christmas-table-decorationsChristmas Season 2015 is coming. Christmas is the best time of the year to share what you have and create lasting memories good for a lifetime. This is the time where we look for the best place to travel, search for cheap airline ticket to visit family and relative. The season allows you to be happy with the company of other so make sure to make the most of it. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year and going back to your family and celebrate it with them is one best ways to do it.

Christmas celebrations would always have food – food that warms heart, food that fills empty stomachs and bring cheer to your heart and soul. Let the season remind you that you are an individual part of something bigger. There are millions of reasons to celebrate life and Christmas is not just about food and drinks – it is a celebration of life.

How to Decorate a Table for Christmas


Are you wondering how to put Christmas atmosphere through your table? To make things brighter and apt for the occasion, decorating your table gives a better aura and appeal for eating and conversations. Christmas table decorations are always nice. Here are some of the most beautiful Christmas table decorating ideas that I’ve browsed and compiled just for you.

Red Christmas Table Decorations

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Seeing a well-set table will allow your guests to eat more and have a much memorable time. The checkered tablecloth shuns the plain old ones that you have. The bell on the center plate adds a nice ring to it. The red utensils go well with the season and the tablecloth.

Christmas Dining Table Decorations

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A Christmas table full of surprises best describes this decoration. This would allow you to hand your present in a unique way by putting them on their plates or designated place in the table. The candles on the center sanctify the meal. The green leaves centerpiece adds color to the plain white cloth.

White Christmas Table Decorations


Candles and porcelain adorns this dining table elegantly. The setting corresponds to the white tree on the background and on the white wall. The candles with different sizes give twist and style. The lone green centerpiece provides just the right amount of color.

Dining Table Christmas Decorations


This white-themed Christmas table is unique in a way that the dishes will provide the color for the table. It connotes peaceful and serene intimate gatherings. The white centerpiece gives life and garnishment. It is simple yet so inviting.

Merry Christmas Table Decorations


Red berries, red balls and red napkins make this dining table interesting. The Christmas canes tied to the candles is more inviting especially if there are kids. The single lighted candle on the glass connotes unity in the family. This design is especially good if you have a brown stud wooden table.

Holiday Table Decorations


Give your small circular dining table a touch of Christmas with this red-themed setting. The velvety table cloth is romantic and delicate. The complementing scarf tied on the white chair is exciting. The centerpiece is one serious work of art. The glistening balls, the berries, the flowers provide that one unique Christmas glow.

Green Christmas Table Decorations


Mesmerize your antique dining table with this amazing Christmas centerpiece with a modern touch. The electric candle gives it its modern touch. The red bow on the middle is just the right amount of accent. The red and silver candy canes make the whole piece more pleasing to eat on.

Wonderful Christmas Table Decoations

The most wonderful christmas decorations I have seen on internet is here You can visit the above blog for more interesting and terrific photos of the below christmas table decorations


Every guest who would see this on your house will tell you how classy you are. The hanging white wreath on the mirror gives a better angle. The small tea light candles cleverly placed all throughout the table are romantic. The red poinsettia on the silver tray gives color and warmth.

Red and White Christmas Table Decorations

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The dining table should complement with the whole place like this soft feminine decoration. The white snowflakes and the fuchsia star hanging from the ceiling give a happier environment. From the napkins on the plate up to the wall, everything is color-coordinated. Even the Christmas balls on the fireplace matches the whole aura.

Gold Christmas Table decorations

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No need to chop wood and light up the fireplace just to provide that warm welcoming glow inside the house. The golden theme of this set does not just sparkle through the night but an inviting hug. The Christmas balls with different rich colors give it life and hue.

Inexpensive Christmas Table Decorations

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Your Christmas dishes will sit nicely on this table. The white cloth topped with red checked fabric is matching. The small brown boxes go with the entire appeal of the design. The personalized name tent on each plate is welcoming and heartwarming.

Christmas Floral Table Decorations

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If you’re tired with using poinsettias as décor for your dinner table every year, then unique set would fit your taste. White flowers of different kind like tulips and carnations gears to the more simplistic approach. The glistening metallic Christmas balls give it radiance. The rich color of the tablecloth is lively.

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White and red makes this Christmas table screaming with life as it complements the burning fireplace. The white star on the red candle is awesome. The red and silver Christmas balls on the liquor glass are unique. The white napkin with red berry lace goes well with the red decors on the plate.

Christmas Table Decorations to Make

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This traditional Christmas table with a modern twist is just simply adorable. The feminine color of the décor is in sync with brown and white tablecloth for balance. The small white tree on the center is classy. The utensils, the plate and the décors are small and adorable to highlight the food and not the design.

Christmas Table Decoration Centerpieces

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It’s white Christmas on your table with this amazing table decoration. The white candles burns steadily. The branch in the white vase is adorned with little white flowers. The purple color of the napkin gives it just the right amount of hue.

Table top Christmas Decorations

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Red for love or romance, white for Christmas as this circular table shouts proudly. Women would greatly appreciate the red roses. The kids would love the candy canes. Everyone has a place in this adorable table.

Easy Christmas Table Decorations

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Red and green are the colors of Christmas. The red berries topped with green leaves on the square vase looks awesome on every angle. The red napkin with a touch of red round berries is cute and fun. This maybe a last minute Christmas decoration idea but it still is wonderful and lovely.

Easy to Make Christmas Table Decorations

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This nature-themed Christmas table is warm and convincing. The plates on a round wooden slab give it boost. The pine cones on green garland are eye-catching. The pale dim yellow light of the candle gives everyone a warm greeting.

Simple Christmas Table decorations

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It is colorful and lovely. The green garland on the center embellished with Christmas decorations of different designs and colors are strikingly lovely. The colorful napkins are an added bonus. The plates look like they gifts with the star on the center of the bowl.

Elegant Christmas Table Decorating Ideas

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This French-inspired Christmas table welcomes the occasion with peace and love. The candles warm the place for that soothing effect. The green leaves with those small red orange fruit makes up the color and hue. The relaxing aura of the whole theme is bright and lovely.

Rustic Christmas Table Decorations

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Green and white may not be your first choice of color combination for your dining table but this serene combination of life and serenity will prove otherwise. The green miniature plants on the table go well with the lighted Christmas tree. The white tablecloth and burning white candles are therapeutic. Everything set on the dining table looks nice and calm.

Inexpensive Christmas Table Decorations

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This dining table will sure give light and shine all through the night. The string of Christmas lights individually placed in transparent white globes is just eye-catching. The miniature plants on the center give it a more natural appeal. The white star placed on the napkin on top of the bowl looks mighty gorgeous.

Christmas Holiday Table Decorations

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The peppermint theme of this Christmas table is just lovely and fine as each guest will see your attention to detail. The unique placemats can be easily cut out from felt. The red napkins and the red candles are elegant. The swirl design on the plates is amusing.

Country Christmas Table Decorations

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The green and brown decors on the black tablecloth look nothing short of lovely. The green sparkling Christmas balls and pine cones placed on a square glass makes the centerpiece. The green leaves and the pine cones directly placed on top of the tablecloth looks majestic. The candles on glass containers are cute and gorgeous.

Modern Christmas Table Decorations

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Get ready to make your wooden dining table look glamorous with this unique Christmas table decoration idea. The purple velvety balls on the center are awe-inspiring. The yellow napkin with purple tie is complementing. It is rich, colorful and eye-pleasing – perfect for those outside Christmas lunches.

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