Happy Diwali SMS, Diwali Text Messages and Wishes

diwali-smsDiwali is festival to spread love, laughter and joy! We meet and greet our family and friends and celebrate with them to the fullest. It is totally a joyful festival and you should wish Happy Diwali to all your loved ones. The simple and warm Diwali wishes can double the spirit of this festival.

And if you are looking for lovely Diwali wishes SMS, then this post will surely help you. In this post, we have listed the best Diwali SMS for you. You can send these messages to spread the joy of Diwali and shower good wishes on your near and dear ones to make their festival more happy and joyful.

Happy Diwali SMS

This is our first section where you will get to read the best Happy Diwali SMS. You can send these Happy Diwali SMS to your friends, colleagues and family on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.


May Lord Ganesha
bring prosperity to you
and your family.
Happy Diwali.

May your life brighten up
like the diyas in the Diwali celebration
and keep all darkness
away from your life.
Happy Diwali

Wishing you happiness,
wealth, prosperity and success
in life on this auspicious occassion of Diwali.
Happy Diwali

Sound of crackers,
lighting up of homes,
sound of mantras and hymns,
all this looks so divine.
May your life be also filled
with similar bright moments.
Happy Diwali

May the rangoli colors
brighten up your life
too with same vibrancy.
Happy Diwali

The blasting sound of crackers
and the holy sound of mantras
marks the start of an auspicious festival.
Happy Diwali to all of you.

Every lit diya will mark
the success milestones in your life.
Wish you a wonderful Diwali.

Wish you and your family
a sparkling and dazzling Diwali.

May the glow of diyas
lighten up your life in similar way.
Happy Deepawali.

Paint your houses,
decorate them with lights
and burn the crackers
as the festival of Diwali is here!!
Happy Diwali

It’s a great time
to be together with friends
and family and celebrate Diwali.
Happy Diwali to all.

Diwali SMS Wishes and Messages

Looking for the best Diwali SMS wishes? We are glad to say that your search has ended here. You can send these heartwarming Diwali SMS wishes to all your loved ones on this Diwali.


May the coming year bring peace,
prosperity and wealth to you
and your family.

May the million lamps
color your life and brighten up
your path to success.
Happy Diwali.

May Goddess Laxmi
fulfill all your desires
and blessings of Lord Ganesh
be with you forever.
Happy Diwali

Let all your bad moments
burn in this Diwali
and bright moments cherish.
Happy Diwali

May this festival of light
illuminate your life in all ways.
Happy Diwali.

May Goddess Laxmi
bring peace prosperity
and wealth to you and your family.
Happy Diwali

Lamps of joy,
sounds of laughter and lights of love
fill in your life from this day onwards.
Happy Deepawali.

Festival of lights
may bring brightness
and curb the darkness in our hearts and life.
Happy Diwali

May the wealth
and joy prosper at your home
for the rest of the year.
Happy Diwali.

Sumptuous sweets,
friends and family togetherness,
bright lights and diyas,
chanting of mantras
and kids enjoying the crackers.
Diwali brings so much joy in our lives.
Happy Diwali.

May Lord Ganesha step down
today to bless you and your family
with lots of love, wealth,
prosperity and happiness.
Happy Diwali

Diwali SMS in English

This section has some really beautiful and warm Diwali SMS in English. These SMS can brighten up the mood of your loved ones and boost up the spirits of Diwali in them. Feel free to send these SMS to your close ones.


Gleaming of diyas
and chants of mantras
bring the festival of lights.
Happy Diwali in advance.

May the rangoli colours
fulfill your life with more vibrant colors.
Happy Diwali.

Mouthful of sweets,
sky full of crackers,
homes lightened up with diyas
and hearts full of love.
Such is the blessing
that I wish Lord Ganesha
to bestow upon you and your family.
Happy Diwali

You can start sending me
your Diwali gifts now.
The time has come.
Happy Diwali.

Have a pollution free Diwali this year.
Enjoy with your family and friends.
Happy Diwali.

This Diwali light more diyas
and burn less crackers
to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali.
Happy Diwali in advance.

Diwali SMS Wishes and Diwali Text Messages

Diwali is near and your search for perfect Diwali SMS wishes and messages has begun. Wish your near and dear ones, the most heartwarming and joyful Diwali SMS wishes and messages that we have written below. Check them out and share it with your friends and family.


No other festival
can match the zeal
and excitement than the festival of lights
in everyone’s life.
Happy Diwali.

Diyas and lights will remove
the darkness and brighten up our lives.
Happy Diwali.
Have a blasting Diwali this year.

This Diwali also celebrate
with someone in need.
Brighten up their lives too
as God brightens yours.
Happy Diwali

Lets celebrate a peaceful
and pollution free Diwali this year.
Happy Diwali.

Just like diyas lighten up our lives,
similarly take a resolution
to brighten up someone else life too
by our deeds.
Happy Diwali.

May you get lots of Diwali gifts
and stomach-full of sweets
from your near and dear ones.
Happy Diwali

Sending your way Diwali gifts
and sweets to add to your sweetness.
Happy Diwali.

Wish you a very joyful
and prosperous Diwali
that lightens your coming year.

Celebrate the festival of lights
with family and friends togetherness.
Happy Diwali

Aren’t these Diwali SMS and wishes so warm and joyful? We are pretty sure that these Diwali SMS, messages and wishes will surely brighten up the celebration of Diwali and will add extra joy to the festive season. Feel free to send out these messages on Diwali to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone you know!
And yes, Happy Diwali Folks!!

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