30th Birthday Wishes

 30 years of age is a time when a person is no more very young, nor can be termed as ‘aged’ or even middle-aged. This is the age normally when a person becomes much matured towards his/her responsibilities in workplace, for family and friends, as well as for the society. The complications of life also start increasing from around this time only and the color of the relations with the people often change too at this age.


So 30th birthday is usually considered important in the life of a person as it is a start of new phase; though each birthday brings new colors and joy to the life. In this birthday, one feels very nice to receive birthday wishes from the friends and well-wishers who sincerely want further progress in the life of this birthday boy/girl. Hence you should send sweet and friendly messages wishing a Happy Birthday to your dear person whom you know to be turning precious 30 years old.

General birthday wishes

Wow!! Now you have reached the mature thirties’!!
So wish you very Happy Birthday and best wishes for your life ahead……

After crossing three decades of precious time now you are 30!!!
Please accept my heartiest wishes for a grand Birthday with all happiness and fun!!!!

Cannot believe that the baby of as if yesterday,
has today tuned into a grown-up of 30 years,
really time flies!!!!!! Wish you very Happy Birthday at your 30th birthday with all my blessings and best wishes for you!!!

At the age of 30 you are now stepping into the shoes of your parents,
so wish you very Happy Birthday,
with a peaceful and responsible life ahead,
full of joy!!!!!!!!

Though today you have turned 30,
it does not mean you cannot have fun anymore!!
So wish you a very fun-filled Happy Birthday,
today and on all your coming birthdays………..

Let’s forget your current age of 30 years for this day and enjoy just like your childhood or teenage life…… Wish you a great Happy Birthday with loads of enjoyment,
so that you always remember the day you turned 30!!!!!!

30 years of hard work and diligence have earned you the position you are in now.
On your 30th Happy Birthday wish you more success and achievements in life!!!!

30th Birthday is a great time to celebrate with all who love you,
me being amongst them of course!!
Wish you a memorable Happy Birthday for turning into 30 years so graciously!!!!!!!

Congratulations for stepping into a more disciplined and organized life at the age of 30!!!!!!
Hence let me wish you very Happy Birthday with a more matured tone!!

Heartfelt wishes to a friend who has turned 30!

May all your dreams come true that you have seen these last 30 years for yourself and hope your future dreams will be fulfilled as well………. Happy Birthday dear!!!!!

Do not think that at reaching 30 you are growing older,
you are just stepping forward to a more sensible age of 40 years.
So wish many more happy returns of this blissful day in your life,
leading to a riper age!!!!!!

Hope this 30 years of age will be a turning point in your life and life will start afresh for a better future……. Happy 30th Birthday to you!!!!!!!

Increase of a year of your age does not turn you older;
it makes you more experienced and wise.
At 30th birthday you are far more experienced than most of your juniors,
so wish you to gather more experience till your coming birthdays…..
Happy Birthday at wise 30 years of age!!!!!

Say Good bye to the immature 20s and welcome the disciplined 30s!!
At your 30th Happy Birthday wish you much difference in life than your younger past,
for building up the bright future of your life.

Wish you a fabulously Happy 30th Birthday with all fame,
riches and love that you can hope for in your coming life,
leading to 40s, 50s and so on…………….

At a mature age of 30, your mind gets more controlled by yourself.
So wish you a more matured Happy Birthday with a self-disciplined mind all through your upcoming life…………..

30th year wishes to your best buddy

Upon reaching 30th birthday so successfully,
let me congratulate you and wish you a healthy and prosperous life ahead…….
But have a rocking Happy Birthday today!!!!!!

Welcome to the wise club of 30s!!
On your 30th birthday wish you amazingly happy time today and always………..

No one will mind about your age, they will see only your achievements and your heart as well. So let’s welcome your 30th Birthday with best grandeur and excitement!!!!!!!

30th Birthday has turned you only 30 times cleverer in life. Hence never be put off about growing age, as it only makes you more intelligent in life….. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Be your 30th birthday be as special and joyful as your first one, may each day of your life brings new happiness for you and your near ones!! Wish you a greatly joyous Birthday!!!!!

Welcome to the 30 wishes

30th birthday calls for special party, for completing three whole decades of time!!!! So wishing you a very lovely Birthday today with blast of great happiness!!!!!!

Being 30 means you are walking towards more successful and meaningful life………. So enjoy and make each second of your 30th Happy Birthday more meaningful!!!!!!

At 30 you are more independent than ever, after all you are a responsible adult now. So enjoy your newly achieved independence at your 30th Happy Birthday, but more wisely than before!!!!!!!

30s is the age when one can reach out and fulfill all ambitions, with own house, car and money……… So like to wish you a highly prosperous life ahead on your 30th Happy Birthday!!!!

Wish you a healthy life on your 30th Birthday, as this is the age to be most fit and perform all duties brilliantly!!!

May your 30th Birthday be as special and happy as the rest of 364 days of the year. Hope each day of your life will be filled with the happiness that you want to share with others too!!!!

Wish you a far better and improved life starting from today – your 30th Birthday and may it be happy in true sense!!!!!!!


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