Here are some New Year wishes and messages to send to your loved ones and family this coming new year. Towards the end of the year, everybody looks forward to the New Year because it brings with it the hope of a new beginning as we put the past year behind us.


Many challenges are faced over the days and disappointments experienced and even joys enjoyed. But all this fades away as the New Year dawns once again. It is a time when we can make new resolutions and look forward to changing a lot of the things that may have gone wrong in the past.


And what better way to begin the New Year than to have loved ones and friends sharing wonderful and inspiring messages with us, whether verbal or written? Spreading good cheer through New Year messages is a way of showing that you care. Take time to write messages to bless the hearts of friends and family and help them to look forward to the New Year with expectations and hopes.

Happy New Year Wishes Messages


A New Year means a new beginning,
may your life begin anew as you leave the past
behind and step into this New Year.
Happy New Year.

This past year was tough but you made it through thick and thin
and now the New Year lies ahead of you.
Proceed with caution but enjoy the coming days too.
Happy New Year.

There is nothing as good as the New Year to remind us
that we are entering into a new season of our lives.
Step out in faith and with high expectations
and may God guide you through all the days of the coming year.
Happy New Year.

Take a step of faith in this New Year
and try something you have never attempted before.
You will be amazed at what new heights you will soar to.
Happy New Year.

Close the door on the year past,
then take a deep breath
and open the door to the New Year.
Happy New Year.

The New Year is like sunrise.
A vast scope awaits you.
Step into it and do your best,
which is all that life expects of you.
Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Wishes Greetings

New Year is a time for new beginning. Make sure to renew the bond with your family and friends especially those who are miles away and send out cards with your heartfelt New Year wishes on them. If you’re looking for samples of new year wishes to put on your card, here are some that you may use.


The scintillating year ahead awaits.
Step out and reach for the stars.
Happy New Year.

May the New Year replenish your hopes and dreams
and may you find all that you have been seeking.
Happy New Year.

Greetings on this great day as the New Year begins.
May the days ahead bring you much joy and may your hopes come to pass.
Happy New Year.

Felicitations for the New Year. Here’s hoping that
you will face the coming days of the year
with courage no matter what they bring.
Happy New Year.

Sending you warm greetings as we celebrate the New Year,
and wishing you plenty of God’s blessings for the days ahead.
Happy New Year.

Warm wishes to you and your all and praying that
the New Year will bring you joy and satisfaction like never before.
Happy New Year.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year


I greet you on this wonderful first day of the year.
May the New Year bring you much joy
and great advancements in every aspect of your life.
Happy New Year.

Today is the first day of the New Year and I send you my special greetings.
Celebrate today with joy and gladness and may it be a precursor for the days to come.
Happy New Year.

As the New Year begins I send you greetings and best wishes.
Rejoice in the New Year for it is a new and fresh beginning.
Happy New Year.

Whatever happened last year cannot be undone.
Whatever is yet to be done in the New Year can be planned and prepared for.
Happy New Year.

The New Year is like a blossoming flower.
Reach out and enjoy its fragrance and beauty.
Happy New Year.

No matter how many times you failed in the past,
the New Year is a time to begin afresh.
Happy New Year.

Happy New Year Wishes Quotes


May the light of the New Year illuminate your heart
and home today and in the days to come.
Happy New Year.

May wealth and prosperity follow
and overtake you in this New Year.
Happy New Year.

May your hopes and dreams be fulfilled in this New Year
and may laughter ever fill your heart and mouth.
Happy New Year.

You braved the tough times of the past year.
You deserve a breakthrough in this New Year.
Praying and wishing you a Happy New Year.

May God remember you and your loved ones in the New Year
and may all your dreams come true.
Happy and Blessed New Year.

Christian Happy New year Wishes

Spread the spirit of new beginning and inspire your dear ones with these encouraging and uplifting religious happy new year wishes. You may get some bible verses and combine it with your own messages.


May God grace you with fresh, blessed beginning
In the coming New year.
May you be successful in any path you take.
Happy New Year!

May this upcoming New Year fill your heart
With faith and hopes for better tomorrow
May God guide you every step of the way.
Happy New Year!

Time never stops nor waits for anyone,
so in this New Year make the most of all opportunities presented to you.
May you have a happy New Year filled with great expectations.

A new day has come.
May peace and happiness be yours in this New Year.
Happy New Year.

May God bless you with
Happiness, joy and prosperity
This coming New Year and always.
Happy New Year!

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