How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Fathers-Day-WallpapersFather’s Day is just a few days away. Some of you have probably planned out a special treat for their dads. While some are already prepare, some are still looking for ideas on how to celebrate this special occasion with one of the most precious persons in their life – their DAD. Though not as sentimental as mom, Dads will also like to feel appreciated and loved once in a while. After all, they deserve it. So, throwing a treat for them on this special day is something they deserve.

There are many ways to celebrate Father’s Day and there are so many ways to make everything on this occasion very memorable. Here are the possible activities you can do to celebrate Father’s Day:

Pamper him on this day.


  • Allow him to have enough sleep and rest.
  • Cook his favorite dishes.
  • Prepare a breakfast in bed for him.
  • If he is tired from work, offer a massage for him. Together with your siblings, the more the merrier the massage will be.


Go out with him.

  • Visit places like the zoo, the Ocean Park, beach, etc…
  • Joyride with him around the city.
  • Make use of the time to go to an eating place where your father loves to eat.
  • You can watch the latest movie with him or with the whole family to enjoy every ounce of the moment.
  • You can go to church together and attend the mass.
  • If there’s an activity in your community, go and ask you father to join with you. It will be fun plus you can also help. It could be a cleaning project for your town or any activity.

Plan a barbeque party.

  • Invite the other member of the family to come and celebrate with you.
  • Gather round your family’s favorite food to put in the grill.
  • Allow your father to take a rest and let someone do the grilling. Or you can do it yourself.
  • Don’t forget the red wine or any drinks that your father likes.

Go to a sport event.

  • Daddy’s are into sport. Whether it’s basketball, football or boxing.
  • Enjoy the snacks together while watching the players.
  • If he is into golf, take him there and play the golf together.
  • If there is a sport athlete in town you can go with your father and watch the athlete’s show.

Go to the cinema.

  • Take the whole family and watch the latest family movie.
  • Try the movie you all can enjoy.

Do the housework.

  • If your father has something to fix in your house, don’t let him do it.

Just volunteer on doing it with the other members and let your father relax.

  • Help around the house and find something you can do. It will be a relaxing day for your father if you volunteer to do anything to help. Remember to do it all the time not just because it is Father’s Day.
  • You can wash the dishes, do the laundry, clean the backyard and feed your pets (if you have).

Go to the beach.

  • Enjoy the relaxing fresh air by the sea with your father.
  • Take your siblings and enjoy the wave and fresh air.
  • Eat your foods there and talk anything you and your family can laugh at. It will be a great help to each and everyone’s emotional feeling to laugh and enjoy with their loved ones.

Take him to an eating place.

  • Locate your father’s favorite eating place and make a reservation.
  • Take him there with paid expenses and let him enjoy the food.
  • Tell him it’s your time to take him out and let him enjoy, because when you were kid your father was the one who took you to different fast food chains and make you happy seeing those mascots. Now this is your time to change the cards, pamper your father and give him the affection.

Give him your attention.

  • Don’t let other things take over your bond.
  • Stop looking at your phone.
  • Refrain from texting every minute.
  • As what I’ve said, give your full attention to him. Listen to his stories and what he has got to say.
  • Share opinions and point of views. Talking will help the both of you to develop the bonding this Father’s Day.

 Make an effort to please him.

  • Avoid fighting with your siblings to achieve a peaceful environment in your house.
  • Let your father choose his favorite TV channel.
  • Help your mother with the household chores.
  • Clean the surroundings.

Sincere toast for your father.

  • Whether it’s a wine or a local beer, offer your father a genuine toast for the celebration.

Sing with him.

  • Celebrate this day by singing his favorite songs together.
  • Whether it is an old country song that you have no idea how to sing, just go with it and show him that you are enjoying, because you surely will!

Tell him you love him.

  • Make your dad feel extra loved by telling him you love him and you’re proud of him. Include a kiss and a hug. Nothing compares to this, make him feel special and that you appreciate everything he does.

Ask him what does he like doing.

  • If you’re not really sure what to do, go and ask him. Maybe he has something on his mind to celebrate Father’s Day.

Go check the internet with him.

  • You can invite your father to see your Facebook account. If he is not familiar with site and he has no account on it. It’ll be a great way of having a bond.
  • You can check out the web for funny videos and stuffs.
  • Check the news together and exchange personal opinions and point of views. It will be refreshing.
  • There is also the sport website where you can show you father, regarding what’s the latest standing of the NBA, or the next fight of Manny Pacquiao. Things like that will spice up Father’s Day like you are just two best of friends.
  • Also show him your Facebook friends for he might be interested knowing what sort of things you do there and what your friends look like. It’s not awkward but you are opening yourself to your father.

Plan a sport game.

  • You and your father, as well as your siblings can play a game to celebrate Father’s Day. It could be a friendly basketball game or a badminton game so your sisters can play, too!
  • Use the lawn and play hide and seek. Your father can play with you if you ask him to. He will grant it and join you and your siblings play it. He will have a great time because he is playing with his children.

Use the family’s entertainment room.

  • I have given you the idea of going out and watch a movie in the cinema but if you guys want something more practical, you can use your entertainment room and get your latest/all-time favorite Blu-Ray disc and watch a movie.
  • You can also prepare foods you can eat while watching. It will be a fun moment to the entire family.

Invite your father to cook in the kitchen

  • If you can see your father is still energetic as ever, go invite him to cook in the kitchen with you.
  • You can cook each other’s favorite dish and help out each other cooking.
  • After that, you can clean the mess together. That’ll be a cool way of having fun together.

Get your camera and take pictures together

  • Fathers can really be camera shy, but you change that. Get your camera and take pictures of your father with the whole family.
  • You can choose from it to make a slideshow and show it to your father. It will be a great collection of memorable moments.

Talk to him sincerely

  • End the day with a sincere talk to your father.
  • Tell him how you appreciate everything and he is the best father ever.

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