Christmas-Decorating-Ideas-3Another holiday season is on the way. Now our minds are focussed and most of us have started count down for holiday. School kids are counting weeks, to start the vocation and waiting for that day to through their books last time in this year. Some people are looking for best holiday destinations for Christmas. Others are looking for best christmas decorations so that they can spread the Christmas spirit.

As an Hindu boy my childhood Christmas decorations memories are visiting the local church to see the little jesus in crib and going in night to see the christmas lights. There was an orphanage attached to that church, and some inmates were my class mates. They used to show me all decorations and explain all the crib items.


Now I know that, the time will go on its own way. For a little boy Christmas decorations is something to go along with his parents and see in how many houses the Christmas has come. For him decorating the house means “Christmas has come to that house”. For a teen it is something he has to do, to show to his friends. For a youth it is something that will give an atmosphere for his Christmas party were he can drink and dance. For a Dad or mum Christmas decorations is a responsibility, to make their little ones happy. For a grand father it is something to enjoy and pass the time, yes they enjoy their grand children decorating the house.

And I thought I will also help you to get some christmas decorations idea. Please go through the below photos, I have collected from internet. I have provided source so that you can visit them, buy them or discuss about the christmas decorations directly

star christmas decorations


classy christmas decorations



red and gold christmas decorations


Stunning Christmas Porch Decorations



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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