Teachers are an essential part of our lives. They have the most hectic jobs in a world where they not only put in all their energy and knowledge for teaching us reading, writing and arithmetic but they put in their heart and soul to make us a better human being for future. They are the ones after our parents who have always wished that we’d do something good in life and that wish is selfless. They help us discover who we are and what motivates us and they channel all of their power and sources to make us more thoughtful and productive members of the society we live in.

Teachers belong to that part of society who are really passionate about their profession. Their whole and sole job is to give out every finest bit of knowledge if they have to their students without demanding anything in return. They make sure that every student in their class gets an equal share of opportunity in life. Basically, they train us for the life that’s going to crush us in the future. One of the best qualities that a student can adapt from the teacher is their ability to adapt themselves to any situations. They are flexible and adaptable. Let’s be honest and remember that no one knows what might happen in future, similarly when a teacher goes for her/his lecture, they might never know what is going to happen in the class. All they have is their knowledge and focus on the fact that they are there for something; to teach their students. They have the ability to make the best out of the time they might have lost for some reason or other.

They have this weird quality of being unique and clever thinking. Guess that is why they teach us and we don’t right? Every student has a different set of mind and a different approach towards a situation, so reaching in the middle ground takes a very clever person’s mind; Teacher. So when it’s their birthday, don’t you think they deserve a lot more than Happy Birthday Sir/Mam? I mean that is the least we could do but a card would sound special right? It’s never “only” a card when it is made or given with a sincere thought of appreciation and gratitude. The cards which are handmade especially with love and respect boosts up the support and sense of gratitude for the person you’re making it for.

We came up with some really cool birthday card ideas for teacher

Birthday Card Ideas for Teacher

Superhero Teacher Card:

Our teachers are just like our superheroes right? So gift her a superhero card on her/his birthday to let them know that you don’t need Superman, Ironman or any kind of superhero because you have your Teacher to teach you the best things about life. You can sneak up a chocolate as well to surprise her.


2.Pencil-Shaped Card

Teacher and stationary go hand in hand. Making your teacher a card in the cut out of a pencil would be something really cool and funky. It can be printed as well but giving it your own touch would be highly appreciated.

3.Handprint Flower Card


Nothing is more personalized than dipping your cute little hands in the pool of colors and then printing them on a piece of paper in the form of the flower. Teachers have always known to be the second parents so show them so love by telling them how much you have grown under their guidance and trust me this will make them happier than ever.


4.The stack of books Card

Teachers and books are the combinations that no one can ever rule out. They are basically synonymous with learning and books. Cutting or making them a card of a stack of books with a little appreciation quote would serve as the best birthday card ever.



5.Fancy thank you Card

If you want to go a little fancy, we’ve got you covered, chose a card and then a fancy layer that would stick above your card. Use the layer to stick above your card, that would make it look fancy. Then add an embellishment to enhance the beauty of the card. You can either gift your teacher a single one of this or maybe make a pack of these and tie them and write a beautiful quote for your teacher. This fancy card never fails to make the person smile.




6.Candle Birthday Card

Birthdays and candles! Going a little over the top but super subtle is this candle birthday card. You can stick up three candles in the front of the card and above them stick a star or a heart. It would look like a birthday cake’s top. Write a birthday message for the teacher you love, look up to and appreciate the most and give this candle birthday card to her/him.




7.Big Heart Card

What’s a birthday without a heart? Simple and effective. You can draw heart-shaped patterns on the card and color them. Write a beautiful message for your teacher and let them smile and make up for all those days you make them angry.



  1. Stamped solid letters card

You can get Happy Birthday stamped as solid shapes and then blacken their outlines. Color the alphabets with distressed ink for a more brighter and whimsical effect of the card. You can also add colored Rhine-stones for fun.




  1. Creative calculator card:

So if your math teacher is celebrating her/his birthday wouldn’t it be cool to gift her a calculator card? Cut out small black circles just like the ones we see on a calculator which has numbers. In a whole you’ll have 12 circles and in 9 write you rock and the rest three would have +,- and =. Cut a grey slip just like the one in calculator which shows our answer and write your teacher’s name. Cut a heart out and a grey circle for a button ON! Well, I personally think this would a way better card for your math teacher than any.




  1. Periodic Table card:

This unique and funny chemistry birthday card is made using the periodic table elements. Te, Ac, H, Er. You can also add up some fun statement explaining the meaning of the element TeAcHEr: a good conductor of energy [Te], it’s a process cannot be studied without the required level of accuracy [Ac], It can react spontaneously and is explosive when concentrated [H], is slightly soft but also firm, and radiates light [Er].





  1. Teacher Card

Expansion of the TEACHER is always the classic birthday card for your teacher.

T- Tender

E- Empathetic

A- Admirable

C- Caring

H- Honest

R- Respectable

Write this on a fancy card and wish your beloved teacher a very happy birthday.