Vishu Sadhya Recipes

The Dashing Vishu Sadya Recipes For A Fabulous Occasion

Vishu-KaniVishu marks the beginning of New Year in the Malayalam calendar. A typical Vishu starts with the people of the house opening their eyes to the beautiful Vishukkani arranged by the senior most female member in the family. The male patriarch gifts all the family members, servants, and tenants with gifts, traditionally called the Vishu kaineettam .Back in the kitchen, women get themselves busy preparing delicacies lunch, known as Vishu Sadhya later on. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Vishu Sadya and the menu varies according to the traditions of the family. Vishu sadya Usually served in banana leaf, In some areas a pinch of salt is served on the leaf but some people avoid it.

Vishu Sadhya



Pazham (banana)


Pazham or banana is one of unavoidable item in Vishu Sadhya






sarkara varatti



Nurukku Upperi



Ethakka Upperi



Side Dishes Thorans, Dry Curries, Side Curries

On a sadhya there is lot of items. It can be classified as curries, pickles, dry curries, and thorans, Thorans or Mezhuku purattis are dry dishes made with vegetables like cabage, okra and beans

Thorans Upperi or Mezhukupuratti

It is stir-fry with cabbage, beans,carrot or other vegetables available in Kerala. Even though all is sit-fries it varies from place to place and the name also change as per that. For example payar Mezhuku puratti is done in small flame with oil and very little water. It changes its name as payar upperi in Calicut and it is made in boiling in little water and later fries in coconut oil. It is known as payar thoran in Cannoor and made with grated coconut.

Cabbage Thoran



payar mezhukkupuratti



Venda Upperi



Carrot Beans Thoran



Idichakka Thoran (Raw Jackfruit Stir Fry)



Beans Thoran



Side Curries for Sadya

Inji Curry


Image: KitckenSnippets

Inji Curry, or simply Ginger curry, is a delicious Kerala dish usually served as part of Sadya. This curry is a mixture of ginger, tamarind, jaggery and green chillies. The combination of these different spices and ingredients gives this dish a sour, sweet and hot taste.

Kerala Olan



1. Avial / Aviyal


Image: Blog.Sigsiv

Avial, or aviyal is a scrumptious dish originated from the state of Kerala. This traditional dish is a mixture of vegetables, coconut, curd and spiced up with curry leaves and coconut oil. Avial is an important element of Sadya in Kerala. It is always included in every Kerala feast especially on auspicious occasions like Vishu and Onam. Want to try this recipe? You may find a simple Avial recipe here.




Mambazha Pulissery


Image: SpicyTasty

Mambazha Pulissery, a sweet and sour Kerala dish, is cooked with yogurt, curd, ripe mangoes and grated coconut. The combination of these ingredients gives off the delectable, tangy flavor to this traditional dish. This is simply a delight for every Kerala Sadya. Recipe here.

8. Chakka Puzhukku


Image: YummyoYummy

During the celebration of Vishu, there is pretty much abundance of jackfruit (chakka) in Kerala. That’s Keralites includes this dish that has jackfruit as its main ingredient in their Vishu Sadya. This traditional Kerala dish which is known as mashed Jackfruit is called Chakka Puzhukk. Recipe here.

Main Curries for Vishu Sadhya

2. Sambar


Image: FlavorsOfMumbai

Sambar is a popular Indian dish, which is also included in every Vishu sadya. This delectable dish comes with different variations. Recipes differ in every region. Kerala-style Sambar is mixed vegetable curry that use dal as base. You can serve this with idli, dosa or rice. You may try cooking Sambar this coming Vishu using this Sambar recipe here.

12. Kaalan


Image: Wikipedia

Kaalan, another important part of Sadya, is a traditional Kerala dish made of coconut, yogurt and vegetable like plantain and yam. It is rich of flavor, almost the same as avail but much more sour.

What is your way of celebrating Vishu? What are the recipes you include in your Sadya? Share with us in the comments section below…



4. Mango Pickle


Image: EasyCookingnBaking

No sadya is complete without Mango Pickle. This sweet, sour, spice and scrumptious delight is full of flavor which can make every feast a delectable one. It is easy to prepare and can be cooked days before the actual celebration. Here’s one Mango pickle recipe.

Desserts, Cakes and Appams for Vishu


5. Neyyappam


Neyyappam is a popular and tasty dessert in South India. Its main ingredients are rice flour and jaggery. The word “Neyyappam” is a combination of Neyy and Appam which translated to Ghee and pancake, respectively. Kids would surely love this snack! Here’s your easy-to-follow and simple Neyyappam recipe.

6. Vishu Kanji


Image: MomAndChefsHat

Here’s another traditional dish prepared for Vishu Sadya. Vishu Kanji is a rice porridge cooked with coconut milk, salt, puliavarakka and garnished with grated coconut. Recipe here.


9. Cheru Parippu Pradhaman



Payasam is a traditional Kerala dessert which is usually prepared in auspicious occasions and festivities like Vishu. Without payasam, no Kerala sadya is complete. There are different types of payasam. However, Kerala-style payasam are usually cooked with jaggery and coconut milk. Cheru Parippu Pradhaman is moong dal lentil with yellow color, slightly fried in ghee and cooked with coconut milk. Roasted coconut bits and ginger are added for more flavors. Recipe here.

10. Pal Ada Prathaman



Another traditional dish of Kerala, Pal Ada Prathaman is cooked with coconut milk and jaggery. Rice flakes or ada are used in making different kinds of payasams. There are different version of cooking Pal Ada Prathaman. Depending which one suit your taste, you can find different recipes that you can follow. Recipe here.

11. Pal Payasam


Image: ChefInYou

Like I said earlier, Payasam is an important part of Vishu Sadya and it comes with many different versions. Another variation of Payasam is Pal Payasam, which is prepared with rice, sugar and milk. Pal Payasam Recipe.



Happy Vishu!

Happy Vishu

Ellavarkkum nanma niranja vishu aasamsakal!

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