natural yet classy in her mid length slightly curled hairstyle . The hair here is kept very natural and at the ends it has been curled outwards. A front bang has been kept falling from one side to the ear.

Pictures Of Celebrity Hairstyles


January Jones, the popular American Tv actress and model looks stunning in her medium length straight hairstyle. Her blonde hair looks even prettier in this hairstyle. The hair is parted at the middle in the front part of the face. The hair is then straightened and the ends have been curled slightly.


Zooey Deschanel sports this cute and fuss free side bun hairstyle which is very much in vogue these days. There have been numerous times when low side buns have been sported on the red carpet. Here the hair has been made into a messy low side-bun which is further decorated with white flowers . the front hair has been kept open as the bangs fall on the forehead.


Long hair is a beautiful canvas to show off a plethora of hairstyles. We loved this hairstyle on Ashley Green who kept it simple and easy to achieve. The hair here has been parted from the middle and then the hair has been brushed into the side. The part of hair below the ears have been curled in outward loose curls. This is a very romantic hairstyle which is perfect for any age.

Celebrity Hairstyles Over 50:

If you’re in your late 40’s or are in your Early 50’s then take a look at these simple and manageable hairstyles for you:


If you think only young women can benefit from Celebrity hairstyles then you are wrong. Many celebrities who are themselves in their advanced ages are trying out new hairstyles and looks on themselves . Check out this short curly hairstyle suitable for women in their 50’s as well as women beyond that age. The soft curls fall on te sides of the face and give definition to the face. The soft curls make it look more natural and sober.


This long wavy bob hairstyle can also be your inspiration  if you are choosing short hairstyle for yourself. This style is very appropriate for women in their late forties or early fifties. The hair is parted on the side with the hair slightly wavy , creating lots of textures.

Celebrity Short Curly Hairstyles:


Rachel McAdams,the Canadian actress looks pretty in this short curly hairstyle. The hair has been highlighted in some places and then curled in loose curls outwards. The hair has been side parted for this hairstyle.



Taylor Momsen looks pretty in her blonde messy medium hairstyle which is classic ans chic. It’s really popular nowadays on the ramp as well as onscreen. The hair has been parted in small sections and then curled in loose large curls.

these were some of the Celebrity hairstyles we loved. be sure to let us know your favorites and  leave your suggestions and thoughts below in the comment section.