Bedroom is one such place of our house where we relax, enjoy leisure time and sleep. It is very important that we take proper care of our bedroom and decorate it accordingly. In this post, I am going to discuss the best bedroom decorating ideas. You can steal these ideas in order to beautify your bedroom. Check out the best bedroom decorating ideas below:

Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

1- Floral Theme Idea

floral theme idea

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If you love floral patterns then this idea will be just perfect for your master bedroom. Go for pink colored floral printed bedding set and matching curtains. Put a flower vase on your bed side-table in order to add more freshness in your room. The light colored wall and other items will enhance the beauty of the room.

2- Luxurious Master bedroom

luxurious master bedroom

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Live life king size! Try decorating your master bedroom in a luxurious way. Go for everything in the shade of cream and golden. The vintage style furniture pieces, big fluffy bedding set and fur carpet- all of these things will surely make your bedroom look luxurious.

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

3- Bedroom in White

bedroom in white

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Who said small bedroom can’t be stylish? Check out this amazing small bedroom that looks stylish and spacious. You can decorate your small bedroom in light colors like white or cream in order to make it look spacious. Go for wall mounted shelves and wardrobes to save space.

4- Beautiful small bedroom

beautiful small bedroom

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This is yet another elegant and beautiful small bedroom decorating idea. Having bed shifted alongside walls with wall mounted book shelf can make your small bedroom more spacious. Choose light colors to decorate it. Light colored wallpaper and beddings make beautify the look of your small bedroom.

DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

5- Festive Theme Bedroom

festive theme bedroom

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It is not important that you call for an interior designer to decorate your bedroom in order to beautify it. You can do it yourself. Look at this stunning bedroom that has been decorated with light in order to add festive essence to it. You cover the walls with your photographs and collages that will personalize the look of the bedroom.

6- Illuminated bedroom

illuminated bedroom

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This is yet another beautiful DIY bedroom decorating idea. All you need to do is to add decorative lights to the headboard of your bed. This mood-lighting helps in creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. You can switch on these lights in the evening and night; this will make your bedroom look more romantic and exotic.

Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

7- Simple Teen Bedroom

 simple teen bedroom

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If you have a teenager at your home and you are looking for some teen bedroom decorating ideas, then you must consider this one. It is simple yet stylish teen bedroom. Teens love bold and bright colors. Keep the colors of the walls light but the furniture and other items of bright colors. This gives an energetic feeling which will surely provide a positive energy to the teenager living in that bedroom.

8- Pink And Black Teen Bedroom Idea

pink and black teen bedroom idea

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The combination of pink and black is bold and beautiful. If you choose this combination to decorate your teen’s bedroom, you are surely going to win lots of appreciation. There is another pattern which ought to be followed. It is the combination of dots and zebra stripes. You should try implementing these unique teen bedroom decorating ideas in order to enhance the beauty of your teen’s bedroom.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget:

9- Chalkboard Wall in Bedroom

chalkboard wall in bedroom

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Decorating your bedroom in a budget cannot be an easy job. But with little creativity and innovation you can give a very stylish look to your plain and boring bedroom. In order to make this chalkboard wall, you can paint your entire wall using chalkboard paint and you are ready to go!! Pick up your favorite colored chalk and write your favorite song, quote or scribble a painting or anything you like. The best part of this idea is you can erase when you think the design is getting old and try making or writing something new.

10- Books To Decorate Bedroom

books to decorate bedroom

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If you have a huge collection of books then you should not waste your money in buying decorative items to decorate your bedroom. Use your books to decorate your bedroom. Build a wall mounted open book shelf and put your books on display. If possible, wrap your books using beautiful wrapping papers that are easily available in the stationary shops. This will prevent your books from dirt and will also make them look more beautiful.

Girls bedroom Decorating Ideas:

11- Light Colored Girl Bedroom

light color girl bedroom


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Girls love light floral colors. The baby pink, baby blue, olive and cream are some of the most loved colors by girls. You can take this idea to decorate girl’s bedroom. Polka dots and floral prints always work for girls. You can choose light colored furniture pieces to team it up with the theme of the room, in order to make it look more girly.

12- Princess Theme Bedroom

princess theme bedroom


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Girls love to be treated as a princess. Princess theme is a theme that always works for girls. You can choose princess style bed, curtains, mirror, side table, lamp etc. in order to implement this idea. Light purple colored walls will complete the look of the room.

Boys Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

13- Rustic Bedroom For Boys

rustic bedroom for boys

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Boys love to live in the rustic rough and tough style. The rustic decorating ideas always work for boys. You can simply pick up the rustic style furniture and other decorative pieces to decorate the room of a boy in your home. The wooden headboard with a badge of your boy’s favorite sports team will surely make the room look more stunning.

14- Baseball Bedroom For Boys

baseball bedroom for boys

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Is your boy a baseball lover? If yes, then this idea is surely going to take his breath away. You can transform his simple bedroom into a baseball oriented room that has a wall of baseball, his favorite team’s merchandises used for decorative, baseball theme bedding etc.

Blue Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

15- Light Blue Bedroom Decorating Idea

light blue bedroom decorating idea

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The color blue has a very calm and soothing effect. It automatically soothes our mind and lifts it up. You can decorate your bedroom in blue color that will not only make it look stylish but will also help in creating a peaceful environment. Look at this beautiful light blue bedroom; it has a wall which is painted in lightest blue color, and a light blue vintage chandelier. The combination of white with light blue is making this bedroom look quite and peaceful.

16- Blue Floored Bedroom

blue floored bedroom

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Not only walls, but even the color of the floor can also change the look for your bedroom. If you are looking for an idea that can change the theme color of your bedroom to blue without getting your walls re-painted, then go for this idea. All you need to do is to place a floor carpet of blue color in your bedroom and your blue bedroom is ready. You can replace your old bedding set with something that has blue in it in order to team up with the blue theme of your bedroom.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

17- Red Romantic Bedroom

red romantic bedroom

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Red is the color that defines love and romance perfectly. If you get your bedroom decorated in red, it will automatically look romantic. Even if you keep your bedroom décor simple, by just adding red colored quilts, curtains and cushions you can turn it into a romantic bedroom from a simple one.

18- Vintage Style Romantic Bedroom

vintage style romantic bedroom

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Vintage theme always looks romantic if you add some pink and red colors to it. You must get inspired from this beautifully romantic vintage style bedroom. The idea is to add vintage furniture along with fresh indoor plants. The pink colored walls are enhancing the look of this bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

19- Elegant Guest Bedroom

elegant guest bedroom


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Are you looking for an elegant guest bedroom decorating idea? Then this one is just perfect for you. The color combination of this guest bedroom is willingly kept neutral. This is important because firstly different guests have different choices, some may like pink while other may like blue. If you choose a particular color to decorate your guest room, it might end up in spoiling the mood of your guest. The main idea is to keep the décor and colors in neutral which can suit all types of guests.

20- Beautiful Guest Bedroom

beautiful guest bedroom

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The guest bedroom should be neat and clean. It should have limited furniture and décor items. You can take this idea to decorate the guest bedroom in your house. Keep the color scheme simple in the combination of cream and white. Simple wooden furniture is making this room look more beautiful and spacious.

Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

21- Simple Kids’ Bedroom

simple kids bedroom

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Kids love to play with toys. No matter their bedroom is big or small, all they need is the space to keep their toys around. This is the main idea of this room. Keep the room simple with neutral color scheme. Just place some shelves and stools where your kids can put his or her toys and teddies. Also, avoid using any delicate glass, porcelain or metal item in your kid’s room. They might break it while playing and end up hurting themselves.

22- Fun Kids’ Bedroom

fun kids bedroom

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This is the best idea to decorate kids’ bedroom. You can place bunk beds in your kid’s room to make the room interesting and fun. Kids will love to climb the ladder and play around the bed. It will turn their simple room into a fun safari and adventure tour. The mounted shelf will save place and kids can keep their games in it safely.

Beach Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

23- Fresh Beach Style Bedroom

fresh beach style bedroom

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You are crazy for beaches? Bring one in your bedroom with this stunningly fresh beach bedroom decorating idea. All you need is a big beach picture and some surfing boards. Adding some coconut tree decorative items and pictures will add more tropical look to the bedroom.

24- Nautical Beach Bedroom

nautical beach bedroom

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If you don’t want to invest money in buying beach decorative items like surfing boats, tiki toys and beach paintings, and you still want to decorate your bedroom in a beach style, then check out this lively beach bedroom decorating idea. All you need a life size blue map of the world, a carpet that has beach picture on it, a big toy ship and you are done.

Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas:

25- Feathers On The Wall

feathers on the wall

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If you have a dark color wall behind your bed, then go for this beautiful wall decorating idea. Get few white colored feathers painted on your dark colored wall behind the headboard of your bed. It will help in creating a calm and peaceful environment in the bedroom.

26- Quote On The Wall

quote on the wall

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This is a very beautiful way of reminding yourself about the lovely things in life. Get a beautiful life or love quote painted on your bedroom wall. This quote should be positive and happy. I personally loved this idea of decorating bedroom walls. I am surely going to get one quote painted on my bedroom wall.

Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

27- Rustic White Bedroom

rustic white bedroom

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Rustic style décor always looks stylish. It never goes out of trend. You can decorate your bedroom in a rustic style. It is very easy. All you need to do is to replace all your metal and glass decorative items and furniture with old style wooden ones. Use some leather and rustic metal decorative pieces that will complete the look of the room. Keep your wall and floor white in color; this will maintain a calm environment in the room.

28- Complete Rustic Style Bedroom

complete rustic style bedroom

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In order to have a complete rustic style bedroom, you need to have wooden walls in your room just as shown in the picture. You should have dark colored bedding with leather or Rexene pillows and cushions. An old style hanging candle stand beside your bed will surely complete the look of your room.

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

29- Simple Black And White Bedroom

simple black and white bedroom

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Simplicity is always trendy. If you want to make your bedroom look stylish yet simple then you should try this idea. All you need to do is get some black dots painted on your plain white wall. Replace all your colorful décor items and accessories with the ones that are in a combination of black and white and your simple yet stylish bedroom is ready.

Cool Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

30- Cool Bedroom In Green And Blue

cool bedroom

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Using light colored bedding can change the look of your bedroom. Use bedding that is in combination of olive, fresh green and light blue. This will automatically make your bedroom look cool. Blue is a very cool color. If you get the walls of your bedroom painted in light blue color, just like this picture, you will surely make it look more cool and calm.

Hope you found these bedroom decorating ideas interesting and useful. Do share your views on this via comments section below and stay connected for more amazing posts.

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