A wedding invite is the first glimpse of your wedding for your guests. The invitees can anticipate and imagine the kind of celebration they should look forward to by the look and feel of the wedding invitations. Though most of the people go for printed and ready-to-distribute options from the market, handmade wedding invites are also very popular. It not only adds a personal touch to the invitation, you creativity can also help you save a fortune that you’d otherwise spend on designing and printing of your invites. So, if you are a creative bug and really want to impress your guests, here are DIY wedding invitation ideas for you to choose from:

DIY Wedding Invites That Your Guests Will Love

Vintage Invites


One can never go wrong with a little bit of retro fun. Extend an invitation to your near and dear ones covered in these fabulous lacy vintage envelope and watch them get floored. These are very easy to make, (find tutorial here) and aren’t much time taking as well!

Instagram inspired stickers


Calling all the social media butterflies. If you and your partner-to-be are famous for being a social media savvy couple, these invites would reflect your personality like none other would. Take inspiration from Instagram date scrolls to mark your D-day on the invitation and send your profile picture sticker for your guests to use as a calendar marker. What a great way to blend the online world with the offline one, right?

Good Old Laser Cut


A laser lace cut adds a little bit of opulence to your wedding invitation. With a little help from the web and using your creativity, you can make your simple wedding invitations look really fancy and expensive. You can even look for faux laser cut ideas available online and make your invite a non-boring one.

This Box full of LOVE


What can be a better way to invite people to your special day than a box full of your own loving memories. Make strings of your favorite photographs and get their rear side to serve as information leaflets for your wedding. Put these in a tiny little tin/cardboard box and there, you have yourself a wonderful DIY wedding invitation with a personal touch.

Personal Boarding passes


Get your guests on board as you set foot into a journey of a lifetime. These personal boarding passes add a very creative touch to your wedding and are also very easy to design. Printable templates are available online or you can even ask a friend to help you with these. Send them out on a passport cover for that authentic feel and watch your guests get floored with the idea.

Imprint your Love


Your love is the one thing that you should never stop flaunting. Especially when it is on your wedding invite. This beautiful DIY not only shows your love to one another but also puts it on paper in the cutest little way. Announce your wedding date with your thumbprints making a heart. You can take this a step further and get it engraved in paper or on wood just to seal the deal!

Say it with pictures


A funny yet creative DIY invitation idea, you just need lots of pictures of you and your bae for this one. This one does not need any individual efforts and you can make as many copies of these as you want. All you’ve got to do is to hold placards of your wedding info while you get clicked and get your expression game on point!

Tie the Knot (Literally!)


This is the cutest of the lot and the easiest to make. All you’ve got to do is to tie a hidden knot within your invite for your guests to see once they open it. Print your invitation card in a double fold format. Fold it in half to punch two pin holes at either side. Insert a thread/yarn from one side and tie a loose knot in the middle. Take the thread out from the other side and saral the end with a knot. Voila! You have a cute little invitation for your cute little wedding.

Written in Gold


If you are looking for an extra wow factor in your wedding invites then this is the one you should go for. With very basic supplies and printable templates from the web, you can put out invites that are fancy and simple both at the same time. Use the Gold foil printing technique to make your invites a tad bit more special. Find the tutorial here and begin writing your wedding history on GOLDEN LETTERS!

One for the Font Lovers


Write your invitation in a combination of various fonts for a rustic feel. You can experiment with a lout of bold, regular and italics combination to make it look like a test font text. Also, getting them printed on matt finished tan paper would a fun way to add a more rustic feel to it.

Chalkboard Love


Present your childhood love to the world with a chalkboard style wedding invite. Though there are printable templates available on the web but we suggest you DIY for a personal touch. Use letter-mates to write in white crayons on matt black sheets to give it a real chalkboard feel. Lightly blow-dry these using a hair dryer to seal the wax on paper and make it last longer. Using a letter mate will give the letters a printed feel and the trick will be appreciated by your guests too.



A modern illustrative feel to the good old wedding invites. It is not the invites that are important here but the way these are wrapped to be sent out. Make graphical illustrations of some of your best moments together and print them in random order on a bright coloured sheet. Cut hexagons of these sheets to wrap your wedding info, programme and reply cards into one. You can even use a wax seal to seal this DIY envelope shut.

Quill it Up!


Willing is one of the most artsy forms of decorating something in a delicate manner. Use the art of quilling to beautify your simple looking wedding invites and give them a 3D look and feel. You can even combine these with a few other elements like rhinestones and lace to give your invitation a very regal and royal look.

Wedding Attire shaped invites


Your wedding dresses can be a perfect way to announce the beginning of your life together. All you have to do is to cut out shapes of your wedding dresses on hard paper and add other elements like bow-ties and boudoirs to it. This will give a minimalistic touch to your otherwise fancy wedding and your guests won’t forget to praise you on your efforts. You can either paste a printed sheet of information inside or use the easy letter-mate’s trick to give it a professional finish.

For the Potterheads!


This one is a personal favorite. This can be your chance to give your romance a magical beginning! All you have to do is to make use of old newspapers and transform them into the Daily Prophet! You can either find printable templates online or if you are creative enough, create one yourself with newspaper cuttings! You can even have one in the form of the official admission letter from Hogwarts and make all your guests sooooper jealous!

Choose from these funny, fancy and creative invitation ideas and get working. You can even experiment with these using your own creative juices to add your personalised twists and turns to them. Just don’t forget to let us know how they turned out to be!

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