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Frozen Birthday Party Ideas



27 Frozen Birthday Party Ideas  – Image Courtesy –

You can now throw a fabulous themed birthday party, irrespective of the time of the year the occasion falls, with the frozen theme. Frozen, necessarily, doesn’t mean everything needs to be served cold. It is also about the visual appeal of the entire environments. Be it the invitations, décor, costumes, or food, you now have access to some of the best frozen birthday party ideas with us.

Catch up with some wonderful frozen party ideas to celebrate this special moment of life right here.

The Must Try Frozen Party Decorations

1. Frozen Wreath

This one from is a great way to add beauty to your indoor birthday party decorations. Just look at the way it has been hung on the door… It looks simple, but fabulous. You can use your own creativity to come up a teal and white wreath as well…

Frozen Party Wreath
Frozen Party Decorations – Wreath –


2. Frozen Party Wall Decors

Wow! The perfect adornments for a princess party, it just adds beauty to the entire scenario. Just look at the way the lights are glittering there on the wall, adding more dazzle to the occasion.

Frozen Party Wall Decorations
Frozen Party Decoartions For The Wall –


3. Frozen Party Soaps

This is a cute idea and can double up as your frozen party giveaway. The star shaped soaps look more like frosted sugar cookies… Cool!

Frozen party Soaps
Frozen Party Giveaways – Soaps –


Party Invites

4. Frozen Princess Birthday Party Invitation

Let your near and dear ones have fun filled time at the birthday party of your princess. Just make sure that you collect enough of these printables, just in case you run out of a few or you tamper one or two by mistake.

Frozen Princess Birthday Party Invitation
Frozen Birthday Party Ideas – Princess Birthday Invitations –


5. Snowman Frozen Birthday Party Invite

Snowman Olaf is the highlight of any frozen party. From decorations to costumes to snacks and cakes, they will be omnipresent. Include them in your invites also to ensure that you are emphasizing on the theme of the occasion.

Snowman Frozen Birthday Party Invitation
Frozen Birthday Party Invitation With Snowman –


6. Frozen Boys Party Invitations

Boys too can have frozen themed birthdays. This party invitation is one that you can use for you young chap who is celebrating his special day. Olaf with reindeer – fabulous combo!

Boys Frozen Birthday Party Invitation
Frozen Birthday Party Invitation – For Boys –


Frozen Birthday Party Costume Ideas

7. Frozen Elsa Princess Dress

Your little girl will turn into a charming princess as soon as she steps into this Princess Frock from Pair it up with a teal or blue stone aligned tiara to give her that regal look.

Frozen Elsa Princess Dress
Frozen Birthday Costume – Princess Dress –


8. Olaf Inspired Birthday Dress

Olaf is here too. And, this one that I have picked up from ebay looks so cute. Made in white, this is definitely sure to make your princess look more beautiful.

Olaf Inspired Birthday Dress
Frozen Party Birthday Dress – Olaf Printed Birthday Costume –


9. Disney Frozen Birthday Dress

Transform your daughter into that fabulous princess character from her favorite fairy tales with this stunning Disney themed birthday dress.

Disney Frozen Birthday Dress
Frozen Birthday Party Costume Ideas – Disney Inspired Dress –


Frozen Party Food Ideas

10. Frozen Confetti Popcorn

The classic snack gets a complete makeover with this confetti popcorn recipe from that ideally fits into your theme. You can use the sprinkles you love, but the blue and white ones would be the perfect pick for this occasion.

Frozen Confetti Popcorn
Frozen Party Food Ideas – Confetti Popcorn –


11. Frozen Snowball Pops

Marshmallows dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated with white sprinkles – that is what these snowball pops are all about. You can use a little blue sprinkles as well to zest up the visual appeal of these mouthwatering frozen party food.

Frozen Snowball Pops
Frozen Snowball Pops –


12. Frozen Sugar Cookies

Give your classic sugar cookies a dashing transformation by frosting them with a teal hued icing. Use the simplest recipe available; the one you are comfortable with would be the best bet. Ensure that the cookies are thoroughly cooled before your start frosting those to avoid mishaps.

Frozen Sugar Cookies
Sugar Cookies For Frozen Birthday Party –


13. Frozen Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie cereals and marshmallows – who don’t love these comfort foods? And, when you get them fused into a tasty delight, who would deny to relish them? Try these fabulous, yet quite easy to put together frozen party treats.

Frozen Rice Krispie Treats
Frozen Rice Krispie Treats –


14. Olaf Noses

Carrots are not just good for your health; they make excellent party snacks too. Pick the most tender carrots, preferably the baby ones, glaze them with honey and freeze them. Serve them with a cold mayonnaise dip to zest up the occasion.

Olaf Noses
Frozen Birthday Party Ideas – Olaf Noses With Carrots –


15. Frozen Ice Jell O Cubes

Jell O is an all time party favorite. You can now mould them into ice cubes by transferring the mixture into your ice tray. Want to have more fun with Jell o? Try using ice trays where the cubes have cute shapes. You get countless variants in market and make sure you are using a blue or teal hue to remain faithful to the occasion and theme.

Frozen Ice Jell O
Jello O Ice Cubes For Frozen Party –


16. Frozen Pretzel Wands

Pretzels dipped in hot chocolate – wow! I just love them. So do the kids. Make these fairy wands and dip them in hot chocolate. Arrange them on aluminum foils and allow to freeze before your serve them with additional chocolate dip. Your little guests are sure to pester you with demands for more and more.

Frozen Pretzel Wands
Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas – Pretzel Wands –


17. Frozen Frosted Cupcakes

Any cupcake base will do. The idea is to make these delicacies in sync with our frozen theme. You can bake angel cupcakes and frost them with buttercream that has few drops of blue food color added to it. Alternatively stick to your favorite chocolate cupcake. Arrange them in white cupcake liner adorned with blue polka dots. Frost with a blue hued buttercream or royal icing.

Frozen Frosted Cupcakes
Frosted Cupcakes For Frozen Birthday Party –


18. Snowball Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallows, marshmallows, and marshmallows…. Nothing could replace these chewy, yummy bites. A glance at these pops fill your mouth with water! So just think about the taste… Lovely! You ought to try this. It is a sure hit among kids and adults alike.

Snowball Marshmallow Pops
Frozen Birthday Food Ideas – Snowball Marshmallow Pops –


19. Frozen Donuts

Warm donuts drizzled with caramel or chocolate syrup is delicious. And, what if the donuts are frozen? Will they taste good? Yes, of course. They will. Frost the donuts will generous amounts of buttercream and then allow the delight to freeze. Just take out 10 minute before serving so that the original softness of the golden delicacy is not lost due to freezing.

Frozen Donuts
Frozen Birthday Party Sweet Treats – Frozen Doughnuts –


20. Frozen Pellets

Freeze your favorite M & Ms, the blue ones. Dip them in a simple sugar solution and dust with a little sugar… Freeze again… Your pellets are ready. This would be my way. Just take at these gumballs that have been put across in The process is different but tastes fab. No wonder they have been included in the frozen party food ideas.

Frozen Party ideas Gumballs
Frozen Party Food Ideas – Frozen gumballs –


21. Snowman String Cheese

Cheese is a healthy snack. Make it more appealing to the kids by adorning it like the Olaf, the snowman. You can use semisweet chocolate chips to give Olaf his nose, eyes, and mouth. Here it looks like the author has used chocolate sauce to make up the eyes and mouth. He looks so cute, doesn’t he? Drooling? Try yourself right away…

Snowman String Cheese
Frozen Birthday Party Snacks – Disney Snowman String Cheese –


22. Frozen Snowball Treats

The author has used marshmallows. I would say make a coconut laddu and roll it coconut flakes, half of them colored with blue food coloring. It is simple and would be definitely a new way of treating your taste buds with a sweet. You need 2 cups desiccated coconut, ½ cup kept aside for rolling, and 1 cup condensed milk for this. Toast the desiccated coconut and mix in condensed milk to the roasted flakes. Keep mixing till you feel that the mixture starts turning into a ball. Allow to turn warm and shape into balls. Roll in the colored and plain coconut flakes, freeze for 10 minutes, and serve.

Frozen Snowball Treats
Disney Frozen Party Food Ideas – Coconut Snowballs –


23. Frozen Seven Snacks Mix

Snack mixes come in various forms. This one is a mixture of seven different snacks that have been put together keeping in mind the Disney frozen party theme.

Frozen Snack Mix
Frozen Snack Mix –


24. Frozen Birthday Party Hot Chocolate Fondue 

What is a frozen party without a sizzling hot chocolate fondue? Make sure you are keeping loads of nuts, fresh fruits, and cookies as well beside this fondue as this is going to be in much demand. Keep cheese as well as other crackers and snacks that you feel will go well with the fondue.

Chocolate Fondue
Hot Chocolate Fountain For Frozen Birthday Party –


Frozen Birthday Party Cake Ideas

25. Frozen Castle Cake

The base is a 10 inch cake. While the mini chocolate frosted donuts have been deployed to cover the towers of the castle, the top towers have made use of waffle cones and ice cream cones that were dipped in melted candies. Candy melts have been used in preparing the snowflakes as well. A beauty castle birthday cake ideal to celebrate this moment of happiness of your princess…

Frozen Castle Cake
Frozen Party Birthday Cake – Castle Cake –


26. Olaf and Seven Frozen Birthday Cake

This is a gorgeous cake ideal for your handsome young chap. Look at the reindeer… The poor thing has slipped and fell down. The designer has done a marvelous job by adorning the snowman stare at the fallen deer with utmost trustingly genuine surprising expression… Cute! What do you feel?

Olaf and Seven Frozen Birthday Cake
Frozen Birthday Cake Ideas – Olaf And Seven Birthday Cake –


27. Frozen Princess Cake

Princess cake for the little, sweet cutie pie who is celebrating her birthday…There are thousands of tutorials on the Internet that will guide you through the step by step process of putting together a Barbie Princess cake. If you are sure you can do it the right way, then go ahead. Or else, call up your favorite baker and ask her to make it for your little darling.

Frozen Princess Cake
Frozen Birthday Party Barbie Cake –


These are some of the fabulously elegant frozen birthday party ideas that are sure to win hearts. What is your call when it comes to such a party theme? Do you have any special ideas to add more fun to the entire party? Share with us…

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