Amazingly Elegant Christmas Centerpiece Ideas To Pep Up Your Holiday 

Christmas Centerpiece Ideas
Top 15 Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas decorations remain incomplete without centerpieces that, as the name suggests, are the center of attractions. It need not necessarily be a very elegant stuff to add beauty to your Christmas table. Anything can do the job, provided you use your creative side to put them together. A simple, multiple armed candle stand, a bowl filled with red fruits, a goblet full of Christmas hued balls, a vase full of red flowers – the options are countless.

And, of course, slightly tough too. We have now made your task simple by putting together some of the easy, yet elegant Christmas centerpiece ideas here. Check out the ones below and decide how to go about it.



The Must Try 15 Simple, Yet Regal Centerpieces For Christmas Celebrations

1. Christmas Balls Filled In Bowl

It is one of the easiest addition to your festive moments. Just grab a silver or golden hued bowl and fill it with Christmas hued balls or any ornaments of your choice. Arrange it atop the cake stand, graduating the leftover area with stars and Santa sticks. Here is a sample from Midwest Living:

Christmas Balls Filled In Bowl
Christmas Balls In A Silver Bowl –

Christmas Wedding Centerpieces


source :

2. Candle Holder Centerpiece

Just look at this wonderful candle holder in the picture below. The golden glow it renders to your table transforms the whole room into a royal one. The perfect décor to celebrate the birth of the Lord! Isn’t it?

Candle Holder Centerpiece
Candle Holde Christmas Centerpiece Idea –

3. Floating Candles For Christmas Decorations

These subtle, yet marvelous floating candles do look ravishing. You can use these floating candles to adorn your Christmas dinner table. These are sure to fetch your compliments from your near and dear ones.

Floating Candles For Christmas Decorations
Floating Candles As Christmas Centerpieces –

Green and red Christmas Centerpiece with Red candle



4. Red and Gold Carnations

Just look at these red roses that have been placed in the golden vase… Wow! That was the very first word that I uttered while I looked at these. Brilliantly splendid!

Red and Gold Carnations
Red And Gold Carnations For Christmas Decorations –

5. Green Carnations

Give your centerpiece a new touch of elegance with these green carnations! Made up with Irish bells, this does add to the festive look, while ensuring that it radiates the colors of the occasion. And, why not? Green is the color of nature…

Green Carnation
Pale Green Carnatios For Christmas –

6. Chocolate Christmas Tree

Didn’t you get enough time to put up your favorite grand Christmas tree? Do not get upset as this Chocolate Christmas Centerpiece is the answer to your worries. The below included picture is just a sample version taken from A great attraction, that is packed with edible goodness! Lovely!

Chocolate Christmas Tree Centrepiece
Chocolate Christmas Tree As Centerpiece –

7. Fruit Bouquet Christmas Centrepiece

Fruits can be much more than healthy Christmas desserts. You have the option of ordering it from a nearby vendor or if you are good at food crafts, then you can definitely make this at home. These just look fabulous! You can create miniature versions of these bouquet and place them on the Christmas dinner table to add more hue and spice to the festivities. Your kids will also love these!

Fruit Bouquet
Fruit Bouquet – Colorful Christmas Centerpiece Ideas –

8. Cupcake Tree As Centerpiece for Christmas

Make an extra batch of these chocolate cupcakes loaded with an awesomely tasting peppermint buttercream. You can now use these to create an edible Christmas tree that will double up as the center of attraction of your Christmas table. Glance through the image that I have gathered from for an idea.

Cupcake Christmas Tree
Cupcake Tree As Christmas Centerpiece Idea –

9. Green Apple Tower Centrepiece

Green apples are not just good for your health; they make wonderful elements to create a DIY Christmas centerpiece too. This one is from onecharmingparty. It is quite simple to make. If you want a simpler idea, just take a tall glass and stack the apples in it. Pretty simple to make, but marvelous looking!

Green Apple Tower Centrepiece
Green Apple Tower As Christmas Centrepiece Idea –

10. Citrus And Pine Scenting Christmas Centerpiece

How will feel when exposed to a delightful scent that comes from the blend of citrus and pine? Delighted? Amazing? Cool? Marvelous? For me, it is just fantabulous. And, why not. Both the aromas are rich and exotic. Both the scents are intoxicatingly regal and ideal for any celebration. Check out this one… It is simple, but has that regal appeal in it.

Fragrant Christmas Centerpiece
Aromatic Pine And Citrus Christmas Centerpiece –

11. Gift Boxes As Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas is the time for gifting. You can now use the gifts you have to give away to your near and dear ones to put together a unique centerpiece. Choose red, green, and golden wrappers to envelop the presents so that the colors reflect the moment.

Gift Boxes As Christmas Centerpiece Ideas
Gift Boxes As Christmas Centerpiece Ideas –

12. Christmas Candle Carnation

You can create your own carnation with candles. Choose pure white candles and red flowers. This is the best color combo you can replicate. The carnation idea shown in the image below looks bright and brings with it all the colors associated with this holiday season. A classic and timeless Christmas centerpiece idea, you can even do it on your own. You will need a shallow tray, a bunch of red flowers, a golden piece of cloth, and a pure white candle. Do not forget those golden mock flowers and green leaves to add to the luxuriousness of the design.

Christmas Candle Carnation
Candle Carnation As Christmas Centerpiece Ideas –

13. Votive Wreath Candles – Last Minute Christmas Centrepiece Ideas

Running short of time and still want to put together some stunning centerpiece this Christmas? Here is a simple idea. Get some shiny red balls and a candle. Choose the colors that will be in sync with the occasion. White or golden, red or green – the choice is yours. This one from is a simple one that is red, in and out.

Votive Wreath Candles
Wreath Candles As Christmas Centerpieces –

14. Reindeer Centerpiece For Christmas

The sleigh that Santa Claus travels are pulled by the reindeers. Now, these reindeers can double up as a centerpiece at your Christmas table to zest up the festive spirits. Your kids will help you putting these showpieces as those creatures are the best buddies of Santa. I have picked this particular image from, and this one looks very real. It comes with the pine leaves and the cherries on them…. Pick them up from a nearby shop of yours even if you have very less time left…

Reindeer Centerpiece
Reindeer As Christmas Centerpiece Idea –

15. Christmas Ornaments Centerpiece Ideas

Fill your favorite tall juice jar will loads of golden and silver Christmas ornaments. You can choose stars, balls, pine cones, and even Santa sticks and hats to fill this cylinder of yours. Alternatively, any transparent dish will do the job of holding these fabulous masterpieces. The one I have picked comes from Southernliving and adds a glamorous shimmer to your festivities.

Christmas Ornaments Centerpiece Ideas
Christmas Ornaments As Centerpiece Ideas –

These were just brief suggestions about how can you put together some stunning Christmas centerpiece ideas in a very easy and simple way. What do you think about this collection?

What are your picks when it comes to these showpieces for this holiday season? Do let us know your views and comments and share with us your thoughts too…

Wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Have a fun filled Xmas party! Eat healthy! Enjoy your vacation with a great Christmas workout and have a great celebration!

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