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Why Send Diwali Greetings

Diwali-greetingsDiwali is the festival when the whole of India comes to party. From north to south and from east to west, this festival is the amalgam that unites all the sub cultures of India. As Indians are spread all over the world, so as the religion of Hinduism in other countries, this festival has become an International holiday, featuring its traditional Hindu and Indian outlook.

Traditionally, people used to come home to their joint families, decorate their house with wonderful diwali decorations and celebrate it, no matter where they work or study. But in today’s fast paced world, time has become money. With huge economic boom in India since 1991, there was a flurry of jobs in the cities. It means people go abroad, far away from their homes in the search of a bright future. With the increasing pressure of work, holidays were cut down. Thus, Diwali – a 5-day extravaganza- has now become single night mayhem. It’s just like cricket, where modern people now love twenty 20 more than the test cricket while the traditional people still have empathy for the old format. With no vacations and lot of distance to cover, people now satisfy themselves with letters and phone calls. At this time, the greeting cards have proven to be a boon for the people

Best Happy Diwali Wishes

As we know, there are lot of Indians working abroad in modern times. Most of these people have got a Label NRI. (Non Resident Indians). These Indian society is so powerful now, that even American President find times to wish Indians on this occasion. Please find some Diwali Wishes which will help you to wish your Indian friends or employees on this Festival.

diwali87The day of Deepavali has come
May the coming New Year
brings you sparkles of Luck
Happiness and prosperity
Happy Deepavali

Even though you are thousands of Miles away
We cannot have a Deepavali without wishing you first
Happy Deepavali to you and family
May lord Rama Shower
His choicest blessings for
You and Your Family
Happy Deepavali

Deepavali is the day of sparkles
Deepavali is the New Year
May this new year brings your
Tons of happiness and Prosperity
Happy Deepavali
Diwali is the day of Indians
When India is filled with
Sparkles of hopes and Joy
Happy Diwali to you and your Family

Diwali Wishes Wordings And Poems

Please find some great wishes wordings which will make your card to stand out of the crowd and can be used to make printable diwali Cards for your friends and relatives. These messages were created after doing a lot of research about the festival and I am sure this will radiate the good waves of the festival to the recipients. You can also use these as facebook messages or twitter to send your wishes to your relatives and facebook friends.

A Short Poem

"Diwali is the festival of light
 Diwali is the victory of god
 Diwali is the festival of light
 Diwali is the victory of god
 Diwali is the promise of the god
 God will defeat the evil always
 Let us celebrate this Diwali
 To proclaim the victory of God"

A New Year message

When the lord Rama entered in to Ayodya
The people welcomed him with Lamps
with a new hope and spirit about future
today let us light the Deepavali lamps
with a new hope and spirit for a
Happy New Year

Deepavali brought Rama Rajya to Ayodhya
Where everybody was lived in Joy,
May Deepavali also brings your home
Happiness, prosperity and Joyfulness
Shubh Diwali

It is the Day of Deepavali
It is the Day of Victory
It is the Day of Light
It is the Day of Hope
It is the day of Sparkle
It is the day of New Beginning
Happy Deepavali to you

When we celebrate the Deepavali
We are celebrating the victory
Of the god over the Evil
When we celebrate the Deepavali
We are celebrating the day
That bought Rama rajya to Ayodya
When we celebrate the Deepavali
We are welcoming a New Year
That brings sparkles of happiness,
Joy and peace to our home

Diwali Poem

Diwali is the season of warmness
To visit our friends and relatives
To hand over the sweets of love
To wish a sparkling new year

Diwali is the day to light divas
Of hopes and joyfulness
In our hearts and soul
For a sparkling new year

As we celebrate Diwali
let us not forget those less fortunate
Let our hands brings the smile of hope
On their faces if we can

They know the sorrow of life
We may share happiness with them
On this auspicious day of merry
That is when God bless us.

Diwali Songs


Diwali SMS Wishes to Send

As the technology has advanced, the greeting industry has jumped to online from paper cards. Later it has been migrated to Mobile phone in the form of SMS. Since the arrival of smart phones, the greetings has been reduced to just pressing one button which will send your greetings to multiple recipients. Below you can find some Diwali sms which will enable you also to use the same method with a difference in crowd

Wishing you easy teasy Diwali

I know that you are waiting
For a Deepavali wish from me
Happy Deepavali to you

Hi sweet Happy Deepavali,
How is your Rangoli

Sweetheart, my heart is fulfilled
With Joy and happiness of
Celebrating a Diwali with you

Darling, this is our first Deepavali
Let us Make it a wonderful Deepavali

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