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Company Letterhead, Logo, and Address                                    

Reference:                                                                                           Date:


Name and Address of Selected Candidate


Dear Mr. / Ms. (Name)


Welcome to (Company Name)


We are pleased to appoint you as (designation) with us.

We are happy to have you as part of our efficient team. We expect that your potential skills would provide a valuable contribution to us and our clients. Your appointment as (designation) will be effective from (date).

Initial Basic Salary and Allowances

As (designation), your starting salary will be (amount) per month. Apart from the basic salary, you will be eligible for (type of allowances, such as housing allowance, traveling expenses, entertainment allowances, cost of living allowances, medical expenses, etc.) per month. You will be receiving your salary by the (date) of every month. The company has the right to increase your salary and allowances as per company policy

Probation and Confirmation

You will be on probation for a period of (weeks or months). We will conduct regular performance review during this period to assess your suitability and performance. Your continuation of employment with us will be based on your successful completion of this probationary period. If we are satisfied with your performance at the end of this probation period, you will be confirmed in your employment with us. This appointment can be terminated by either of us by giving (weeks or months) notice in writing or by the payment of (weeks or months) salary in lieu of such notice. The company has the right to fix your salary at the time of confirmation.

Duties and Responsibilities

You will be performing all the necessary duties as well as responsibilities related to your designated position at any division, section, or department of our company to the best of your abilities. You will be stationed at (place).

Working Hours

Your working hours will be (starting time) to (ending time) from (day) to (day). Weekly holiday(s) will be (day/s). Lunch hours will be between (time) and (time). The company reserves all the rights to change the above working hours and days.

Holidays and Leave Policy

You will be entitled for the approved holidays notified by the company and you will also be entitled to (number of days) per (month or year) as additional leave. You should inform us in advance about your additional leave as and when you wish to avail it. You will also be eligible for casual leave of (day or days) every month.


The company reserves the right to transfer you to any place where it has offices. You will be given adequate notice in advance with information on joining time and you will be eligible for traveling expenses as per company rules on transfer of employees.


The company has the right to promote you to any designation at its discretion and the company will decide your salary and allowances at the time of promotion.

Provident Fund, Pension, Gratuity, and Insurance

These facilities will be based on individual company policy.

The company is a participant of provident fund. Your contribution to PF will be (%) of your basic salary per month and company contribution will be (%) of your basic salary per month. You will be eligible for a gratuity of (amount or % of annual salary for number of years in employment) and a pension of (amount or % of salary at the time of retirement) per month until your death. You will have to participate in the insurance policy of the company and your contribution will be (%) of your monthly basic salary and company contribution will be (%) of the basic monthly salary.

Company Rules and Regulations

You shall, at all times, offer your complete skills and devotion to the company affairs. You must always endeavor to promote the interests of the company to your utmost capability.

You shall not make your services available to any other organization or undertaking, which can interfere with or considered as conflicting to the performance of the duties allotted to you, unless the company specifically permits you in writing for engaging in such activities.

You shall not disclose or make use of any confidential information related to the company to any other organization, undertaking or any individual during your service and after the termination of your service.

You shall obey with all reasonable orders or instructions given to you by the company and its authorized agents. You shall comply with all these orders and instructions and also observe all the rules and regulations in force at present or the ones that the company can formulate from time to time.

Termination and Resignation

The company has the right to terminate your services any time after the confirmation of your services by issuing a notice of (months) in writing or payment of salary of (months) in lieu of notice. You can also resign from the company after giving a notice of (months) in writing or payment of salary of (months) in lieu of notice.

Notwithstanding the above condition, the company holds the right to terminate your employment any time without any notice, compensation, or other indemnities, if

  1.         i.            You are found guilty of negligence, misconduct or dishonesty in the performance of the duties allotted to you
  2.       ii.            You are found to have committed any serious breach of your duties, responsibilities, and other obligations to the company
  3.     iii.            You are found to have received any illegal monetary benefits, gratuities, or other types of rewards, either in cash or in kind, from any other third party


You will retire from your present employment when you reach the age of (years).

If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you, you shall sign the duplicate copy of this appointment letter appended herewith and confirm in writing that you shall be joining the company on the given date. This appointment letter will lapse automatically if we do not receive the duly signed duplicate copy of this letter by (date).

We look forward to working with you.

Yours sincerely,


(Name, Designation, Company Name or Seal)

All the Best for your new Job


Appointment letter format -2

Company Name and Address


Reference No.:                                                                                                Date:


Dear Mr. / Miss / Mrs. / Ms. (Name)


Hearty congratulations!


We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for appointment as (designation) at (section/division/department/company) and your assigned place of working will be (place). We expect significant contribution from you to the company.


The position of this offer entitles you to a basic salary of (amount) per month and benefits of (types of benefits and amounts). You will have to report to (name and title of reporting person) on (date) at (hour). This position is permanent subject to a probation period of (weeks/months). Your working hours will be (starting and ending time) during all weekdays. Weekly holiday/s will be (day/s). You will be entitled for leave as per company policy, which will be provided to you at the time of joining.


You will abide by all the rules and regulations of the company and you will carry out all the duties or responsibilities assigned to you with utmost sincerity. You will not disclose or share with any other third party any confidential information or data of the company. You will not receive anything in cash or kind from others without the consent of the company. Such activities will result in immediate termination of your service with or without any compensation as decided by the company.


The company can terminate you after giving due notice of (months) or by paying you (amount) in lieu of termination notice. However, if you have been found to have violated any rules and regulations of the company or found to have acted against the interests of the company, the company can terminate you without any notice or due compensation. You can also submit your resignation with due notice of (months) or pay (amount) in lieu of such notice.


The company can transfer you to any place where it feels your services will be required. Your future promotion, remuneration, and retirement will be at the sole discretion of the company. You will be provided with full details of the various rules and regulations of the company at the time of joining and you are expected to abide by them comprehensively.


Kindly sign the copy of this letter if you accept the above terms and conditions and return it to the company on or before (date).


Yours sincerely,


(Signature, name, position, or seal)




I accept the above offer.


_____________ (Signature) _____________ (Name) _____________ (Date)


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