graduationIt’s time to send out those graduation invitations to the whole clan. Graduations are another rite of passage in the modern society that indicates a new chapter of a person’s life. It’s like a way of saying “you’ve made it!” Of course, because graduations are special, the celebration for this should be as equally memorable. It’s the time to stop worrying about passing a subject or cramming in thesis papers for the particular educational level. It’s the time to worry about something else: the next level. If the celebrant has graduated from high school, then it’s the time to start thinking of a degree. If he has just finished college, then welcome him to the unemployed world. This is also for you, the parent or guardian, who has managed to support the graduate until the very end of the journey.

Graduation celebrations are intended to praise all your hard work, just so your children or sibling or relative can finish an educational level. Not everyone is lucky enough to wear a toga and a graduation cap. Celebrate this moment to the fullest. This is also for you. Happy graduation and congratulations! It’s time to send those graduation invitations.

Graduation Party Invitations

Of course it’s a party; thus, the invitations also have to set the mood.



Usually, these invitations have graduation caps in order establish the impression that someone has from your family or relatives has just garnered a diploma.

Image: Eventfulcards



Some designs also make use of owls. Why owls? Owls are some of the most intelligent bird. They are most of the time associated to wit and sophistication.

Image: Etsy

College Graduation Invitations


Some of the most popular designs of this kind of invitations have images of the celebrant in his or her toga and graduation cap. Typically, these invitations have the more formal abstracts, giving certain elegance for the occasion. It may also be a bit comical – now that you’ve graduated, you are now officially considered as unemployed.


High School Graduation Invitations


In contrary to college graduation invitation, these cluster presents a more youthful and colourful design. Of course, the graduate is usually in his teen years, but the age bracket may still vary. The invitations usually adapts a theme, as if saying, “This is only the beginning. So you think your school teachers were tough? Wait until you meet your college professors.”

Image: Weddinginvitationsatpaperpals

Kindergarten Graduation Invitations


Colourful A-B-C’s are the usual designs for this kind of invitations. Of course, you don’t want a design that’s too dark and abstract because the celebrant is a child.

Image: Delightfulevents

Preschool Graduation Invitations


Because the celebrant is a child, your invitations should be designed for that particular age bracket. Designs that are popular for this type are crayons and safari animals. The font is usually comic sans because this indicates a sense of youthfulness.

Image: Etsy

Funny Graduation Invitations


There are ways to play with the design: some would have caricatures of the celebrant. Some have funny quotations such as “welcome to the world of the unemployed,” or “once a geek, always a geek.” Some can have funny images of the celebrant cramming over homework. This will make the invitation more catchy and the occasion light and fun.

Image: Theinvitationshop

Cheap Graduation Invitations


Here’s a tip: if you don’t want to spend too much on the concrete, you can simply make the invitations on a social networking site and send it from them. By that you can be all so extravagant on the colours and designs because you don’t have to print them.

Image: Flickr



But of course, if you want something that can be touched, smelled and licked, then using photo paper might also do the trick. This is a whole lot cheaper than using special papers with additional designs.

Image: Flickr

Homemade Graduation Invitations

Inevitably, you will also do some manual touches for the invitation so why not just simply do this at home. By that, this will allow you to customize even more.


Most of the popular designs or materials for this will be a picture print of the celebrant, special papers, some lace, ribbons, and special-tip markers – and there you have it, you can make your homemade invitations.

Images: Elegantnest

Photo Graduation Invitations


For this, you could use some photo editors on the internet. There is variety of amazing software that can create a graduation invitation to become picture perfect. The trick here is to focus on making the image look good. Using photo paper is also the best to use in order for the invitation to come out perfect.

Image: Zazzle

Custom Graduation Invitations

There are a couple of applications available on the internet that is specially design to make graduation invitations. In particular, these enable the invitations to become more personalized. Unlike those other applications such as photo invitations and printable invitations, some applications are designed for professional use. If you want to be a little risky for a sharp professional touch, then go ahead and try using the software.

Printable Graduation Invitations


Some of the most popular finds on this are “caps in the air” design and “balloon” printable design. You can find these on the internet. This is another life-saving miracle that can redeem your lack of skills. Don’t get ashamed. It happens.

Image: Uprinting

Free Printable Graduation Invitations

For those who just want to keep the customization job at minimum yet not ready to pay a penny for graduation invitation, free printable invitations for graduation party are the closest choice. Thanks to those websites who are ready to offer you these nice graduation invitation templates ready for printing:

  • GreetingsIsland: Do you want to change the fonts? do you want to insert your own photo or the photo of the graduates? do you want to insert clipart and all? Then, print in the comfort of your home? Then this website may help you with your needs.
  • AmericanGreetings: A little high-end and may sound like a special invitation website. Yes, americangreetings offer their service for some dollars but they also offer freebies. Those are the invitations you may want to try.
  • Parenting: As I was browsing the web, I found some of simple invitation designs for graduation. This may not be the best but they’re free. I hate to say this but oh well, you might get what you paid for, which is basically nothing 🙂
  • Printfree: Here’s another source of free printable graduation invitation templates that you may want to try out.
  • Hooverwebdesign: For different stylish and trendy designs of your graduation announcements and invitations to print, this is the website you may want to refer to.

Law School Graduation Invitations


Justice is blind, truth shall prevail, etc: these are the usual themes of a law school graduation invitation. Of course, we need to point out the obvious. Don’t worry if the designs really implicate a law school because the celebrant deserves this. God only knows the hell she has gone through.

Image: Expressionpaperie

Medical School Graduation Invitations


If you are familiar with the Hippocratic Oath then you could use this as a quote. In addition to this, images of Mercury (God of Medicine in Roman Mythology) are also a prominent design used.

Images: Purpletrail

Nursing Graduation Invitations


The best symbol for this kind of invitation is a medical instrument: injection, syringe, nurse cap, etc. This is to give a crystal ball foreshadowing of what will come next after the graduation – of course, the real thing is about to come.

Images: Purpletrail

Graduation Invitations Wording

Invitations won’t be complete without a bit of quotations that can inspire the guests. This adds a little uniqueness and character to the celebration. This may also give a personification of the celebrant’s personalities. Some wordings dwell on the challenges that the graduate has undergone in order to arrive at a concluding toga.

1. We’re painting the town red!
Congratulations to
______Sarah Base________
On her Graduation Day!
Let’s celebrate with Sarah and her family

Date: _________

2. The long wait is over
Success is just around the corner
______Sarah Base________
Is Graduating on DATE

Thanksgiving party will follow

3. Happy Graduation Day!
______Sarah Base________

Join us in this great victory.
You are invited to the family’s
Thanksgiving Party

4. Congratulations Class of 2013!
We’re overjoyed to announce
Sara Base’s Graduation

5. Please join us in celebration of
Sara Base’s Graduation

Date: _________

Thank you all those years of prayers and support.

6. We, as proud parents of
______Sarah Base____
Would like to invite you to our
Celebration of my daughter’s milestone

Please be there!

Date: _________

7. It’s an evening of thanksgiving
As we give God the glory
In blessing our daughter
______Sarah Base____
She is Graduating on
Date: _________

So please join us @ Time

8. Congratulations to our daughter
______Sarah Base____
For marching on DATE

It’s truly a father on her cap and ours as well.

Join us in a night of thanksgiving and celebration.

9. We’re throwing a graduation party for
______Sarah Base____

She will be receiving her diploma in
B.S ________________

Feel free to come!
It’s an open house celebration.

10. After years of burning midnight candles
She is finally marching with flying colors

______Sarah Base____
Graduation party

You are gladly invited.

11. We’re grateful for such an achievement
Congratulations to our daughter,
______Sarah Base____

For this reason, we are throwing a graduation party for her.
It’s a night of dancing and thanksgiving!

12. Our daughter, ______Sarah Base____
Is bidding adieu to her high school life

We’re holding a graduation party for her
As our means of expressing our warmest congratulations for her

See you there!

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