Wedding Anniversary Wishes

This weekend I have to attend on function. It is a wedding anniversary celebration of one of my friend. Normally his wedding anniversary will be crowded because ofChristmas Holiday . everybody will be in Christmas mood and they all want to drink. Anniversary parties are really good as we have lot of friends and known people where we can spend times.

When I was working at penang we used to have parties in every month. We used to call it as Monthly parties. And when I was in Coimbatore we used to have sent of parties in almost every month. People will going to Malaysia, Singapore , Australia and gulf regularly from my company. We use to call the Coimbatore work as the springboard for our overseas dream. And as a supervisor of the factory I have the privilege to send the people to other factories for some company related work. So I used to send my friends to buy chicken and meat for party and to do cooking. By afternoon 3 or 4 people will sneak out with out pass as if they going to our sister companies and go to the market to buy all the things for party, buy one bottle whiskery and they will go to our house and will start cooking. By the time we reach there in the evening all these people will be full fit and the dishes will be ready for party. Any way our company owner is having lot of money. If he paid for the cooking of our party the sky is not going to fall down. But after 5 or 6 time I had to stop this out-pass business as every body want to go for cooking for party. People used to come and book one week before for the cooking.

wedding-anniversary-wishesAnyway Now I have to look for on Anniversary Gift for him. I am not sure what to buy. may be I will do small shopping to find out. Then I will have to buy one card. Normally I buy Cards and gift wrappers from Chinese shop. They are cheap. Then I have to find some wedding anniversary wishes  to write on these cards. A good anniversary wish will make your gift extra special.

I have selected some wedding anniversary wishes. May be I will use one of them

Wishing a great anniversary to the special couple of our group

Amy the love and affection bonded your knot stay as holy as it is up to now.

You were singles and joined together to make a kingdom of love and affection.
All the best for you and your family on this wedding anniversary

I would like to say that your wedding is like river
which flows so smoothly and the rhythm of that
rejoices your dears and Nears
Happy anniversary to you

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