In order to make a Web Page, first of all you will have to understand what actually a web page is?

A WEB PAGE is a simple information providing page, hosted on the web servers. The page can contain any information that the user intend to provide. These web pages are used to provide information regarding business, place, person, product, etc. Some websites are related to entertainment, business, shopping and some are of education stuff. A series of web pages grouped over the World Wide Web is known as a WEBSITE.

If you have decided what the Web Pagehas to be about, then you can proceed to its creation but firstly you have to keep some points in mind. So that you get the things RIGHT!

The things you are required to remember in order to make a web page are:

  1. The name (Domain Name) of the Web Page.
  2. The place (Hosting Server) of the Web Page.
  3. Type of Web Pagethat you intend to create.


The domain name is the name for your Web Page. It’s simply the name after the “WWW.____________”.

The name that you provide identifies and distinguishes your website from other websites over the internet. So, it is highly recommended that you should provide the best possible name available to your site, so as it complies with information provided in it.

There are several domain registrant and hosting sites available on  the web that provide you with the domain that you wish to have for your web page (this availability is ‘globally unified’ and does not change with the change of registrant).

You will have to search for the availability of the desired name for your web page under the domain section at the site of the registrant. If the name is unavailable then somebody has already thought of it and you need to improvise with it. Sometimes adding or removing some extra alphabets from the name you have searched helps. You can also try changing the top level domains. Suppose u need a web-page to be used in U.S. get the domain for ‘XYZ.US/UK’ or ‘XYZ.NET’ instead of ‘XYZ.COM’. This works most of the time.

The more you research and discuss upon the name, the better options you will get for the domain for your web page. Still you need to follow the following steps

Points to remember while selecting your Domain name:-

  • The name should be relevant to the user or business.
  • The name should be short, simple and to the point.
  • Try not to use character’s like _ , – . until it is necessary.
  • Choose your appropriate Top Level domain (com, net, org, gov, edu, etc.)

You will have to search the availability of the desired name. If the domain is available, you proceed to the registration, or else you need to select one from the recommendations provided by the site or slightly change the searched name.

If you get the desired name try to get a registration for a considerate amount of time say a couple of years. Once the registration expires, you need to renew it, lest it becomes unavailable.


Hosting simply means where the Web Page, that you have come up with, resides on the web. The hosting of the server is one of the most important parts of making a Web Page. Suppose you make a Web Pageand it is not available 24x7x365 then your web host server is probably down hence opt for the hosting service that gives the highest up time.

The hosting service you choose does not have any effect on the web page. These registrants work in a globally unified manner to provide you the available domain and web space.

When you get reach a hosting, or domain registrants website, which are readily available on internet providing you with the domain registration for your web page, you need to take a couple of things in mind while registeration.

Now, you need to understand your webpage requirements i.e. if it requires UNLIMITED Domains, number of personalized Email, and Band-width (required if your page has huge data or downloadable data). Always keep in mind that-“there is no need to build a penthouse if you require a dog house”.

While selecting your hosting package amongst different types and duration of packages choose wisely. Sometimes choosing a very cheap hosting package lands you in a place where you are unable to utilize your web page and its domain’s complete functionality. However you may upgrade or degrade your hosting plans at any time.



Once you have registered your domain name and hosting, some registrants provide you with simple tools for making basic web pages that can provide necessary information and data on the Web Page.

If you wish to make a website that looks professional and with high graphics you will have to understand about different types of websites.


The Web Page are of following types:

  1. Static.
  2. Dynamic.

Static: – The pages that are stationary or remain unchanged at all the instances are called static web page.

Dynamic: – In a dynamic Web Page the content varies from time to time or on user interactions.


These types of pages have minimal graphics. The pages are small, simple and most of them do not even require a database to be integrated. These static pages can also be made with the help of templates provided on the internet, of course you will need to have some knowledge about the different part of the HTML and its BODY and some knowledge of the CSS so that you can properly edit and modify the template up to your requirements.

If you want to make a static web page then you need to have working knowledge of basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). These are the most basic building blocks of a web page. They are the client side scripting languages that directly run on the browser of a computer. If you are a beginner, go for a basic static site and after you gather the feedback and functional necessity that are required in your page, proceed for a dynamic Web Page.


Dynamic web pages are those which have some extreme functionalities like Image galleries, Video playback, changing or moving contents over the screen, several databases integration, user interactions like user registrations and sorting of user preferred contents. These web pages are heavy in design, complex in development and tricky in deployment. You will need to have high web development skills and a professional support if you wish to create a Dynamic or Responsive web page.

To build a Dynamic page you will have to use professional web page development tools, IDE’s or Languages like .Net, php, Ruby, Perl, etc. Apart from this you need to have good knowledge of Databases, their validations, integration skills, privileges and Query languages so that you can integrate it with the web page that you make and provide it with dynamic functionalities. These types of technologies need all round knowledge of the Platforms, Scripting languages, Servers, Databases and Database integration techniques.

If you are a novice and want to develop your own web page, you can take help of some of the web sites available over the internet which provides Drag and Drop functionality where you can easily use the tools provided. You may be required to register yourself and choose a demo template which suites the best to your business or requirements from the predefined templates provided by the website. After the selection user just needs to edit the given fields, copy the required photographs or logo designs, Edit the description sections on various pages, choose from the colors given in the toolbox as per the requirements. You may also insert or remove a few text boxes or control buttons from the toolbox given in the designing section over there. Coding or programming related to those settings will be automatically done by the predefined language architect encoded with the interface. When you are done building your web page, you may also check out the preview of the complete and running web site and decide whether to finalize the page editing or not. After this comes the step of deploying the completed web page over the World Wide Web. For deployment of the web page the user is provided with the name suggestions and hosting packages of development provider. You may choose from the various options and pay according to your comfort and your web site will be hosted in minutes of completion of the development process. However, there are certain limitations of this approach such as limited hosting space, limited bandwidth and access to less emails, also these web sites have mostly static pages and do not provide eye catching flash content or interactive web forms and moving pictures etc., you need to have some extra knowledge for coding such dynamically changing contents. Secondly, they are sometimes hosted with the web page providers name or any promotional name post or pre fixed with users desired web name which seems to be very lengthy to remember and odd to pronounce but still they provide a good service for startup or blogging content as they are totally synchronized with the popular blogging page providers and social networking web sites. But if you are trying to impress your visitors by the graphical content or perform some online merchant or information sharing web page, you are required to have a good CMS (Content Management System) web site with bright features such as flash or Jquery scripts, etc.

Another thing you need to remember while developing a web site providing merchant services is of providing a security tool integrated with the websites shopping cart. Securing the web transactions is the most prioritized task in e-commerce web portals as it is concerned with the pockets of the visitors of web page. These securities can be purchased as a third party application, which are fully functional and ready to use applications and should be integrated with the web site.


For the promotions of web site a user should use the add-ons provided by the SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization) tools and use them to generate traffic towards their web page. Content of the web page should be relevant, to the point and related to the subject. The relative topic should be kept in certain predefined tags of programming language so as to be easily browsed by the search engines. This approach helps the visitors to be regular on the page and increases traffic to the web site.

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