Halloween is by far the best time to go crazy, weird and fun all at the same time. This is why kids love this day the most and grown-ups just can’t seem to get it out of their system. Halloween is supposed to be scary—and at times it is just that. But there are times, Halloween is just the sweetest, most delicious day enjoyed by family and friends.

Witch Fingers Pretzels


The perfect prop for wannabe ghouls and zombies. Looks disgusting but the taste is nothing magical.

Recipe from: About.com

Halloween Marshmallow Pops


A Halloween treat you need to make so that trick or treaters just lean more on the “treat” part.

Recipe from: mybakingaddiction.com

Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats


Scary is the new cute, at least during Halloween. Just like this guy, he’s too cute not to munch on.

Recipe from: bigbearswife.com

Halloween Brownie Cupcakes


In just one glance, this mouth-watering chocolatey treat will have you under its spell.

Recipe from: twosisterscrafting.com

Halloween Pumpkin Pops


This is one treat that will make the kids stay in  one place for at least the next ten minutes with its combination of sweetness and crunchiness.

Recipe from: sweetsugarbelle.com

Chocolate Dipped Candy Corn Treats


Let the kids and kids-at-heart dads nibble on this treat and you’re sure to be the best mom this Halloween.

Recipe from: pintsizedtreasures.com

White Chocolate Mummy Pretzels


These are the kinds of mummies kids wouldn’t even think of running away from.

Recipe from: letsdishrecipes.com

Chocolate Coffin Brownie Bites


The spirit of Halloween in one bite—it can only get better with two or three or four more bites.

Recipe from: kellystilwell.com

Witch Hat Cookies


After munching the whole treat, it’s perfectly normal when you start hearing a lady laughing in a high-pitched voice—that’s mom casting a spell on you.

Recipe from: bettycrocker.com

Poison Toffee Apples for Halloween


Even if the name is super suggestive, this is toffee apple—nothing can go wrong with a toffee apple right?

Recipe from: simply-delicious-food.com

Ghost Meringues


Halloween is the one time when everything that should be scary becomes adorable—and these little ghosts are the perfect example.

Recipe from: smartschoolhouse.com

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups


Play tricks on everyone with treat and make them think if this actually something a normal person can eat.

Recipe from: icanteachmychild.com

Freaky Eyeball Cake Pops


Play up you playfulness card this Halloween with this treat that will make everyone’s eyes open wide.

Recipe from: bakerella.com

Halloween Sugar Cookie Cake


The only way to counter the scare fest that Halloween brings is making sweet treats that brighten up anyone’s day.

Recipe from: lilluna.com

Candy Corn Jello


If guilty pleasures you’d want to confess shamelessly over and over again took form, this Halloween treat can probably fall under that category.

Recipe from: cincyshopper.com

Frankenstein Cupcakes


Big scary guys can turn a full 180 degrees if just make the necessary sweet and chocolatey tweaks here and there.

Recipe from: yourcupofcake.com

Halloween Oreo Cake Bars


As long as it has Oreo in it, it’s bound to be an amazing delight for the kids, the entire family and the cute little ghouls and witches that will roam the streets come Halloween night.

Recipe from: idigpinterest.com

Candy Corn Milkshakes


When your cute little monsters need to quickly recharge, this is the perfect concoction to do the trick.

Recipe from: karaspartyideas.com

Monster Rice Krispies Treats


Get your kid’s eyes glued on these colorful and yummy rice krispies that will bring up their Halloween mode to a higher level.

Recipe from: people.com

Graveyard Pudding Halloween Treat


This is the one graveyard kids will not be scared to come to—how can they even stay away from all that chocolate, candies and yummy pudding.

Recipe from: vanessashafferdesigns.com

Halloween Pretzels


With all the elements of Halloween present in one desserts table, how can your mischief night not end with sweet and lovely memories.

Recipe from: themondaybox.com

Strawberry Ghosts


Some ghosts are scary. Some ghosts are mean. But these ghost just want you have a wonderful trick-or-treat this Halloween.

Recipe from: blog.candiquik.com

Halloween Mini Bat Treats


Fill your kid’s tummy with these cute flying tasty and crafty treats that they’ll be asking for even after Halloween.

Recipe from: chelseasmessyapron.com

Gummy Worms in Dirt Pudding Cups


Be the ultimate tricksters this Halloween and pull of this chocolate pudding and cookie crumbs turned dirt patch complete with colorful squiggly worms.

Recipe from: ohnuts.com

Spider-web Cake


Impress the quest and try to make them think if this one is an actual cake you’ve baked just moments ago.

Recipe from: livforcake.com

Halloween Bundt Cake


With the funky color theme of this sweet delight, no Halloween can never be sad or scary.

Recipe from: lovebakesgoodcakes.com

Spooky Marshmallow Web Cupcake


This small treat gives off some kind of classy air that will still leave you craving for more just one bite.

Recipe from: handmadecharlotte.com

Dipped Scarecrow Halloween Cupcake

Cupcake with witch's legs

The spirit of Halloween has a funny bone too, you just have to bake it into a cupcake with green buttercream frosting.

Recipe from: Pinterest.com

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