One can definitely buy any expensive gift with money but a DIY thoughtful gift is always heart warming and special. Just like a handwritten love letter, handmade gifts show how much the person means to you. We have listed some beautiful yet easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas down below for your convenience.

Customized Chocolate Box


A customized chocolate box is an excellent idea for the Valentine’s Day. Collect his or her favourite chocolates and candies, confetti and fill them up in a heart shaped or any rectangular shaped box. Decorate the lid with glitter and bows of your choice.

Mason Jar


Mason jars are readily available in the market and can be used in various DIYs for Valentine’s Day. You can paint or decorate with colourful tapes, tie pretty ribbons around the neck or laces and hang heart-shaped cards for sweet messages. You can fill the jar with candies or M&Ms for a sweet treat.

Photo Frame


For a lovely Do It Yourself photo frame for the love of your life, use ice cream sticks in the shape of heart. Firstly, shape it out and apply a generous layer of glue and cover it with glitter powder. Once it dries, arrange the sticks accordingly and slid the photo. You can also add ribbons.



Write your love story in a special notebook gifted by your beloved. You can buy a plain notebook and decorate as you like. Stick few heart shaped sticker on top and then sprinkle paints on top in abstract manner. Once it dries, peel of the stickers and your DIY notebook for gift is ready!



A love scrapbook for this special day is the perfect, thoughtful gift for your significant other. Fill the scrapbook with memories of first date, first movie, first trip taken together and many other ‘firsts’. Decorate with pictures, small memoirs and messages to make it look absolutely adorable.

Cupcakes with Messages


Make small red velvet cupcakes and add a message on the frosting or the first date or anniversary. You can also write and decorate the message on a small cardboard instead of frosting and stick them with painted toothpicks. This is a great pick for sweet tooth lovers.

DIY Bath Soaps with Essential Oils


Gift your beloved a wonderful collection of sensuous soap bar which are absolutely handmade and natural! Use soap base, melt and pour it in heart shaped silicone moulds. You can add essential oils of your lover’s choice or coffee grounds for exfoliation. And voila, you have a brand new bar of natural homemade soap!

Snow Globe


Make an enchanting snow globe out of a mason jar for this Valentine’s Day. Cut out a beautiful shaped heart design and set it inside the Mason jar with the help of straws that would be hidden behind the heart. Fill it with frosty snow and glitter according to your liking. And your quick and easy snow globe of love is ready!



DIY Coasters for your loved ones and gift them. Slice round wooden logs and scarp the edges with sand papers. Then, paint a heart shape and you can write his or her name, anniversary date or other romantic quotes. Make sure you use waterproof paints and seal it with a spray.

Love Vase


A flower vase DIY is extremely easy to make out of wine bottles. Use spray paints of your choice to colour the bottles and let them out to dry. Decorate the neck or bottom with another paint, glitters or ribbons and gift them with artificial flowers.

Message in a Bottle


Take a wide mouthed glass bottle and adorn with little specks of gold, glitter and stars. Take small pieces of handmade paper, write the message of love or favourite quotes for your beloved, roll it into a cylindrical shape and tie with a ribbon. Drop all the messages in a bottle and gift him or her on this day of love.

Deck of Cards


Buy a deck of card and decorate the back side with a cover of love and embellishments. In all the 52 cards, write each and every reason for falling in love with your better half. Put the cards together in a ring. This is really a meaningful and unique gift for V-Day.

Piggy Bank


Take a sturdy rectangular cardboard box and paint it pink. Decorate the piggy bank by adding paper ears and mouth and draw the eyes. drop a coin for every special memory, milestone, fights and sweet nothings of your romantic journey together. What a simple yet thoughtful idea for Valentine’s Day!

Pouch bag


Zipped pouch bags are very useful and can be used for storing multiple things like accessories, makeup, collectibles, etc. All you need are fabric material of your choice, zipper and sewing machine. Cut out the two fabric pieces 9.5 inches wide x 3 inches tall, place the zipper and sew the sides. Voila! Your pouch is ready!

Woollen Muffler


What can be more warming and thoughtful than a warm, fuzzy and comfy woollen muffler, especially knitted by you? This is also an useful gift and very economical. Bring out your knitting tools, red wool and weave a muffler as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Coffee Basket


Is your better half a coffee lover? Then this gift is the perfect DIY. Bring out a handcrafted bamboo basket and fill it with his or her favourite coffee beans and coffee flavours in an assortment decoration. Tie a ribbon around it to enhance the look.

Page Markers/ Bookmarks


If your lover is a bookworm, nothing gets cuter than these DIY bookmarks. Cut out white cardboards and draw and paint accordingly. You can also write quotes from your lover’s favourite author. Tie a ribbon or lace on top.

Valentine Glitter Votives


This is another Mason jar DIY. Cut out a fairly large heart shaped sticker and tuck them inside of each of the jars. Cover with glitter and place a candle inside to make an easy-peasy Valentine Glitter Votives with scented candles.

Heart Wind Chimes


Use heart shaped metal and paints them with the colour you want. Tie a string on top and hang it in the form of wind chime. A beautiful idea to gift your beloved on Valentine’s Day.

Painted T-shirt


Buy plain white or black t-shirt your right sizes and paint yourself any character, message or simple abstract art and gift it to your better half.

Among these listed above, which are your favourite DIY gift for Valentine’s Day?

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