Who on earth doesn’t loves games? And when you have an android phone, it is next to impossible to stay away from the wonderful and amazing games that are present in the android market. I am totally a game lover. My android cell phone has over 15 games. According to me, playing a game on android is the best way to kill time and to have a short escape from your continuous hours of work. Though there are paid and free, both types of games available in the android market. But why to spend bucks in buying a paid game when you already have a huge list of amazing free games?

If you are reading this post, I am very sure that you are looking for the best games which you can have on your android phone. So, here’s presenting you the list of 12 best free android mobile games to download. Check them out!

1- Candy Crush Saga

candy crush saga for android



Candy crush saga is the best android game I have played till date. It is a very yummy way to kill time. Once you gain interest in playing this game, you will surely get addicted just like me. This game can be synchronized with your facebook. This mean you can play with your friends, challenge them, beat them and ask for help and extra lives. It has over 400 levels which seem to be never ending. And as you move up the level, you unlock new and exciting items and rewards. This is surely a must have game for your android mobile.

Developer: King.com

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and above

Download From HERE

2- Temple Run 2

temple run 2



Temple run is a never ending running game and my love for temple run is never ending. You run through the various cliffs, forests, mines and lines. There is so much to do in this game. You need to jump, slide, turn and run. You can collect coins to achieve goals and various rewards. While temple run 1 was a great game, but temple run 2 is much better than that. It has new obstacles, new graphics and more power ups.

Developer: Imangi Studios

Compatibility: android 2.3 and above

Download From HERE

3- Angry Birds

angry birds



‘Angry birds’ is a unique point to shoot game. This game requires skills and logic of yours. You need to hit the pesky pigs by aiming at them with a slingshot. Every bird has a different ability which increases the potential to hit and kill the pigs. The graphics of this game are high definition and cute. The faces of the birds and the pigs look really cute. The different levels and stages keep you hooked to the game. This game is like an addiction, you will play once and you will want to play it again and again.

Developer: Rovio Mobile Ltd

Compatibility: 2.3 android and above

Download From HERE

4- Hay Day

hay day



Hay Day is an amazing farming game where you play the role of a farm owner. You can grow crops, buy new crops, buy land, plant trees, open your own roadside shop, help neighbors, and make friends and lots more. It has smooth gestural controls that make this game really easy to play. You can do other fun farming activities till your crop grows. This game keeps me hooked to it. And the best part is, when a crop is ready to harvest, a notifications pops up. This means you don’t have to check back again and again to see whether your crops is ready or not.

Developer: Supercell

Compatibility: android 4.0.3 and above

Download From HERE

5- Subway Surfers

subway surfers


Subway surfers is a very fresh and nice game. If you like playing arcade games that subway surfer is a must have for you. You will play the role of young Jake and help him in running away from an inspector and his grumpy dog. The graphics is vivid and colorful. There are many moves which will help you show off your acrobatic skills. All in all, if you love the chasing games, subway surfers is a must have for you.

developer: Kiloo

Compatibility: android 2.3.3 and above

Download From HERE

6- Teen Patti- Indian Poker

teen patti indian poker



If you like to play card and casino games, then Teen Patti can be your kind of game. This is a love online game that can be played with real players from all across the globe. Teen Patti is actually an Indian poker or card game which is also known as Flush or Flash. This android game can be played in the same way as you play the game in reality. The best part of this game is the live in-game chat. Here you can boast about your move to discuss things with your opponents without leaving the game.

developer: Octro, Inc

Compatibility: android 2.1 and above

Download From HERE

7- Hill Climb Racing

hill climb racing



Hill climb racing is a refreshing racing game. This game is an entertaining physics based racing game that is very addictive. You play a role of Newton Bill who is a young uphill racer. The graphics is cool and fresh. It is not a very high definitaion 3D game but you can enjoy this simple game to race through the various stages and levels. Whether you have a low resolution android device or a high resolution one, this game always looks good. All in all, hill climb racing is a very simple game to kill time.

Developer: Fingersoft

Compatibility: android 2.2 and above

Download From HERE

8- Sniper Shooting Free

sniper shooter



I am a kind of game lover, who loves to play all types of games. And sniper shooting free is amongst those loved games of mine. If you love to play action games, you should miss this amazing game where you will have to play a role of a soldier. You need to kill all the terrorists and save the country. You don’t have to own a high-on-memory phone and high-end version of android device in order to play this game. You can enjoy this game even if you have an entry-level android mobile.

Developer: LineStudio

Compatibility: android 1.6 and above

Download From HERE

9- Fruit Ninja Free

fruit ninja free



Fruit Ninja is an amazing arcade game that is a great way to kill time. It is a stress buster game where you smash the juicy fruits. There are three game play modes- Zen, arcade and classic. As you move up the levels, you get to unlock the new and exciting backgrounds, blades and game-changing power-ups. In between the game, the wise Ninja Sensei accompanies you with fun fruit facts and words of wisdom. You can play this game to bust stress, kill time and gain knowledge.

Developer: Halfbrick Studios

Compatibility: android 2.3.3 and above

Download From HERE 


10- Chess Free

chess free



Chess is amongst the most popular board games in the world. Now have this popular board game in your android mobile and that too, free of cost. If you are a beginner in chess, the chess tutor within the game would surely help you. The chess tutor shows the possible and recommended moves. But make sure, you don’t use this option to cheat the opponent.

Developer: Al factory Limited

Compatibility: android 1.5 and above

Download From HERE

11- Balance 3D

balance 3d


This is very simple yet very interesting and addictive game. All you need to do is to balance the ball. But balancing the ball is not that easy, you need to cross the difficult mazes, unpredictable gravity points and unstable surfaces. The game can be played on both landscape and portrait modes. At present, there are 31 levels in this game, but new levels are regularly added. So you need not to worry about the game’s end.

Developer: BMM Soft

Compatibility: android 2.0.1 and above

Download From HERE


12- Logo Quiz

logo quiz



Want to test your knowledge and memory power? This logo quiz is an amazing puzzle game where you can test the level of your knowledge about the famous brand, company and product logos. It also helps in boosting your memory power. If you like playing the brain games, then logo quiz is a must have for you. There are over 1000 free levels in this game. You can choose your favorite topic of interest like fashion, cars, games, flags etc.

Developer: Cloud Serf Games

Compability: android 2.2 and above

Download From HERE


So this was the list of amazing and the best free games for android mobile phones. The android market is full of free games for android phones. I always try and play the newly released games in the market. This helps a lot in discovering the new games. You should also try playing every top rated game and newly released game. It is all about your choice.  But whatever it is, the above listed games are evergreen. You can enjoy playing them anywhere anytime.

I hope you found the above listed games interesting. Let me know your views about these games and if you have already played the game, do let me know which one is your favorite. If I have missed out any interesting free game in this list, share it via the comments section below.

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