14184487_719862374846300_6596175883421895214_nOnam pookalam is one of the best and important highlights of the Onam festival. Basically, a pookalam is an artwork made out of flower arrangements. Varieties of flowers in different colors are use to create and design beautiful onam pookalam. Artists also use many pookalam patterns and designs to make their floral artwork unique from others and from the previous ones they may have already designed.



In Kerala and in some major cities where large numbers of Malayalees are residing, communities are organizing Onam pookalam competitions. This event not just gives the chance for designers and artists to show their skills in designing their very own Pookalam, but also unites and rekindles the bond among Malayalee communities. And since Onam festival is almost here, I’d love to feature some of the best onam pookalam designs that I’ve seen in the past few years since I became aware of this festival.

onam-pookalam-designs source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/555279829025502388/

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Easy Pookalam Designs

Some of you may not be born artist but clever enough to come up with some beautiful designs for pookalam. Of course, creating something extra beautiful and complicated pookalam patterns require time and practice. While you’re working with your skills in designing this floral artwork, you may start with easy pookalam patterns incorporating simple designs.


As beginner, I may not call this one easy. But notice how large the Kolams are, allowing the artist to work a lot easier with the design. Also, it doesn’t include lots of extra complicated patterns which make it attainable for starters.


Same goes with this floral rangoli…. It uses minimal patterns and shapes for the kolams. In fact, I think that artists only use 7 different colors to achieve this simple yet wonderful creation.


Unlike the first two pookalam designs, this can be a lot easier for you. This circular designs of flowers are pretty easy to design. Adorned with diya stand in the center, this can make a beautiful pookalam decoration for your entrance.

Onam Pookalam Designs Simple

Simplicity is beauty, as old adage goes. That’s true. You really don’t have to design something intricate, unless you’re pretty professional in designing your pookalams. Simple patterns will do and still can turn into a wonderful artwork.


This design is also a nice start for every beginner. Different kinds of flowers are used for designing this simple pookalam. One can use marigold, lotus flower and other varieties of flowers to create this lovely design.


How about a floral design out of flowers? Here’s exactly the result will be. See how the artist used the flowers of different colors to actually draw a floral pattern. The yellow flower, cornered by maroon flower makes the design even more interesting.

Pookalam Patterns for Beginners

As beginner, especially to those who will try designing a pookalam for the first time, may still find the first ones overwhelming and complicated. Don’t you worry as I find easier patterns for you to start with.

See how simple this design is? It only uses three colors, of which only two came from flowers. The artist use rose and marigold in designing the circle and green leaves for additional touch.

This pattern is also easy to achieve. The designer used flowers in the colors of yellow, orange, pink and violet for trimming. The diya stand in the center makes it even more beautiful.

Simple, you say? Here’s the suggestion you may want to consider. Basically, starters can use patterns which include minimal number of colors. These colors usually cover large part of the entire pookalam just like the pattern above. Notice how large kolams are covered by each color of the flowers.

onam pookalam photos

There are also Beautiful Onam Pookalam Designs and advanced pookalam patterns created by adept designers. Basically, they are pretty skillful already in what they do and their designs incorporate intricate and more advanced patterns just like below artworks.

This one is created with great precision and care. See how detailed the color shades are. The patterns involves complicated design and color combinations which made the entire creation one of the best.

This one may have used minimal number of colors but see how beautiful the patterns used are. I love the sun-like design in the middle of the pattern.

Here’s another beautiful patterns of pookalam. This one mostly used yellow, red and white colors of flowers. It can be considered as simple but I will categorize it as beautiful because of the theme entailed with it.

Onam Pookalam Images

Onam is almost here so most of you are probably looking for pookalam design ideas through images and pictures from the previous competition held in every Malayalee community. Here are some of the best pictures of onam pookalam I’ve collected online that may give you some idea.

This pattern is a pretty good one. Beautified by the diya stand in the center, this pattern includes a few number of flowers like marigold and rose which came with different colors.

Here’s one of my favorite pookalams for onam festival. See how neat the picture of Lord Ganesha is in the center of the patterns. I love how the designer choose the colors for the drawing and the backdrop. Simply amazing!

This pattern featured a six-petaled floral design of pookalam. Adorned with lotus flower in the middle, the design is beautified with the combination of green, red, yellow and white shades of flowers.

onam pookalam pictures

Looking for more pattern suggestions? No worries as we have more. Take a look at this gallery of pookalam patterns that may give you some idea on what to design next this year.

This pookalam pattern reminds me of summer vacation in beach and swimming resorts. Why? Because of the pinwheel patterns created in the middle of the design. It seems like a pinwheel to me.

This pattern is perfect for those who are skilled enough to handle a little more advanced designs with intricate and small details. Featuring more of yellow, green, white and red colors, this is truly one of the best pookalam pictures I’ve seen.

Flower Rangoli Pictures

In some occasion, this kind of artwork is also used. However, during those occasions like Diwali, different materials are used. Instead of flowers, colored rice powder are used. These creations are called Rangoli. Here are some nice flower rangoli patterns for you to enjoy.

Most of the patterns use for this artwork is floral but come with so many twist. Just like in this one, it features circular pattern and beautified with the star and circle shape in the middle.

In this one, the designer use purple and orange colors as dominant shade of the pattern. See how simple arch can make the whole patterns unique from the others.

If you’re pretty adept and imaginative when it comes to shapes, this one is totally for you. Orange, yellow and white are the dominating colors used for this design.

Pookalam Designs with Theme

Those artists who are pretty advanced and skilled in designing pookalam patterns create more intricate designs. Sometimes, they also create pookalams with theme. Some of the mostly used themes in pookalams are the depiction of Mahabali legend, onasadya, the celebration itself, the festivities, etc.

Here’s one of the most amazing theme I saw online when I was looking for pookalam patterns with theme. This one features Lord Krishna. The artist drew the baby Krishna in a pretty detailed way with the use of flowers of different colors. Pretty amazing!

Like I said earlier, the legend of Mahabali and the picture of Mahabali himself are some of the most often used theme when designing a pookalam especially for competitions. In this one, King Mahabali in his full glory was drawn in quite detailed way. The diya stand in every point of the Kolam makes the design even more interesting.

prize winning pookalam designs

This pattern features a woman performing some form of dance. The woman is pretty detailed, accessorized with floral necklace.

athapookalam designs with themes


This one depicts one of the most festive and fun highlights of the festival – the snake boat race known as VallamKalli. Kerala is known for its green landscape and coconuts, thus the picturesque of these elements adds the uniqueness of the design.

onam pookalam theme designs

Here’s quite a good idea for a pattern, but might be a little too difficult to those who have just started in designing. This one features a story of King Mahabali in Lord Vishnu, who has disguised as Vamana that time. In this design, it shows that King Mahabali offered his head for where Lord Vishnu will step on last.

Athapookalam Designs

Decorating entryway of everyhousehold with onam pookalam occur during the first day of onam – the atham. Here are some of wonderful Athapookalam patterns you may choose.




Pookalam Designs Wallpapers

Some of you may even feel the atmosphere of onam festival even you’re on your computer or using your mobile phone. No worries as there are so many onam pookalam designs that you can use as wallpaper for your everyday gadgets.

For wallpapers, designs with brighter and darker colors are just perfect. Of course, you will want to see those icons behind those wallpaper so you want to make sure that the colors you choose are just perfect enough for the background. In this one, bright colors of yellow and orange is used. The diyas outside the circle makes the entire artwork more appealing.

This is supposed to be included to those patterns with theme but with its neat and almost solid-colored design, this can make a perfect wallpaper for everyone.

Here’s another neat patterns for the pookalam as wallpaper. The colors used are more of darker side and most are contrasting like violet, white, orange and yellow.

Pookalam Designs with Dots

We have what we call “rangoli designs with dots”. Since I mentioned earlier that pookalam is almost the same as rangoli, we can also use pookalam patterns with dots. Here are some samples to try.

This is a one of the most beautiful designs I’ve found. This one features circular patterned and a star in the center. The blending color of orange and yellow in the circular kolams are very beautiful. Added with small diyas in the sides, this can make a great decor for every household entryway.


This one is a pretty unique design. I love the alternating colors of yellow and orange as the central design for the pattern. The dark color of green that gave trimmings to the petals of the floral design makes it to stand out.

Onam Pookalam Designs for Competition

Every Malayalee community organizes fun and festive onam pookalam competition in major cities to make the festival even more enjoyable! Usually, participants come as group and there are certain spaces for them to work on. In some events, there are also time limit in finishing the creation. Large prizes are at stake. Not just in Kerala, some Malayalee communities abroad and online organizers are setting up competitions for every malayalee to participate to.

Like I said, even online organizers are setting up onam competition for malayalees in different parts of the world can participate. Here are some of the designs they have submitted.


This one depicts a girl in swing. You can feel the happiness of the girl in this design. Small lamps / diyas on the side illuminates the design.


The bright colors of yellow and red dots in the center part of the design makes the artwork more beautiful. This one is also submitted to the online pookalam competition.


The diamond shaped kolams make this design stand out from the others. Created in a dark backdrop (dark red), the combination of purple, yellow and white flowers makes the creation one of a kind, plus the small diyas outside the circle.

The contrasting colors of Kolams, which came in green, red, yellow and orange make the pattern a wonderful piece of artwork.


This one features one of the spectrum of Onam festival – the onasadya. It’s amazing how the artist managed to make the details a little more prominent with just dots of colors of the flowers. The dominating colors used are green and red.

Ganesha icon in the side, the landscape view of Kerala, and the boat race depiction makes this artwork a wonderful one. The dominating colors are yellow, white and purple.


Onam Pookalam Designs 2013

Since Onam festival 2013 is here, I’ll give you a glimpse of what to expect for the upcoming competitions for onam. Here are some of the recent pookalam designs that you can try.

This one is sure different from others. I am really wondering how artists manage to draw these small details in these patterns with just the use of tiny petals of flowers. The artist managed to include all the highlights of the onam festival including the games, the dance, the legend and the festivities itself. Wonderful!

This is one colorful pattern and a lovely one! I totally fell in love with the colors used in this pattern. The combination of yellow, red, green and maroon creates this beautiful artwork.

Image: TheHindu

Another design that features the spectrum of onam. The combination of the yellow, pink and purple is truly lovely with this one. The outline of an oarsman in the middle makes this unique.

Image: RangoliDesignBlog

This pattern reminds me of a sunset, maybe because of the color combination – red, orange and yellow. The design and colors used are pretty vivid and I love it!

A floral designs surrounded by purple flowers, this one is truly one-of-a-kind. The lotus flowers in the middle is so nice and makes it beautiful.

The star-shaped center and the 8 circles in a swirling pattern is truly an amazing design. I am so awed with the creativity of the artist with this piece.

Latest Onam Pookalam Designs

More recent pookalam patterns involved more advanced and intricate designs and themes. Most often, designers use different kind of flowers in different shades and colors. Additional decorations like diya and diya stand are also used to make the design even more appealing.






Happy Onam



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