CARNIVAL GLORYIn the busy world of rat-race, we have grown the new interest of going on cruise rides to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. Even quite a few days ago, Cruise tours were restricted only to the people with ‘thick-wallets’ from the ‘upper-class’ and ‘stylish’ world. But now-a-days, cruise tours have become a common attraction among the general people. Now not only the Westerns, but also the Asians are going on cruise trips to enjoy their New Year’s recreation.

Cruise Liner services: the new gig 

Modern-day cruise liners have advanced a lot in the catering style. A lot of them offer five-star restaurants, ball room, spa, and other recreational and sports activities.

Cruise services offer a number of packages for the ones willing to take a trip on board a cruise. This includes full-fledged five-day trips as well as trips which are as short as 4 to 5 hours in the New Year’s Eve.

The cruise services’ most attractive property is the party setting inside the cruise. In the New Year’s Eve, countless people hope to take part in a party where they can dance, drink and interact with other people, and the Cruise is one of the best ways to do that. Naturally, this pulls countless numbers of party-lovers from all over the world who love to enjoy their time in the Cruise in the enjoyable environment. Most Cruises offer several theme parties which they gear up with fireworks and other stuffs.

Searching for the perfect places for Cruise trip? 

If you are one those people who are planning to go on a Cruise trip but not sure where you want to go, I can propose the best places where you can perfectly enjoy your luxurious Cruise time.

Sydney, Australia

oceania_nautica_sydneyBeing the leading location in the world for the most popular Cruise tours, the Sydney Harbor Bridge attracts tourists from various parts of the world in various ways. The scintillating fireworks in a night-environment can give you a total out-of-the-world feeling, which is totally worth the visit.


Hong Kong


Consisting mostly of rural areas, this country has become one of the most famous cruise touring countries of the world. Trust me; the view from the Cruise can be a hypnotizing one. You will regret it if you don’t go visit Hong Kong.


As in everything else, the USA is also very much into the Cruise-catering competition. Boston Harbor and New York are only two of the places where a great mass of tourist gather every year.




The Isles of Hawaii are one of the most popular attractions for people who want a tropical feeling in the New Year.


Do your planning first!


Done with all the planning? Are you ready to set out on a Cruise trip? Wait now, you have the booking left. You have to make this decision carefully as there are a lot opportunities. And the more the opportunities, the more ways open up to waste them.


  • Make sure you know whom you go to the trip with. Is it your family? Or just friends? Or that special someone who has a special place in your heart? Make your choice according to this. It’s very important for the trip to become worth it.


  • Allocate your budget carefully. You should look at as many offers as you like and choose the best one suited to you.


  • Need any further info? Why don’t you try the Internet! There are a lot of people out there to help you to make your New Year’s Cruise enjoyable.


  • Think of the pros and cons and what type of cruise you actually need. And remember to fix out the time.


  • If you are done with these, you are ready to start off! Enjoy your New Year Trip in the lap of Mother Nature!