Wish your girlfriend a happy birthday with these romantic birthday love wishes especially for her. Make her heart melt as you whisper your sweetest love to her ears on her special day. Feel free to grab some of these birthday messages and modify as necessary. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

Hey babe, I know it’s a little too early to tell you this but I have a thing about making you smile first thing in the morning. Happy birthday. <3

You will always be that woman in my life who gave me love and colors for my life. Happy birthday.

I hope that I don’t forget anything important but I did remember that today is your birthday. It’s something that I doubt I’d forget. Happy birthday!

I thought of surprising you but I know you wouldn’t like that very much so I just got this card just to surprise you even for just a little bit. Happy birthday.

You know that I love you and I know that today is special. You know that you mean a lot to me and I know that today means a lot to you. So to kick off today, here’s a happy birthday greeting from me to you.

You’re sweet, smart and pretty damn beautiful. Today you’d be adding another number to your age but for me, it doesn’t change anything except when you write down your age. I still love you so much. Happy birthday.

Everyday is just another reason for me to live life with you. Today is a little bit more because we’re celebrating your birthday. Happy birthday.

Romantic Birthday Messages for your Girlfriend


I would never know what tomorrow brings but I’m pretty sure that today brings joy and happiness. Happy birthday honey.

You took care of me when I needed it so today I’m doing something special since it’s your day. This is just to show how much I appreciate you. Happy birthday.

I know it hasn’t been that much of a smooth ride in this relationship of ours but I always do my best to show you that I appreciate every little thing. Happy birthday baby.

I know we’re not the type of couple who’d go out with friends and family to celebrate a birthday so I thought that you might like it that I’m ordering pizza and a couple of beers with just the two of us. It’s your birthday after all.  Happy birthday.

I reserved my time tonight to just watch a movie on dvd, have ice cream and read poetry after that. I bet my ass that you’d like that. Happy birthday!

Sorry I’ve made plans for tonight. It involves you, candlelight, cheeseburgers, beer, moonlight and me. Just these couple of things to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday.

Birthday Love Messages for Girlfriend

birthday-greetings-for-your girlfriend

There’s a bag by your door and a time for tonight. Just you and just me and your birthday celebration. I love you. Happy birthday.

There are a lot of times that we’d argue about something, other times we’d cuddle and just play around. There were also times where we wouldn’t talk to each other because you were so mad about something but then there were also times where we’d be so happy to be just together. I love all of that with you. Happy birthday.

You’re the most beautiful person that ever came to my life. Happy birthday.

Never worry about all the tiny details that you don’t like about yourself. I love you, the whole of you. Happy birthday.

I could never imagine how my life would be without you. It’s just too damn dark. Happy birthday.

It’s just crazy that with more than 6 billion people in the world, I met you and we fell in love. Lucky me. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes Greetings for Girlfriend


Life may be imperfect but then I have you in my life. That’s something that balances of a lot of things out. Happy birthday baby.

The choices we make today are something that we’d look back at come tomorrow. I’m glad that I chose to have balls in introducing myself to you. Happy birthday.

I know it’s difficult that we’re this far apart because of obligations but do know that I’m counting down to the days, months and years that we’ll spend together. Happy birthday.

I wish I were there with you to celebrate today. Don’t feel sad because you’re always in my heart and someday, we’ll always be together. Happy birthday.

It’s not easy to be greeting you through this when I want to greet you with a kiss, a hug and a smile. I’m sticking with you, no matter how hard it gets. I love you. Happy birthday.

Life is not easy but at least, we’re in it together. Happy birthday.


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