halloween-party-themesHalloween party themes can make your party spooktacular and unique. Party themes also save you time as you can get decorating ideas for your venue and more easily. You can host a party without wondering where to start as Halloween party themes will get you inspired. Guests will also appreciate the fact that they do not have to think too much about their Halloween costumes. Themed parties are awesome as you can throw a party without too much fuss.


That’s why, you should get your family and friends together for a spooky good time. You can set up a party in a heartbeat with my 10 party theme suggestion, so feel free to scroll down to get inspiration for your Halloween party.

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Below are Halloween theme party ideas to make your get together, wedding, or birthday party extra memorable for you and your guests.

1. Dracula Halloween Party Theme

Dracula is a popular Halloween character that is why many people dressed up as a vampire every year. If you want to Host a party, a Dracula theme is a good idea because it is eerie, scary, and creepy, like what a Halloween party should be. Plus, you do not have to spend a lot of time wondering about decoration as you can easily find a lot of items that will scream Dracula’s home. In order to make your Halloween party a success, keep in mind the party ideas to arrange a stress free party at your place.


Halloween party invitations are the first thing you need to get out if you want to spread out the words. Invitations are formal notice of your intention to host a party for your family and friends this Halloween season. For Dracula theme, you should consider a party invitations shaped as bats and made of black stationery or paper. Or an invitation with a party details written on a cape of cheap vampire dolls

To decorate your venue, get a black cloth then drape it to all glass doors and windows to block the sunlight and make the place eerie.

Hang plastic bats from the ceiling upside down. It is also great to hang the bats at different levels like some at eye level and others a bit higher.  A crude coffin made of cardboard boxes is also a wonderful decoration for your place. You can put it near the doorway for a spine chilling effect. There are also party props at Halloween store that you can buy like a severed hand as a table centerpiece.

A Dracula theme party should have a menu that includes bloody drinks and creepy food. For drinks, bloody punch, red wines are perfect while Vanilla ice creams with strawberry syrup just right for desserts. When it comes to the main course, consider serving rare to medium steaks on your Halloween party. Tomato and strawberry juice are suitable for children’s party. And because it is a Dracula theme party, it goes without saying that you will dress up as Count Dracula.

2. Witches and Wizards Halloween Party Theme

Witches and Wizards make Halloween magical and exciting, so why not make it your party theme. This party theme is easy to arrange, and perfect for a Halloween bash or kids birthday party. When hosting a party with a witches and wizards theme, everyone should have a good time, and you can guarantee a fabulous party for your friends and family when decorate your place with Halloween decors like a bubbling cauldron with and logs as well as faux fire placed underneath to create the brewery effect.

To decorate your place without spending much, you can use old jars then filled them with weird stuff such as eyeballs, bats, spiders, etc. You can also place brooms on the front yard, cobweb on the living room, kitchen, and stairways. Skeletons with lights also help make the place spooky, and for the dining table, a skull is just perfect. Consider covering the windows also with black cloth to block sunlight and make the room creepier.

For costumes, male should wear a cape, cloaks, robes, and hoods and put on a long purple hat while female should wear old clothes and shoes, conical hat and body hugging pants. To complete the look, you should use a black lipstick, then green, and blue eyeshadow for the eyebrows.


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3. Harry Potter Halloween Theme

Harry Potter theme is also suitable for a Halloween party with guests from all ages. In other words, if you are hosting a party for the whole family then this theme is perfect. Children who are Harry Potter fans will enjoy the party as they can pretend to be on Hogswarts School.

Harry Potter party theme is a bit challenging to organized but worth it. Anyway, to give you a head start, allow me to suggest a few ideas starting with the invitations. Take note, the best party invitation can be made at home, no doubt about it. For this theme, your invitation should be on a parchment paper.

When it comes to decorating your place, you can start with a signage that says Platform nine and Three Quarters or Hogwarts School, placed at the door entrance. You can also use pumpkins with artificial lighted candles to decorate your hall. For centerpiece idea, a sorting hat decorated with crescent moons, sparkling stars and lightning bolts can make your dinner table cooler. You can also decorate your home by putting glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, signs that say “Herbology Room” on the bathroom door, orange and black welcome streamer near the entrance.

Now, when it comes to the menu, include roasted herb potato, pumpkin soup and tossed green salad. For your Halloween treats, include jellybeans to your bag of treats and also fill the cauldron with chocolate, licorice and candy. You should also consider giving party favors like magic wands or toy broomstick to children.

Boys should dress up as Harry Potter or Ronnie while girls as Hermione. Adults, on the other hand, can dress up as Dumbledore, Ghosts, Dementors, and as other teachers of Hogwarts School.

4. Batman Cave Halloween Theme

Everyone liked Batman, so hosting a party with a Batman themed is also an excellent idea. This party theme is perfect for a kid birthday or Halloween party, also easy to arrange.

Making your Batman Cave party fun and exciting, start with a cool invitation that you can make at home using materials like black construction paper. To decorate your place, buy a low-priced flashlight and tape a paper shaped into a bat on its lens, turn it on and just leave on a safe place, away from children’s reach. The light will serve as a Bat signal. You can also make bats then hang them upside down from the ceiling. Draw a Batmobile, if you have the skill then tape it to one of the walls in the living room or dining area.

For the menu, prepare a drink with green food coloring then freeze them in an ice cube tray. Put the green ice cubes on children’s drinks. If you can bake, cookies shaped into a bat are a perfect treat. Kids will also love a sandwich shaped into a bat, or cat. When it comes to the costume, your family can dress up as Batman, Robin, Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Hush, Riddler, Jason Todd or as Alfred Pennyworth, batman’s butler.

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5. Haunted House Halloween Theme Party

A Haunted House theme for your party is a fantastic idea. In fact, it is an excellent idea especially when you want a spooky Halloween party. This theme just like previously mentioned themed are also easy to organize, you can even turn your home into a ghastly abandoned state without spending a lot.

To turn your home into a haunted house, cover the furniture with white or black cloth. You can also use artificial cobwebs all over the room, then moth eaten curtains on the dinner table for an eerie atmosphere.  Halloween stickers for the windows, stickers with scary shaped and figures holding a knife are great, as well. And to make your house creepier, create several tombstones. Write your guests name on these tombstones and placed them on the front yard. It is also a good idea to put some halloween decors on your back yard too, so everyone would think your place is dangerous and creepy inside and out.

6. Ghouls Halloween Party Theme

Ghouls theme is great for adults and kids party. For this theme, you will need a black tablecloth for your table. Pink plates or paper plates are also wonderful to add color to your place settings. If you can buy skull rings for the napkins, much better if not then just create napkin rings using strips of paper, then glue a rhinestone at the center of each ring.

To decorate your dinner table, create a large skull made of foam then paint it with hot pink paint (acrylic) then placed the painted skull on a planter or flowerpot adorned with oversize rhinestones and ribbon. Wrapping wine bottles with black paper and decorating these bottles with tiny rhinestones crystals can make them more charming.

It is also wonderful to decorate the room with pink and black boas, foam tombstones, cobwebs and other Ghouls party décor that you can buy at the nearest Halloween store. Dressed up as ghouls and asks your guests to wear their best Halloween costumes.

7. Haunted Forest Halloween Theme Party

The month of October is a great time for an outdoor party, so a haunted forest is a cool idea. The cool weather is perfect for an outdoor Halloween party, so round up the kids in your neighborhood for a spooktacular time.

Haunted Forest party theme can be set up with a limited budget as most of the props you will need to decorate your backyard already in your house or your neighbor’s home. That’s right, you can use your old furniture or borrow from friends and family, to turn your backyard into the coolest place on earth.

When it comes to food, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and sticky apples are perfect for children’s party. For costumes, I do not think there is a haunted forest costumes available anywhere yet, so just make your own costume. Same thing with your Halloween invites if you want your party to be perfect, you should consider making your own Halloween invitation so you can highlight the haunted forest theme.

8. Monster Ball Halloween Party Theme

All Children liked monster ball, so it is a fabulous idea to make your next party monstrous. A Halloween party with a monster theme is easy and fun to prepare, also easy on the budget. You see, it is easy to decorate your home with this theme as you can buy monster decors that you can place on the table as centerpiece, monster ball toys for treats and cupcakes decorations.

By the way, you can make cupcake decorating as part of the children’s activities. There are also monster balls printable game cards, streamers and stickers that you can buy online that will give everyone a fun time.

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9. Carnival Halloween Party Theme

Carnival Halloween party theme is great for children’s party. You can set up the carnival mood by organizing fun games such as candy corn bowling, costume contest and other classic carnival games. For decorating your place, spray paint bowling pins with acrylic color paint such as yellow, orange and white then place these pins all over the room to make it lively.

On the porch, place colorful balloons, streamers to welcome guests to your little carnival and pumpkins filled with candy. You should also dress up as a clown so kids can really feel the carnival theme.

10. Carving Pumpkin Halloween Party Theme

Carving Pumpkin theme is a popular Halloween theme for kids. Many parents prefer this theme as kids can have a grand time carving pumpkins and playing classic Halloween games. Decorating the house is also easier as you can use pumpkins and oranges to turn your place into a kid-friendly Halloween venue. Dry leaves, hay, plastic rake, and other decorations that symbolize the harvest season wonderful decorations for a Carving pumpkin party.

Prepare a menu that includes pumpkin tart, pumpkin pie, cookies, cupcakes, and orange juice. By the way, ready carving materials but also ask guests to bring decorations for their pumpkin.

So, that’s it, I hope you are inspired with these Halloween themes. You can use any of these ideas to celebrate Halloween.