Get ready to make your boyfriend’s birthday a special one. Express your most romantic and sweetest birthday messages for your boyfriend. His birthday is the perfect day to show him your love and appreciation. Shower your boyfriend with love and affection and make his birthday the best one he will ever have! Here are some sweet birthday greetings and wishes that you can use.


Boyfriend Birthday Wishes and Messages

To the most beautiful boy that’s my boyfriend, happy birthday.

Complain all you want but I’m making you a little fat today because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday!

I’m you beer tonight with your boys, your dad and me. I’m pretty sure you’d love that. Happy birthday honey.

I’m glad to be the girl who’s beside you and helping you make your dreams come true. Happy birthday.

It was never easy with our relationship but I’m thankful that we both decided to keep at it even when all the odds didn’t add up. Happy birthday.

You never fail to assure me that all will be fine. Happy birthday my ever sweet darling.

I wouldn’t doubt it when I say that I’m the luckiest girlfriend in the world. Happy birthday my love.

You never fail to be so sweet, loving and kind and so today, let’s take some time out to make sure that you’ll have a great birthday. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend


I have always said that I will only love chocolates. Then I met you and a lot a change for the better. Happy birthday darling.

To the greatest boyfriend in the world, happy birthday!

You never fail to amaze me with all your wise words, gentleness and love. Happy birthday boyfriend.

For that guy who has always been so patient, kind and understanding how a girlfriend is, happy birthday.

When you’re done for everything that you have to do today, I’ll be at my place waiting with your birthday gift from me. Come prepared for a long night. Happy birthday.

Let me be the first to start your wonderful day with this greeting, happy birthday. From your girlfriend.

I thought that fairy tales didn’t exist until you really did come as a knight in shining armor except that it was raining and you were all muddy when I first met you. Haha. Happy birthday.

Romantic Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend


We don’t need to spend on anything just to celebrate today; I’m a happy girlfriend to just be with you on your birthday. Happy birthday.

How about a wager since you like gambling a lot. If I win, you’ll prepare dinner. If you win, I’ll make you dinner and have you as my desert. Game? Happy birthday!

I’m a naughty girlfriend who’s happy to have a naughty boyfriend who’s willing to celebrate his birthday today doing naughty things. Happy naughty birthday baby.

I may never have all the money in the world to get all the things we want but we’ll always have each other to give all the love. Happy birthday boyfriend.


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