New Year SMS
New Year SMS

Whats app, Viber, Skype, and what not! There are countless software applications that allow you to reach out to anyone across the world without spending a penny extra. Pay for your Internet and you can download these services and start using them. That is why the popularity of SMS, especially the New Year ones have surged. And, why not? It is a good time to spread love among your near and dear ones with utmost sincerity, love, and affection. Bored with the same old Happy New Year smses or confused about what to send?

Put your worries to rest as we are here to help you. Here are bouquet full of Happy New Year sms messages that you can send to your loved ones… start reading and start sending without hesitation! Ready to dive? Get set go….


Inspiring New Year SMS For 2015

“Gone is 2014

In is 2015

And so it is time

To forget and forgive

Enjoy and move ahead

Happy New Year!”


It’s time to bid adieu to this year – 2014 and welcome a fresh year – 2015! Happy New Year!


Let your heart remain happy, beautiful, charming, calm, and peaceful throughout this new year!


Loads of smiles

From thousand miles

Lots of joys

With pure rejoice

Loads of blessings

And loads of fun

That is what I wish

For this year that come!


May God bless you, brighten your moments and guide your way throughout this year. Happy New Year!

Forget your sorrows

And dance in bliss

Welcome the new year

With ultimate fizz!


Start this year with pure happiness and positivity so that the whole year hops on to the same, only to have a happy ending this year! Happy New Year!


Never alone will your path now be

As you will stride your way with me

So put aside your worries

And welcome the new year with cherries!


Kick off Jan with a smile

Feb will give you a harmonious pile

Set ablaze March with fun

To relax in April with the done

May is there to enjoy

Not to forget June to rejoice

Enjoy the drizzle of July

To relish August with coy

The moments tick away in Sept

Pepping up you for Oct

Nov is for Thanksgiving

And Dec to enjoy Christmas

Happy New Year!


This year I wish you tranquility, peace, and love,

With loads of tender joy,

From the near and dear

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2015!


Blossoming flowers, rich nights

Sparkling crackers, smiling faces

These are the heartfelt wishes

I bestow on you this fabulous new year!


Life is a journey

Make my wishes your milestone

To fill yourself with hope and happiness

And the essential motivation to move on!

Wishing you a joyous year ahead!


Let this New Year allow you to create resolutions that you could achieve. Let the New Year give you more strength and attitude to follow your resolutions and achieve them! Wishing you a rocking New Year!


Wind up this year and welcome the new year with me! Let us party because New Year is to time to celebrate! Happy New Year 2015!


Raise the toast  and tap your feet

To the beautiful lyrics of New Year feat!

Wishing you advanced Happy New Year

Mobile might jam later, I fear!


Dreams are baby steps that let you follow our goals. So, dream better and achieve your goals this year!


Let this New Year help you lose weight, stay fit, and shape a new you! Wishing you a healthy New Year!


New Year SMS For The One You Love

Dear Ma and Pa

Your blessings and gifts are what shaped me into what I am

You guided me through the right way and lead me to success

You made my life worth living it

Happy new year my adorable parents!



Let this new year give us a chance to live each day zestfully and remain true to each other, with our love and bond going stronger and larger forever! Happy New Year, sweetheart!


As the buds blossom into flowers

Unraveling the beauty within them

Let this new year also bring in bosoms

That untangle a tale of true love…

Happy New Year, sweetie!


As the New Year brings with it a bunch of new aspirations and dreams, I pray Almighty to let my dream of being with you throughout my life come true! Happy New Year, honey!


There is one New Year resolution of mine I would like to share with you right now – to love you forever, and ever, and ever! Wishing you a joyous year ahead!


Shed you flab and own the fab

That is my wish for you

My dear friend

This New Year!


This New Year I pray God to bless us a life together where in we will face each and every moment of our lives hand in hand, being each other’s pillar of strength! Wishing you loads of happiness and goodness!


Let the warmth of our love

Kindle a new fire

That keeps the cold winter away

And set ablaze out live with renewed happiness and joy!

Happy New Year 2015!


The snow that had once covered our love is melting away slowly, opening up the path we once strode together. Let us join our hands together again this New Year and kick off a life filled with pure bliss.


I was alone; you became my companion

I was weak; you became my strength

I was ignorant; you became my knowledge

I was incomplete; with you, I became whole

Love you my hubby for being my muse, strength, and companion

And filling my life with eternal bliss

Happy New Year!


Let this new year be filled with freshness from all angles – feelings, commitments, hopes, attitudes, and plans… Welcome this new year with a fresh lease of freshness! Happy New Year 2015!


Let the new year give you the best of everything

H – Happiness

A – Attitude

P – Praises

P – Prosperity

Y – Yen


N – Novelties

E – Enthusiasm

W – Warmth


Y – You

E – Energy

A – Appreciation

R – Rectitude


Oh my dear, leave aside your fear

Let us be clear

To keep away the tear

Lend me your ear

To whisper something here

I love you, be assure

And Happy New Year!


May love fill your life

With happiness that is endless

Letting all your desires come true

This year that is anew!

Happy New Year!


“May the stars shine your life, may the flowers blossom your life, may the new year rock your life, and may God always bless your life! wish you a happy new year.”


“My wish may be a drop of water in the ocean, but the warmth of it may evaporate an ocean out! Wish you a very happy new year!”


“My wish may be a drop of water in the ocean, but the warmth of it may evaporate an ocean out! Wish you a very happy new year!”


Joy fills the hearts of those who believe the miracles of new year! Wishing you love, joy, prosperity and peace this Happy New Year.


Let the keys open big locks, let simple words depict great thoughts, let your smile cure many heart blocks, welcome the new year to let it rock! Happy new year.


Happy New Year! Have a blast and rock this year! Let all your dreams come true!

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