birthday-gift-for-friendGiving gifts to your boyfriend is probably one of the greatest moments in your relationship and gives every girlfriend an excitement. However, not all have the list of gift ideas for boyfriend in their mind. Sometimes, they simply don’t know what to get for the love of their life. This is where girlfriends are having anxiety about.

Every girlfriend wants to give the best for their boyfriend. There’s no doubt about that. In all occasions, be it birthday, Christmas, anniversary, and especially Valentine’s day, girlfriends want to make sure that boyfriends will love the gift they have for him. So if you are one of the lost soul who still doesn’t know what to give to their boyfriend on his special day, this might help you. Here I list down some of the best and great gift ideas for him – your boyfriend!

Cute Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

Thump his heart by showing some love with these heart-shaped cupcakes. You can either bake your own (show off your baking skills) or just buy readymade ones from your nearest bakeshop. Just make sure that the presentation is as romantic and cute as it should be. A love note will make it even more special.

Image: Sixsistersstuff

  • Love Diary

Show him how much you love him by making this cute love present. Customize your diary by sticking some photos of you and him together. Write down your endless and romantic memories you had with him. You can also add some love quotes and sayings.

  • Personalized Keychain

This is quite popular these days. In fact, many online sellers offer couple keychain that allow the couple to customize their stuff. Put both names in the keychain. A short love message is also nice.

Image: Etsy

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Christmas Hampers for Him

This is one of the best gift ideas for your boyfriend in Christmas especially if you have a lot of stuff your want to give to him in mind. Rather than being confused, why don’t you just gather them all together and set it up in a hamper.

Image: Foodhampers-direct

  • Shaving Set


If you choose to be romantic, yet practical get something that he really needs. And the safest choice is shaving set. You can add a love note, saying how much you think of him.

  • As Sweet as Chocolate

For those who are on a tight budget, try to remember his favorite treats – the chocolate! Keep in mind that even remembering his favorite chocolate bar or sweets is a sign that you care enough to remember what he likes! Just add a little ribbon and card, and then present it to him with a sweet kiss!

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Gift Basket for Him

Are you confused on what to give to him on his birthday? Don’t worry, you don’t have to hassle yourself too much. You can get a gift basket for him featuring the stuff he loves. Make sure you know what he really likes and choose from there.

  • Blanket / Bed sheet


Let him feel your warmth,,, errr the warmth during the cold nights with this cute yet romantic gift ideas for him – a blanket. If he’s into sports, you can choose a design depending on the sports he likes. For an instance, a blanket or bedsheet with cars would be great if he is a NASCAR fanatic.

Image: Giftsforyounow

  • Movie Date

If you’re on a budget, a movie date at home is an affordable gift to give! Pick a DVD or CD of his a movie he’d like to see, add a pack of microwaveable popcorn, and throw in his favorite chocolates or food and presto! Wrap it up in cellophane and give it to him.

Valentine ’s Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Scrapbook

Capture the moments and put it all together with a creative scrapbook. This is one of the best Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend. Gather some of his pictures and picture of you and him together, the stuff your shared, etc and compile them.

Image: Recreationxleisure

  • Alphabet Book

Complete the alphabet of romance by writing the memories you shared with him, having the starting letter corresponds the sequence of the alphabet. This can be: A day to remember… this is the day we met.. B – Be careful with my heart… this is the day I let him handle my heart.

Image: Etsy

  • A Year of Kisses


For the boyfriend with the sweet tooth, you can choose to give him a small gift box with a year’s worth of Kisses! Attach a Valentine’s day card with a note with explanation that for this year, he gets a Kiss each day from you. This gift is also perfect if you and your boyfriend are in a long-distance relationship. You can also order customized kisses with your picture on the bottom or with a different message.

Image: Gabriela Delworth Designs

  • A Year of Loving You


Another perfect idea for long-distance couples, this gift just needs cue cards (you can get them in a pack of 101 or 365), a pen, and your imagination. On each of the cue cards, write a reason why you love him. Punch a hole and then bind them with a ribbon. You can place this in a gift box. On the cover, write an explanation or a title so that he’ll know what he’s inside.

Image: Keylimedigitaldesigns

  • Balloon Message Box

Surprise him with a box filled with balloon and love notes inside of them.

Image: Choosecraftiness

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Love Collage

Put you and your boyfriend’s photos together and create a collage of romance. You can frame it up or use as background image for your card or scrapbook.

Image: Pinterest

  • A Day of Pampering

Why not show some love by pampering your dear. Treat him to a relaxing foot spa and scrub. A home service pedicure can be an additional treat.

  • A Game Treat


For those who have a boyfriend having a favorite team in sports like football or basketball, treating him a game ticket, or go with him can be a nice gift. You may check online for inexpensive tickets for the event.

  • Couple Jewelry


This is another popular and trendy gifts for your boyfriend. Get him a couple ring or necklace that both of you can have. It can have your names on it or with “his” and “hers” words.

Image: Etsy

Creative Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Love Coupon Book

Be creative and romantic with these love coupons. This gift ideas for him works for him and for you as well. You can make your own coupons or print some templates from the web. Some samples are: Day of loving”, “Get one kiss”, “Get one hug for free”, etc.

Image: Pinklemonadecrafts

  • Customized Calendars

Let him know that every day is his “loving him” day. Create a calendar, having some touch and knick-knacks of you. Photos, love quotes, love notes and tags for each special date of your relationship with him can be special elements of your calendar.

Image: Thedatingdivas

  • Love Note Puzzle

Here’s one of the great gift ideas for boyfriend. Make him solve a puzzle to be able to read your message for him. There are readymade ones, but you can always create your own.

  • DVD/CD Mix

CD mix for boyfriend
Mix a CD or DVD collection of his favorite bands or singer. This works well especially if he’s really into music and you know what genre or singers he wants. Be creative by making your own CD or DVD cover, how about a picture of you together?

Image: Freepeople

Romantic Gift ideas for Boyfriend

  • A Romantic Dinner

If you both have tight schedules, then you can spend Valentines out on a romantic dinner date at a special or sentimental restaurant! Look online for discount deals or get a gift certificate from that restaurant. You can put this in a nice card or an envelope that will tell him how much you are looking forward to spending another special moment with him.

  • Captured Moments

If your boyfriend is a shutterbug, why not choose your favorite picture of both of you and have it framed? It would make a great accent for his room or house. If he’s not into frames, you can also collect pictures and collate them in a scrapbook.

Image: Personalizationmall

  • Spa Massage Treat

Massaging him by yourself is such a romantic gesture, but if you want to make it more precious and make sure that he will receive the best treat, you can always treat him a day of spa massage treatment in any local spa center. You two can go together and have pampering together.

Couple Shirts

Aside from jewelry, another romantic gift idea for your boyfriend is couple shirt. Both of you can have gift for each other.

Image: 365inlove

Graduation Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Gift Box

Gift boxes may sound a little feminine, but trust us, once you fill it up with his favorite chocolates and novelty items; he’ll never look at gift boxes the same again! Head to your local dollar store to find little gift boxes that suit his taste and are affordable. If you know he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, and then choose items which match his hobbies and interests. Then toss in your card and wrap it up in cellophane to make it look presentable.

  • Watches

This is the best and proven gifts for him in any special occasion. Know what kind of watch and brands he most likely wear. You can also casually ask him what brand he wants for watches and decide on that.

  • Necktie

Your boyfriend is ready to face the corporate world. Support him and show some love by giving what he needs. A pair of corporate necktie will do the wonder.

  • Shades

Keep him cool guy with style with these shades. It is actually double standard. You can protect his eye while making him a good-looking guy.

Homemade Gift ideas for Boyfriend

  • Love Letter in a Bottle

Pour your heart and express your love for him by writing a love letter. Add some romantic elements by putting the love letter inside a bottle.

Image: Gettingpersonalblog

  • Love Notes in the Jar

Grab some notes and write every sentence you want to say to him in each note. Put them all together in a jar. Heart-shaped notes are recommended.

Image: MyVintageCreative

  • Handmade Card

This is probably the most traditional boyfriend’s gift ideas but its effect never change. Your boyfriend will surely love the thoughts and care enveloped in the card.

Cool Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Gizmos

Do you have gadget-lover boyfriend? Well, who wouldn’t want a new and latest gizmos and gadgets anyway? This is the best choice for those girlfriends trying to give the best for their boyfriends.

  • Leather Stuff

This can be leather bags, belts, wallets or shoes. This is a stylish, yet practical gift idea for your boyfriend.

  • For the Athlete

If your boyfriend is into sports, then head to the nearest sports shop or gym equipment store to choose a gift that he’s sure to like. You can purchase anything from sports memorabilia to fitness tools. Online is a great way to find things too. If your budget and time permit, you can also get him two tickets to a sporting event or place.

  • Practicality for Him

For the boyfriend who likes to keep it practical, you can get him something he needs! It could be a new bag, an appliance, or products! Just add a little bit of sweetness in the package: fill the box or the gift with his favorite goodies and a card. It may sound cliché, but for the boyfriend who needs a little material lovin’, practical gifts will be well-appreciated.

At the end of the day, always keep in mind that it is the thought that counts. It is all too easy to get excited when it comes to special occasion, just don’t forget the real meaning of it! Whatever gift you choose to get him, make sure he gets the message that this is only one of the many ways you can show how much you love him.