There is no dearth of expensive commercial cards from the stores but a handmade card is a timeless one. Moreover, these are easy to make and the effort is always counted. We have assembled easy Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for you to choose from.

Cute as a Button Card


This is probably the easiest and cutest card ever! All you need is a blank card or you can make one with the help of art paper. Write the words “You are cute as a” and stick a button. Voila! Your quick and easy card is ready!

Jar of Love Card


This is an adorable Valentine’s Day Card that can be made within minutes. In a blank card, first draw a jar with a pencil and then darken it with a black sketch pen. Cut out various heart shapes in different colour and sizes. Stick small pieces of double-tap cello tapes at the back of cut-out hearts and randomly fill the sketched jar.

Embroider Valentine’s Day Card


Take a white or any coloured blank card. Make a rough outline of a heart with a pencil. Make a small puncture in the middle with the help of a needle and also several ones around the drawn outline. With the help of a needle and woollen thread, sew straight lines on the card and write the message of love on the inside.

Bouquet of Hearts Card


First, cut out small pieces of hearts and make a folding mark on the middle. You can also draw various patterns for effect. In a blank white card, make several diagonal green stripes in the shape of stems. Now add a drop of glue on the back of those hearts and stick them. Thus, it gives a pretty 3D effect to your card.

Fingerprint Dandelion Card


In a blank card surface, draw the green stems of the Dandelions. Dip your fingertip in brown paint and stamp on top of the stem for the base. Once it dries, dip your fingertips in white paint and dandelion puffs. After the paint dies, write your message on top for your beloved.

Heart Yarn Cards


The String Heart Yarn Cards looks pretty and wonderful. All you need to do is outline heart shape on a blank card and punch holes around it. With the help of colourful yarn, sew criss-cross pattern in different direction to fill it up. Once done, cut off the extra yarn at the back.

Envelope Card


With the help of various printed art paper, make small envelopes of small sizes to be stuck on the card. In a coloured or blank card, write “Happy Valentine’s Day” in calligraphy. Now stick the envelope with the help of glue and slip small wishes, quotes or message of love inside the envelope.

Hot Air Balloon Card


To make this card, draw two small hot air baskets with the help of a black pen and connect them with a string. Cut out few pieces of hearts in red colour of small sizes and make a fold in the middle. Also, cut out white cloud with white paper. Stick the hearts on top of other for 3-D effect and the cloud behind them.

Falling Hearts Card


It is an adorable, endearing card for your loved one. To begin with, cut out small snippets of hearts in various colours like reds, pinks, maroons, magenta and violet. In a blank canvas, draw a jar which is titled down and stick those snippet hearts inside the jar and all around it as if it is falling down. Also adds the letters “LOVE” below for effect.

Trifold Punched Hearts Card


To make this card, take a rectangular white card paper (with longer width) and make three equal folds. Cut off hearts, varying from big to small, from red or pink printed paper and stick them on the edge of the front portion. Now fold it three parts and decorate with a ribbon and glitter for effects.

Small Heart Card


Cut off white card board paper in the shape of a heart and fold in two so that it looks like a card in itself. Next, cut off the top portion of a heart in a bright red card board paper and stick with the help of foam tape all around it. Decorate with ribbons and write your message inside the blank portion.

Ribbon Heart Card


Bring all your colourful and printed ribbons in various prints and textures. Take a blank white card and cut out a big heart on the front portion. Open the card and now stick all the ribbons (horizontally) to fill up the cut out portion. And your easy V-Day card is ready!

Pop up Card


Pop up card looks absolutely stunning but they are easy to make. Take a white card and write the message or quote of love on top. Take another red card (slightly smaller in length and width) and cut out the letters “LOVE” through the folds to make them pop. Now, simply stick the red paper inside the white card.

Puzzle Heart Card


Draw various puzzle shapes in red, pink and maroon craft papers. Take a blank white card and outline a heart shape for reference. Fill the heart with the puzzle in abstract ways with the help of foam tape. It looks vibrant, catchy and surely lovely.

Tic Tac Toe Card


A ‘Tic Tac Toe Card’ for Valentine’s Day is creative and cute. Take a blank card and decorate the border with black textured paper for visual effect. In a white separate card board, draw the vertical and horizontal lines and fill it with “XOXO” and “ILU” in red. Now stick them on the card for a shadow effect.

Cupid’s Arrow Card


A romantic card for your Valentine which is easy to make. In a blank card, glue two thin wooden stick. Separately cut out heart shapes and arrow tails in red and golden paper. Stick them in a reverse pattern. Write “Be my Valentine” in a strip of paer and stick it on top.

Candle Card


Cut off a baby pink handmade cardboard paper in the shape of a card and stick four stripped candle of your choice. Stick cut off heart shapes on top of the candles. Write the message “You are the light of my life” to complete the art.

Hourglass Card



To make such a sweet card, simply draw an hourglass on a cardboard paper, outline with thick black liner and fill the inside with pink and red glitter to represent the sand. Stick them on top of a blank card and write your timeless message of love for your beloved.

Quilling Card


To make a Quilling Card, use red Quilling paper to create the heart on top and the blue strip of paper to write “love you”. It only takes a couple of minutes and zero aart skill to make one.

Origami Rose Card


Use red origami papers to make the roses and stick them on top of a blank card. Write your message on top and inside and decorate accordingly.

So, among all these, which DIY Valentine’s Day Card are you planning to give your beloved?

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