Sometime after we celebrate the New Year of 2015, another New Year will be celebrated. Usually falling on late January or February, the Chinese New Year, the end and start of a lunar year is another special day to celebrate. Even the non-Chinese people join to celebrate the holiday.


Celebrating the Chinese New Year is filled with so much festivities and happenings. The holiday is known for its dragon and lion dance, lanterns, firecrackers and food that are served for special reasons. Everything becomes so lively and joyful—the best way to celebrate a New Year. Also, the Chinese follow a string of traditions that they believe to fill their New Year with prosperity, peace and happiness.

The Chinese New Year is also filled with joyous greetings. Everyone exchanges gifts and wishes for a lucky and successful year to come. Here are some of the greetings and wishes that one can give to friends this Chinese New Year. Don’t forget to say “Gong Xi Fa Cai”!

Happy Chinese New Year Wishes

Chinese New Year wishes, Chinese New year wishes messages


I wish that this year of the Horse will be the best year for you
Soaring greater heights and going to distant lands
Conquering every battles and challenges that may arise
I long to see greater victories in your life
Gong Xi Fa Cai

Another year has passed
Another new year to greet
Another dream to come true
Another memory to keep
May blessings abound your life this year.
Happy Chinese New Year!

May this year of the Horse be a…
A year of successes
A year of bountiful harvests
A year of opened doors for opportunities
A year of laughter and happiness
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

All my wish to you, my friend
Is your success and happiness!
May this New Year also bring you
Peace of the mind and no stress.
Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
New opportunities…
New victories…
New chapters…
New beginnings…
Happy Chinese New Year!

New Year Wishes in Chinese

Here are some of the most commonly use new year greetings in Chinese:


金玉滿堂 Jīnyùmǎntáng – “May your wealth [gold and jade] come to fill a hall”
大展鴻圖 Dàzhǎnhóngtú – “May you realize your ambitions”
迎春接福 Yíngchúnjiēfú – “Greet the New Year and encounter happiness”
萬事如意 Wànshìrúyì – “May all your wishes be fulfilled”
吉慶有餘 Jíqìngyǒuyú – “May your happiness be without limit”
竹報平安 Zhúbàopíng’ān – “May you hear [in a letter] that all is well”
一本萬利 Yīběnwànlì – “May a small investment bring ten-thousandfold profits”
福壽雙全 Fúshòushuāngquán – “May your happiness and longevity be complete”
招財進寶 Zhāocáijìnbǎo – “When wealth is acquired, precious objects follow”

Source: Wikipedia

Happy Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese New Year greetings messages, Chinese new year greetings wishes

I wish you an abundance
Of blessings and prosperity
That you and your family
Throughout the year
Will live happily!

This coming year of the Horse,
My greatest wish for you
Is to succeed in whatever path you chose.
Happy New Year!

May the strength of the Horse
Be bestowed upon you,
So that you will overcome
Any problem that’ll come to you.

I wish you happiness
That comes from within,
The best of luck
To keep you pushing,
And peace
In all days of this New Year.

Of all the gifts
I can give to you,
I present you prayers
Of peace, serenity,
As well as luck and prosperity.

May your family be blessed
With so much happiness.
May your New Year be
Filled with love and worry less.

Chinese New Year Wishes in English

Chinese new year greetings phrases, Chinese new year greetings words


May you be filled with strength
To endure all the tests
And I hope that in this race
You will win with so much happiness!

This New Year, I wish
You and your family
Peace, harmony
Success and prosperity.
Happy New Year!

I wish you happiness
To keep you laughing,
Good health
To keep you going,
And of course
Success and happiness!

This New Year, my friend
I can give you encouragement
To go on and push
To endure and carry on
And in the end, your success!

May your heart be filled
This coming New Year,
With overflowing joy.
And may you be blessed
With good health and safety
So all days, you can enjoy!

Hope the Year of the Horse
Smile unto you,
And bring you peace and good health
Wherever you go.

Happy Chinese New Year Quotes

Chinese new year wishes quotes, Chinese new year wishes sms


Prayers and wishes
Are all I can give this New Year.
But I want you to know
I wish you all the best!

The hardworking are granted
With what they wanted
So I wish you this New Year,
Good health and prosperity to come!

As the old year ends,
And the new year starts,
I wish you another round
Of peace and happiness-filled hearts!

We wish you all the luck
The best of luck and good health
So that whatever endeavor you take
You will always get success!

I wish you my good friend,
This Year of the Horse
Strength and good health,
Peace and happiness
And all the best wishes.

May the Horse
Bring you this year,
To your destination and goals
With much speed.
And may you be granted
With strength and might
So that this New Year will be bright!

This New Year we wish your family
Will be together all the time,
Never encounter problems
And be showered with love
And gifts from above.

Chinese New Year Messages

Happy Chinese new year messages wishes, Chinese new year card wording


This New Year I pray
Nothing will bring you dismay.
All I want for you
Is to be happy and joyous,
Blessed and successful!

May all the time and the work
You will spend this year
Bear fruit that will be sweet
And bear happiness from within!

Wishing you all the best
All the good luck to bring you success,
All the joy and happiness.
Happy New Year!

This Year of the Horse
I wish to bring you good fortune.
Even if you take any course,
Any path in life that you choose,
You will worry less and there will only be success!

Accept our greetings
Of this joyous New Year!
May your life be free of worry and fear;
Instead, may you have happiness,
Good health and success all year!

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