halloween-party-invitationsThe scaring season is here! Are you planning to throw a Halloween party? Then it’s time to prepare your Halloween party invitations. It’s the perfect time to scare and have fun with your spookiest Halloween party costumes! Halloween is also a time for decorating your house with the creepy and scariest Halloween decorations.

And to make the Halloween party invitations more interesting and inviting, the wording must be catchy. Depending on the theme of the party, the Halloween invitation wording must be appropriate and suitable. If you’re throwing a Halloween costume party, then a Halloween party invitation wording inviting the guests to wear their best costumes is the perfect choice. Here are more Halloween invitation wording ideas you shouldn’t miss!

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Halloween Invitation Wording Samples

Sample #1

As twilight peeps
As the bats squeak
We’ll throw a costume party
On All Hollow’s Eve
Be there
Alice’s Haunted House
At 7:00 PM
October 29th, 2013
234 Main Street
New York, NY
Dare to miss
And you’ll be ghoulish!

Sample #2

Feel the eerie breeze
As we gather together in creepy dresses
Join us on

Halloween’s Eve Party

Start @ 8:00 PM
456 Central Boulevard


Alice and Friends

Sample #3

Get ready for the spooky night
Be prepared for creeps and frights
As the witches and monsters will be here tonight

You’re Invited to:

Halloween Night

Saturday, October 30th @ 7:00 PM
Sheldon’s Haunted House
1234 Central St

Halloween Party Invitation Wording


Calling all
Witches and Wizards
You’re invited to our
Spooky Halloween Haunt
Friday, October 30th
at 8:00 PM
Alice’ Haunted House
Parkside Residences
With your gHosts:
Alice and Tom
RSVP: xxxxxxx


We welcome ghouls, witches and elves
Let’s shriek together on All Hallows’ eve
So dress your best
See you in the party


The Wizard is calling
For all the witches flying
Daring you to come
And have some fun
For the night full of spooks and frights
Attend to our annual

Wizard’s Call Party

@ 9:00 PM
5679 Central Drive
With your lovely Witches
Alice and Jean

Halloween Invitation Wording Ideas

It’s a grand call on Halloween night
For the assembly of the creatures of fright
Don’t dare to miss this out!


When the clock strikes eight
Let us altogether meet
It’s a party we will never forget
It’ll be a tasty spooky treat!
We’re throwing a Halloween party
At the ________’s haunted mansion
All witches, goblins and vampires will be there
It’ll be the ghostliest party ever.
See you!


When twilight starts to call
Let’s meet for a masquerade ball
Creepy delights await you
We’ll enjoy this Halloween party all night through


Mark your calendar on Halloween night
Wear your spine-chilling look and come at nine
You are invited to this dark revelry
Don’t miss to join this party

Kids Halloween Party Invitation Wording


Be the best monster that you can be
As you dress up for our Halloween party.


You are invited to our gothic inspired Halloween party
Let’s enjoy a spooky night together


Let’s celebrate this Halloween together
On the scariest party ever
You’re invited


This is an invitation to our Halloween masquerade
No mask, no entry.
See you there!


Bats, spiders, witches and goblins
Will be there to join our Halloween celebration
Feel free to hop and fit in
Come in costume my dear friend

Halloween Invitation Wording For Office Parties

It’s our annual Halloween bash!
Gothic inspired costumes will fill the creepy ambiance.
Be there!


It’s a vampire and zombies’ ball
Let’s meet when night starts to call
Dress your best to scare the rest
And see who wins the prize for the creepiest.


Creepy night for a zombie holocaust
Dare to be the scariest zombie in town.
See you!


Dare to go Orange!
Dare to go wild!
Dare to dance to the beat of a great pumpkin party!
Just don’t dare to be absent.

Adult Halloween Invitation Wording

You are hereby invited to a haunting Halloween night
It’s a ball among the creatures of fright
Don’t miss this out!
See you!


You are invited to our upcoming Halloween Costume party
Goodies and great prizes await the best look of the night.
See you there!


We’re bashing a Halloween costume party
So dress your best to scare each other
It would be totally fun!
See you!


Join us on Halloween night
For tasty and creepy delights
However it comes with a sole condition
No costume, no entry
Don’t be late
See you at eight!

Halloween Invitation Wording for Costume Party

Calling all vampires, wizards and witches
This is a party you should not miss
Be sure to be there at exactly nine
Wear your scariest costume of all time.


Join us on the spookiest party ever
On All Hollow’s Eve let’s meet together
It’s a whole night of creepy fun
And wear the spookiest costume in town


This serves as an invitation to a Halloween party
This will be a creepy night as it can be
With masks and costumes you can freely wear
To have fun and not to scare


A wicked party is coming up
On All Hollow’s Eve at eight o’clock
Be on your costume and come on time
It’ll surely be filled with fun!